population 82 million people

Official name: The Arab Republic of Egypt (Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiya) Egypt is considered one of the most important countries of the Arab world due to its central position and large population. The waters of the Nile River, fertile farming land (due to deposit of silt in the basin as a result of annual flooding), combined with a substantial redundancy of manpower, have formed the economic basis for successive civilizations in the region today encompassing the Arab Republic of Egypt. Over the past century the country has, however, experienced economic decline, driven by both external and internal factors.

Egypt fulfils the role of trendsetter in the region.






كل التضامن مع العمال المصريين في شركة يونيون آير

منذ بضعة أيام في مدينة ”ستة أكتوبر“ أعلنت البروليتاريا المصرية التي تعاني إضراباً بطولياً ضد الكلب البرجوازي مالك مصنع يونيون آير ، والذي رفض (وتحت السلطة الفاشية القائمة للكلب السيسي) إحترام أي قانون من قوانين العمل علاوة علي ذلك رفض رفع الأجور نظراً لأوضاعهم السيئة والغير إنسانية وعملهم الشاق الذي يدر الملايين لحساب هذا الخنزير القذر ، قال أحد العمال المصريين لصاحب المصنع ”الحياة سيئة جداً ولا نستطيع حتي تناول وجبة إفطار..“ ، فرد صاحب المصنع ”إننا «جميعاً» نعيش هذا الوضع“ ، وخلال ما يحدث لايزال الإعلام المصري لسان حال النظام الفاشستي صامتاً عن أي إضرابات عمالية حدثت في السنوات الأخيرة ، وكل ما يتحدثون عنه هو ”الإستثمار“ ويكأنه سيأتي بأي شكل لصالح الشعب المصري المفقر والذي يعاني، لاشئ يفي لوصف هذا العمل والخطوة البطولية المذهلة للعمال المصريين ، كلنا معكم حتي النصر وبناء نظامكم الجديد !

نظام الإشتراكية !

نظام دكتاتورية البروليتاريا!

وعن طريق العنف ضد مضطهديكم ومستغليكم! عن طريق الثورة الإشتراكية !

ليحيا الكومنترن/س.خ ! ليحيا القسم العربي! وليحيا القسم المصري!



We remember

the 45th Anniversary of the


حرب أكتوبر


from 6th to 25th October 1973


Here comes the 45th anniversary of the start of the 6th/October War.

We remember the sacrafices of the Arab peoples and the betrayel of the Arab bourgeoisie and reaction.

We remeber that all the blood has been wasted on Sinai and Golan has gone in vain because of the betrayel of our "friendly" Arab reactionaries.

In Egypt specifically and after the revolution of 1952 there were great bourgeois social reforms [under the name of 'Socialism'] . There was industry , there was a lot of good things going on in the interest of the Egyptian people and the Arabic national liberation movement.

But how can we understand that huge catastrophe happened to the "Egyptian National Bourgeoisie" as the social fascists try to say?

Did it really came from nothing because was someone in the head of the state [Nasser] died suddenly? Absloutely no.

The 1952 revoultion was a popular revolution which was led by the petty bourgeois army sargents after the Liberal bourgeoisie of The Wafd party [and it's creator Sa'd Zaghloul] failed to gain and to lead the great sacrafices of the Egyptian people against the English colonialists.

However this "Sudden" change didn't happen from nothing, and it's seems that till our day all the burgeoises of the former colonialized [neo-colonilized] countries failed and will ALWAYS fail because it's born in the heart of colonialism , to be it's very loyal dog in all the countries.

They might be and they ARE actually worse than the old colonialists themselves.

If anyone studied well the history of the Egyptian and the Arab national liberation movement we will see how that there was a lot of elements of the same class of the Liberal bourgeoisie played a complete counter revoultionary role against the people's revolution.

The 'national' bourgeoisie didn't do anything towards them but to call them "non patriots".

That what happened to the Nasserist bourgeoisie is the same [Taking in account that Nasser was completely different than Al Sadat ; at least in the principles].

