1 September 1928 Protokoll, vi, 4, p. 210

The resolutions on Trotsky, Sapronov, and others, on Maslow and Ruth Fischer, and two further resolutions on similar lines relating to Suzanne Girault and her group in France, and Wijnkoop in Holland were passed unanimously without discussion. From the chair comrade Ernst Thaelmann announced that a number of delegations had put their views before the congress in written statements. On behalf of the German, Czech, Polish, Austrian, and a number of other parties, he moved a resolution "completely approving the political and organizational line of the CPSU and its Leninist central committee", and all the decisions of the ECCI since the fifth congress on this question. Other delegations, in groups, put in the same resolution, which was carried unanimously without discussion.

Having examined the petitions from Trotsky, Sapronov, and other oppositionists expelled from the CPSU to be readmitted to the party, the sixth world congress of the CI resolves:


The world congress fully approves the decision of the fifteenth congress of the CPSU and the resolution of the ninth ECCI plenum on the incompatibility of membership of the Trotskyist opposition and propaganda of its views with membership of the bolshevik party. In its programmatic, political, and organizational views, the Trotskyist group has fallen to the level of menshevism, and objectively has become an organ of struggle against the Soviet regime. Its expulsion from the CPSU was therefore correct and unavoidable.


The petition of those excluded to the world congress is a further proof that Trotsky and the small handful of his adherents who have not submitted to the conditions put forward by the fifteenth congress, as the great majority of the former opposition have done, are continuing their struggle, their splitting work, their campaign of calumny against the CPSU and against the proletarian dictatorship. The congress considers it unnecessary to debate with the enemies of the CI the counterrevolutionary political content of the Trotskyist platform, since the entire membership of all communist parties have more than once most decisively rejected the views of the opposition.


The sixth world congress ratifies the decision of the fifteenth congress of the CPSU on the expulsion of Trotskyists, and recognizes that the measures subsequently taken against the opposition leaders arose entirely from revolutionary necessity; it rejects the request of Trotsky, Radek, Sapronov, and the others expelled for readmission to the party.



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