5 August 1919

Beschlusse des ersten Kongresses, p. 136


The greatest treachery has been committed. The Soviet power in Hungary has collapsed under the pressure of the imperialist robbers and the monstrous treachery of the social-patriots. The leaders of the Second International, who supported the imperialist slaughter, broke the international protest strike. The imperialist robbers, led by Clemenceau and Wilson, have become quite shameless. The ultimatum they sent runs: 'Overthrow the Soviet Government, and we will leave you in peace!'

The wholly despicable character of the former Social-Democratic Party has also been shown up. It swore fidelity to the proletarian dictatorship. It signed the agreement with the Communist Party of Hungary. Then it united with that party. At solemn meetings, at the congress of Soviets, at the party congress, it declared that it would fight to the last drop of blood for communism and the revolution. By uniting with the communists, it adhered to the Third, Communist International.

The party now carries the mark of Cain on its forehead. It has sold out the proletariat, the revolution, the glorious party of Hungarian communists, the International. By concluding a secret treaty with the Versailles murderers and with their own counter-revolutionaries, supported by the gold of the imperialists and the bayonets of the executioners, it overthrew the government of the communist proletariat. These 'true socialists' are now restoring private property. The League of Nations Powers are each sending a regiment to support them. At the head of the government stands Peidl, a murderer of workers, the Hungarian Noske.

The treacherous character of the social-patriots has been exposed. Just as the Scheidemanns and Kautskys in Germany drowned the proletarian revolution in blood, just as the social-revolutionaries and mensheviks are objectively helping the Tsarist generals, just as the entire yellow Berne international is selling out the working class, wholesale and retail, to the predatory 'League of Nations', so the Hungarian social-traitors have surrendered the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the pride of the world proletariat, to be torn to pieces.

There is no place in the Third International for the provocateurs and paid hangmen of capital!

Let them go into the Second, with Branting and Thomas, Noske and Kautsky!

The Communist International, mourning the fall of the Soviet Republic in Hungary and the loss of its glorious leader Tibor Szamuely, calls on the proletarians of the world to rally still more closely under the communist banner, to strengthen still more the offensive against the fortress of capital.

In the greatest historical struggle of our day there will be great victories and cruel defeats. But the bloody experience of Finland and Siberia has shown us that in countries where once the Soviets have had power no lasting victory of the counterrevolution is possible. Everywhere the waves of insurrection are rising. Our final victory is as inevitable as the fall of the bourgeoisie and the social-traitors.

The Communist International calls on the Hungarian proletariat to stand firm in courage and fortitude. To work, comrades! Start at once the organization of an illegal communist party. The bloody lesson of Hungary has taught the entire world proletariat that there can be no coalition, no compromise, with the social compromisers! The stratum of opportunist contemptible leaders must be swept away. New men must come to the head of the movement. They will come from the working class. For it is to them and not their enemies that victory is assigned.

Soviet Hungary has fallen—long live Soviet Hungary!

Long live the Hungarian Communist Party!

Long live the workers' revolution of the world!

Long live communism!




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