After Nasser's death Al Sadat had done a lot of ultra-reactionary actions like that of Camp David Treaty , that ended to Raise the flag of zion in the heart of Cairo while the people were crying and shooked ["how that happened???].

But still in our era there is a people trying to put 'hopes' unironically and to repeat the history , between The 'National' and the 'Compradore' alot of social fascists are trying to make the working people in all these countries confused :

"We need a national bourgeoisie/capitalism" – in your dreams you pile of dogs and traitors!

It's the era of the world proletarian revoultion!

Only the socialist revolution will bring to the Arab working people their proletarian democracy which is based on the dictatorship against the Arab bourgeoisie. The dictatorship of the Arabic proletariat draws itself in our mean day and at this time in our region as a historical necessity , for both Social and National liberation.

Those - who call to depend further on the bourgeoisie or to give it historically any chance to appear "revoultionary" - are the traitors of the final battle of liberation and the class struggle of the whole working people !

They will pay dear by their cutten heads at the time of the revolution! 

Victory to the united socialist revolution in all the Arabic countries! 

Death to the Arab reactionary bourgeoisie and her world imperialist henchmen! 

Long live the All-Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH) !

Let us build up the Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH) !


All-Arab Section of ther Comintern (SH)


دراسة وثائقية عن حرب السادس من أكتوبر - تشرين التي خاضتها القوات المسلحة العربية بقيادة مصر وسوريا


Enver Hoxha

(on October 1973)


"We shall
defend the Arabs with all the means of our propaganda and expose Israel, the United States of America and the social-imperialist Soviet


The Egyptian fascist government

more steps on the road of fascism and oppression!

Recently the fascist dog Sisi and his parliament of useless lowlifes pile of dogs agreed and signed on a new law that more and more kills any kind of freedom and plants fear in the hearts of the people from talking.

It seems that it's not enough for Al Sisi and his gang that they have seized the whole local media for his propaganda  and killed journalism through "laws" too.

So all these "laws" which it's actual reason was “fighting terror and those whom want the bad for Egypt etc” , however the new law that killed the freedom in the cyber "internet" was that the government got the "right" to break the privacy of the users , put it hands on the data that it needs from all the internet providers/the great multiinternational companies "orange, Vodafone, etc), and more comes!

So after the fascist government has banned more than 200+ sites including the sites that is owned for fascist Islamic gangs (that was the start) to pass later and ban the voice of the whole opposition in general. However they consider them all "people of the evil" as the funny term was said by the tongue of THE SAVIOR OF EGYPT AND THE WHOLE PLANET THE MEGALOMANIAC SON OF A BITCH AL SESI

Not only this but if YOU [even by wrong] pressed by wrong on one of the banned site ; the state secret police will track the user and later send him to the court of the state's security .. and he will never see the sun again or he might be excuted "legally" and openly or "illegally" without anyone knowing anything about him... 

Smash the fascist regime in Egypt and its world imperialist backers !

Long live the socialist revolution of Egypt !

Long live the Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH)



See the source image



Sinai , which is a part of the Egyptian lands now it's people suffering from oppression and fascism from both the Egyptian army which "fights terrorism" by the help of the Israeli army's planes in sinai.

And the Islamic Fascist state which "setting up the cilapha" , however to seriously touch the point of the problem in Sinai we need to know when the troubles started to appear.

After the catastrophe of the Arab united republic (Egypt&Syria) in 1967 the Arab peoples and their national liberation struggle took a heavy blow from world imperialism and it's entity of Israel.

And this catastrophe didn't came from "Nothing" but as our comrade Enver Hoxha taught us in the brilliant writing of his political diaries that this happened because the Arabic united republic even as a bourgois unity was only built on demagogy.

The Arab army in Egypt , Syria, Libya etc. was not organized , and we should too mark a very important historical teaching of Enver Hoxha:

... "not to depend on imperialism or other no matter how «friendly» was it's face". That's happened with Egypt when Nasser went in friendly relations with the soviet revisionists as an “allies” to help him in the military and through the weapons which was the "trash" that the soviet social imperialism.

