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70th anniversary of the Cominform-Bureau

founded on 23rd of September 1947

published on occasion of the 109th birthday of comrade Enver Hoxha

written by Wolfgang Eggers, 16th of October, 2017


Table of Contents



1. The place of the Cominform in the history of the communist world movement
a critical revision of revisionist historiography -

2. The Cominform
- Timetable - Organizational structure - Participants - Tasks - About the 3 Conferences - Dissolution of the Cominform


3. Relationship between Comintern and Cominform

4. The revisionist "Shdanov -thesis" of the two world camps

5. The Cominform and the question of the People's Democracy as a "modern type" of the dictatorship of the proletariat
- proletarian or bourgeois democracy? the revisionist degeneration of the People's Democracies - causes.

6. The Cominform and the national question
- Fight against the revisionist "specifically-national road to socialism" -

7. The Cominform in the fight against Tito's "Balkan Federation"

8. The Cominform in the Fight against Titoism

9. The Cominform and the revisionist degeneration of the Communist parties in the capitalist countries

10. The Cominform and the Revisionist degeneration of the CPSU (B)

11. The Cominform and Maoism


12. The Cominform, Enver Hoxha and the PSR ALBANIA

13. The Cominform and its solid place in the era of world socialism



[ The Comintern (SH) published these historical documents for the purpose to better understand the early developments of modern revisionism which propagated the

"democratic world camp"

with the goal of stopping halfway on the path towards the Stalinist construction of the

socialist world camp ]

The Comintern (SH) has a critical stand towards the dominant influence of the modern revisionism within the COMINFORM.

All the more it is necessary to study these historical documents for opening our eyes and unmasking the modern revisionists.

Nevertheless, we publish the historical documents for study purpose.


''Jugoslovenska komunistička partija u rukama ubica i špijuna''

Rezolucija Informacionog biroa Komunističkih i Radničkih partija

29. 11. 1949