On Religion

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Communist International on Religion

The programme of the Communist International, adopted at the Sixth World Congress in 1928, states:

One of the most important tasks of the cultural revolution affecting the wide masses is the task of systematically and unswervingly combating religion – the opium of the people. The proletarian government must withdraw all state support from the church, which is the agency of the former ruling class; it must prevent all church interference in state-organised educational affairs, and ruthlessly suppress the counter-revolutionary activity of the ecclesiastical organisations. At the same time, the proletarian state, while granting liberty of worship and abolishing the privileged position of the formerly dominant religion, carries on anti-religious propaganda with all the means at its command and reconstructs the whole of its educational work on the basis of scientific materialism.



The 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism


On Religion

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The Soviet War Against Religion


by M. Sherwood



Soviet Russia and Religion




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Die Religion

Eine reaktionäre Ideologie im Dienste der herrschenden Klassen

Radio Tirana

Sendung vom 19. 10. 1975



Der Vatikan - ein Zentrum der albanischen Unterwanderung

Leitartikel der Zeitung "Zeri i Popullit"
Nr. 2 - 1973 - "Albanien Heute" - Seiten 39 - 40



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Die reaktionäre Rolle des Klerus in der Geschichte Albaniens

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"Against Religion and Church"

Ярославский Е.М.

Против религии и церкви.

Том 3.

Пролетарская революция в борьбе с религией.