Also it's necessary to remember that Nasser was a very close friend for the dog Tito. He didn't realize that he is an enemy who helped the French social chauvinists to take places in France and later taking the decision of sharing not only in invading Suez Canal with U.K. and Israel «the tripartite agression » but also in the brutal killing of the Algerians in their heroic national liberation war against the French colonialists.

However getting back to our point again after we lost places , Gulan Heights in Syria, and the lands of Sinai , the Arab peoples were very dissapointed and depressed. But despite all the problems they faced the problems. They heroically did a great pressure on the Arabic reaction and bourgeoisie in Egypt, especially against the dog Al Sadat. And this pressure was mostly by the petty bourgoisie the workers and the farmers and for sure the angry conscripts whom wanted to revenge for their friends and families blood in the unjust sudden unhonorable war waged by Israel.

All these elements wanted to wage the war again against the Israeli fascist occupiers. Then there came the year 1973 when we "won" the war and followed it by one of the most shameful treaties that the Egyptian Arabic reaction - the treaty of «Camp-David».

And after all these wasting of blood by the Egyptian and the Arabic armies we were not allowed to put any kind of heavy army machines [tanks , AA guns etc] or planes in Sinai [!!] 

But only the soldiers [!!] however after Al Sadat was assasinated followed his foot steps the dog Mubarak. And all these times that passed after the fake "victory" of our armies [!] against Israel there was the Egyptian people in Sinai. The Egyptian government did not care for them in any way but it only cared for the tourists and the rich : (in other words /money = good life). So while the people in Sinai do not even have the basics of the life or any caring from the government they were suffering from all sides. So some went for gaining money in bad illegal way. It was the bad conditions that forced them to do this, to work in drugs and weapons etc.

And later the Egyptian fascist government went to blame them!! {Oh !: how bad those tribes! see how bad and "anti-government" they are!} 

•So we here take the point that the Egyptian reaction and bourgeois fascist government created the problem and made the people of Sinai appear as "devils". We will see how they tried to "solve" it [..!]

The years passed by, 25 January spontaneous revolt was done , followed by the 30th of June spontaneous revolt [too]. Both was against the system but they both failed because of the non organized actions of the masses. The military section/"face/mask" of the bourgeoisie by the fascist dog Al Sisi at it's head represented itself [again] as a "savior". But this time they "saved" us allegedly from the Islamic fascists. By the rising of Al Sisi the Egyptians lost every new kind of democratic rights and they live in a bloody hell of neo-liberal reforms under the leadership of the fascists of the army (which "saved" the people from fascism to get them into another one) which it too lost every kind of respect from the poor people of Egypt workers and farmers , conscripted youth and revolutionaries in general. These are important lessons of the Arab spring in Egypt for marching forward to the socialist revolution.

However the suffering of Sinai and it's shouts and screams didn't yet stopp. The situation went from the worse to the worst until we have forgotten which was the "best" of the worst situations that the people in Sinai were living. So after the so called operations done recently by the army against the "terrorists" in Sinai/2018 and after fighting in the deserts of Sinai the "terror"  for more than 4 years .. the terror is not YET 'dead' ! 

Important is to say that "terror" was and still is only a pretext for the brutal political oppression in Egypt now , however! 

A huge linking between the people of Sinai and Sinai Cilapha (ISIS Section in Egypt) fascist organization was shown by the army media.

So beside not giving them any rights , showing them as the Devils!

The true terrorists that is the Egyptian bourgeoisie and her imperialist masters !

Killing innocent people to show their dead bodies in T.V reports just to shout {huh! we killed "terrorists"! we won over "terrorism"!} (a fake glory and barbarism) the Egyptian fascist army wanted the angry youth in Sinai to just "watch" and stare at their life destruction and their families been kicked out of the lands (not to fight "terror", as the army says, but to apply the century's deal of Palestine's liquidation and evicting it's people to Sinai for the «new Palestinian state") thus giving Palestine completly for the zionists!! 

