Communist International





December 1939 World News and Views, xix, 60, p. 1176, 30 December 1939 

To the leader, teacher, and friend of the working people of the world. 
To you, dear Comrade Stalin, great leader, sagacious teacher, and supremely beloved friend of the working people of the whole world, the Executive Committee of the Communist International conveys its ardent bolshevik greetings on the occasion of your sixtieth birthday. 

Your glorious and heroic path of dauntless revolutionary, great theoretician, and leader of the socialist revolution, serves and shall always serve as a splendid 
example for the proletarian revolutionaries of all countries. . . . Together with Lenin, at the head of the Bolshevik Party, you led the working class of Russia to the victory of the great socialist revolution which for the first time in history has converted the exploited and oppressed into sovereign masters of their own destiny, into builders of a new socialist society. The victory of the working class of the land of Soviets strengthens the faith of the workers of the world in their own forces, imbues them with bright hopes and inspires all working people to take up the struggle against their exploiters. 

Under Lenin's and your leadership, Comrade Stalin, the land of Soviets has become a powerful and impregnable bulwark of the liberation movement of the 
workers, peasants, and enslaved nations of the whole world. Everywhere, in all corners of the earth's surface, the oppressed and disinherited, in rising against their oppressors, inscribed on their banners the names of Lenin and Stalin. Together with Lenin you stood at the cradle of the Communist International, born in storm. 

The Communist International grew, gained strength and developed on the basis of the immortal doctrine of Marx, Engels, Lenin, on the basis of your own works of genius and great historical experience of the bolshevik party. 

You defended the bolshevik party and the Communist International against the multitude of enemies who sought to distort Lenin's doctrine and divert us from Lenin's path; you enriched, supplemented, and developed the great doctrine of Lenin in conformity with the new conditions of class struggle of the international 
proletariat. . . . 

From you the communists of all countries learned and learn to be true to the end to the cause of proletarian internationalism, the highest manifestation of which is the victory of socialism in the USSR. From you they learned and learn that effective proletarian internationalism which welds the working people of all countries, nations, and races into fighting legions. 

From you the communists learned and learn how to fight against imperialist wars, for peace, happiness, and freedom of the peoples. 
For many years your prudent policy, Comrade Stalin, saved mankind from a new imperialist war which menaced it. 

When the dark forces of capitalism unleashed their criminal war you did not allow the imperialist robbers to involve the Soviet people in this sanguinary carnage; you thereby defended the cause of peace and frustrated the efforts of the warmongers to plunge many European nations into this war. 

You heeded the voice of the working people of Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia languishing under the foreign yoke and on your noble initiative 
the Soviet people fraternally extended their helping hand to them. 

When the plutocratic clique of the Mannerheims and Tanners embarked on war provocations against the USSR, when the working people of Finland established their own People's Government, the Soviet people, under your leadership, responded to the call of the Finnish people and came to its aid in the struggle against its hangmen, the agents of foreign imperialism. 

Millions of working people the world over support and shall continue to support the policy of the Soviet Union which is inspired by you, for this policy conforms to their interests and facilitates their struggle for emancipation. 

They know that you, Comrade Stalin, have no other aims save that of serving the emancipation of humanity, that you have no other life, save the life devoted to the well-being and happiness of the working people. By expressing the sentiments and thoughts of millions of people the communists of all countries vow to you, our dear and beloved Comrade Stalin, that they will convert your great teachings into deeds and will devote all their strength to achieving the triumph of communism, to the cause of Lenin and Stalin. 

May the immortal doctrine of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin live and conquer! 

May Comrade Stalin, the great leader and teacher of the international proletariat, live many, many years to the happiness of the working people!