July 1924 Protokoll, v, p. 1048


The Communist International and the entire world proletariat are following with tense and steady attention your heroic struggle for national independence, for liberation from the crushing pressure of international capital.

In their Drang nach Osten to capture new markets the international bourgeoisie are accustomed to thinking of the Eastern countries as the object of pitiless and rapacious exploitation, as the source of their colonial power. In your millions, you, the masses who inhabit the vast spaces of the Near, Middle, and Far East, are in the eyes of the bourgeoisie their inalienable slaves, born for the sole purpose of creating wealth for the ruling class of Western Europe and America.

During the world war the capitalists of all countries were generous in highsounding declarations and promised the colonies they rule autonomy, home rule, virtual independence. That was a cunning diplomatic manoeuvre of the exploiting bourgeoisie, designed at a critical moment to keep their colonies obedient and to secure fresh reinforcements for their depleted armies from this rich human reservoir.

But once the blood-bath was over the imperialist world bourgeoisie cynically forgot their promises and turned with fresh and unexampled force to the throttling of India, the robbing of China, the division of Turkey, and the enslaving of Persia.

In reply you, the oppressed peoples of the East, have risen as one in the struggle for your national freedom.

Remember that in this selfless struggle you are not alone.

On your side you have the unbounded sympathy of the most advanced proletarians of all countries. The same rapacious bourgeoisie who oppress and exploit you in the colonial and semi-colonial countries of the East oppress and torment equally ruthlessly the working class of Western Europe and America.

Our roads, which lead to the overthrow of capitalist forced labour and imperialist oppression, coincide exactly. For you, as for the working class of the West, true and final liberation is possible only in close alliance and common struggle against world imperialism.

. . .

The fifth congress of the Communist International extends a brotherly hand to you for mutual help and support in the common struggle. It sends greetings to you, young communist parties of the East, working and fighting in conditions of extreme difficulty, economic backwardness, feudal survivals, and barbaric torture.

In unceasing struggle against the imperialists and native feudalists, the communist parties of the East will now as before support every honest expression of the movement for national liberation directed against the exploiting yoke of foreign capital, thus confronting the rapacious international bourgeoisie with the antiimperialist united front.

The fifth congress of the Communist International welcomes you, too, peoples of Turkey and Afghanistan, who have thrown off the vassal's yoke and repelled all the attacks of the imperialist bandits. At the same time the congress sends fraternal greetings to the Chinese Kuomintang party and the People's Revolutionary Party of Mongolia, who are forging a great and bright future for their peoples.



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