September 1931 Inprekorr, xi, 93, p. 2080, 29 September 1931


Japan has occupied the most important localities in south Manchuria and is pushing its armed occupation ever further. The Manchurian satrap Chang Hsuehliang and the Nanking Government are surrendering vast areas of the country without resistance to Japanese occupation. They are not waging war against the Japanese; they are waging war only against Chinese workers and peasants, against the Chinese Red Army and Soviets. The Chinese people, the most numerous in the world, is completely powerless and defenceless, for in China power is in the hands of the executioners of the masses and the traitors to the national emancipation movement, in the hands of the counter-revolutionary Kuomintang and generals bribed by imperialism.

The whole of China is now in danger of a new partition and of imperialist occupation. The blow struck by the Japanese Government has been met fairly benevolently by the other imperialists, because they are all lying in wait along the coast and in the towns of China, and have long been planning to seize the country. It is not only the Japanese robbers, guilty of the hunger and sufferings of the masses, but the English, American, and French imperialists also who are seeking feverishly for a way out of the world crisis by dividing up and plundering China by armed force. But they do not find it so easy to reach agreement. In so far as they succeed, they do so at China's expense and at the same time mobilize their forces for a war of

intervention against the Soviet Union, the land of socialist construction.


Proletarians and working people of all countries!


It is now up to you to raise your voice and to act. You must put an end to this robbery and strike from the hand of your exploiters and oppressors the sword they have raised against the Chinese people.

Japanese communists, who are waging a heroic struggle for the workers' cause against the monarchy of the Mikado, the bankers, and landowners, you must open the eyes of the Japanese workers. The Japanese proletariat must see to it that no troops or munitions are sent to Manchuria. It is your duty to explain to the soldiers that they are to be used as bloody executioners of the Chinese people.


English, German, American, French communists, and all adherents of the RILU !


At the factory gate and in the factories, at meetings and demonstrations, you must organize the working masses against the violence of the slaveowner, for China's complete independence, for the Chinese Soviets. Every working person

must understand that the capitalists are taking food and unemployment pay away from the unemployed, imposing millions in new taxes on the working and peasant massses, in order to strangle the 400 million coolies and impoverished peasants of China. This is how they see their way out of the crisis. And in this they are supported by counterrevolutionary social-democracy.


Chinese communists!

You are the vanguard of the enslaved and oppressed country in its fight against the invaders. You have already unfurled the flag of the Soviets and created a glorious Red Army. You must rally and unite the working millions of China to the fight for the salvation of the country from the partition threatening it.




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