PRISONERS of Capitalism !

Heroes in the struggle for the freedom of the working class, the representatives of the revolutionary proletariat of all countries assembled at the Fourth World Congress of the Communist International send you greetings!

Comrades, from year to year the world Congresses of the revolutionary proletarian vanguard, pointed out the conquests of the working class, paid homage to the working class and to the victims of the struggle, who have fallen at the hands of the executioners and to those confined in prisons. From the moment that the United Front of Capital began its onslaught, its cruelty has manifested itself in full force. Once again throughout the capitalist world where the proletariat is fighting its ** last battle ” with its class enemy—proletarian blood is being shed and the flower of the proletariat languishes in prisons. Waves of the White Terror spread over the capitalist nations.

In’Italy, the Fascisti fight the proletariat with fire and sword—burn up the offices of the trade unions, labour organisations and party organs—not stopping at anything, even destroying the homes of the fighters for the freedom of the working class !

In France the heroic sailors who have refused to go against the Russia of the workers and peasants continue to languish in prisons, and during the Havre strike the defenders of capitalism once again reaped their bloody harvest. The blood of the workers flows along the streets of Berlin, and the workers who fight against the monarchist reaction are being thrown into prisons. Those who took part in Soviet Bavaria, regardless of the fact that three years have passed since its fall, arc still in prison. Many of the participators in. the March uprising are still confined to prison, notwithstanding the fact that an amnesty has been declared.

In Esthonia, after the execution of Comrade Kjngisscp, the prisons are filled with the representatives of the proletariat. In Latvia punishment by hanging is being again introduced. Comrade Klyavs-Klyavin is sentenced to death, and the fate of the hundreds of arrested workers has not yet been decided.

In democratic Poland, fighters for Communism are sentenced to hard labour in accordance with the laws of Czardom.

The “ Inviolable ” deputy, Comrade Dombel, has been sentenced to hard labour and is already serving his term. Electoral committees arc being illegally arrested. Cher 500 men arc confined in prison for participating in election committees. The frontiers are declared in a state of siege, and field court martials are being introduced. Men are being killed in Roumania under the pretext of “ attempting to escape.” During the examination of prisoners, torture is being used which calls forth protest even from the bourgeoisie.

In Yugo-Slavia arrest and torture proceed apace, and the workers are treated with contempt. In Hungary the bloody rule of Horthy continues its executions and tortures. In South Africa the strikers are being dealt with rigorously. Democratic America, proud of its freedom, metes out severe punishment to anyone even suspected of belonging to the Communist Party. The American bourgeoisie raid trade unions, make arrests by the hundred, beat up and club the strikers. In India, Egypt, and in all the colonies the slightest expression of dissatisfaction, the slightest attempt at resistance to unrestrained exploitation is crushed by military force.

Comrades! In all their bloody acts social democracy is the handmaid of the bourgeoisie. The lies of the Social Democrats divert the working classes from the struggle, offering liberal reforms without revolution. It is they who betray the proletariat; they who divert the attention of the masses of one country and cover up the cruel acts of the bourgeoisie in its treatment of the workers of other countries.

Comrades ! Workers !

The Communist International has grown accustomed to persecution. Each conquest of the revolution is dearly bought with the blood of the fighters. The stronger the struggle, the more victims there will be. People perish—the idea never perishes. Comrades confined i the capitalist prisons—on this great day of the Fifth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we share with you a deep assurance that the hour approaches when the revolutionary proletariat will free itself from the yoke of capitalism and the weight of capitalist exploitation, break open the prisons and with honour bring you back into its ranks as its most honourable comrades.


Away with the capitalist executioners ! Hail to the struggle for the freedom of the working class !


Hail to the struggle for the freedom of our heroic fighters languishing in the capitalist prisons!




III. International