The angry  youth in Sinai specifically the spirtually enslaved muslims couldn't find a way to reply at the fascist actions of kicking and killing of the Egyptian army but through the same way ! Through a fascist ultra reactionary medival thinking represented in the "Sinai Cilapha".

Someone may ask us after all these words: Do we support such a fascist organization? 

For sure and absloutely NO !

But we just wanted to show what led the situation to turn like this in Sinai , the problems in Sinai will never end as long as such a fascist bloodthirsty pro-zionist government exists. It created the problems and it pretends to " solve" it!

Typically like in any country in the world in the capitalist imperialist system , it creates suffering from nothing and it turns it for the worst, for more painful situation. Thus we understand that terror will never end as long as world capitalism-imperialism exists ! And so is the corruption ! So is fascism! So is all the bad things in the life of humanity!  So what is to be done ?

What we need that is a united front of the liberation struggle of the Arabic peoples against world imperialism and its dogs and lackeys in the Middle East. The capitalist Middle East has led to fascism. And if we want to destroy fascism, we must destroy capitalism.

What we need that is a strong Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH) which leads the socialist revolution in the Middle East as a detachment of the world socialist revolution.

Long live the liberation of Sinai !

Long live the Union of Socialist Arabic states in a socialist world !

Long live the Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH) !


الإيقاف المؤقت لإذاعة النجم الأحمر

تضطرنا الظروف التي تمر بها بلدنا من فاشية تعمل علي صيد دائم وإتهام أبله وأعمي للثوريين بالـ"إرهاب" للتوقف مؤقتاً عن بث إذاعتنا والعزم علي تحويلها إلي إذاعة شبه شهرية ، وذلك منعاً للمخاطرة والوقوع في الحرج كفريسة للنظام الفاشستي المصري

الموت للفاشية المصرية 



الحلقة (الإبتدائية) الأولي


قرر القسم العربي في ١٨/٦/٢٠١٨ إفتتاح راديو أسبوعي ليروج للأممية الشيوعية (الستالينية-الخوجية) وخطها السياسي/الأيديولوجي الستاليني الخوجي, وحتي يناقش ويطرح ما يحدث في منطقتنا من وجهة نظر ماركسية لينينية/ستالينية خوجية ،مُلّهَمَاً براديو "Roter Stachel" الخاص بالحزب الشيوعي الألماني/الماركسي-اللينيني في قسم ألمانيا الشرقية وقت كان التحريفيون الفاشست الإجتماعيين يسيطرون علي السلطة، اليوم يرفع القسم العربي علم النضال عالياً ضد الفاشية والفاشية الإجتماعية في مصر والبلدان العربية.




































نصوص حول المسألة اليهودية




حول كمونة باريس



حول وحدة الحركة الشيوعية العالمية






Down with Trotskyism !!



May, 25

Long live

African Liberation Day !

African Liberation Day



55th anniversary





Messages of Solidarity




MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2018

Today, we celebrate the 55 th anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in Africa but all over the world.

    Enver Hoxha wrote:

    "There can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

A truly free Africa can only be a socialist Africa in a socialist world. The Comintern (SH) is fighting for the goal of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat throughout Africa.

Africa is free when not only the world bourgeoisie as a whole is defeated, but also all national bourgeoisies on the entire African continent have disappeared!

Without a revolutionary organization guided by the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa. It is therefore time for the African proletariat to complete what it has begun, its liberation from wage slavery. This requires building the sections of the Comintern (SH) in all African countries, based on the invincible teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Only in this way will the African proletariat ill become an inseparable detachment of the glorious red proletarian world army, which will forever defeat world imperialism and march towards world socialism and world communism.

Imperialism means war

- even on the African continent.

Smash world imperialism in Africa!

As a result of the global economic crisis this year, the exploitation of the world imperialist powers has reached its peak. That also affects Africa. The redistribution of imperialist spheres of influence on the entire African continent is imminent. This means war on African soil by the imperialist US, by imperialist Europe (eg France, England, Germany), by imperialist China, and by other imperialist states such as Russia, Brazil, India etc. But also African imperialists themselves, like those in South Africa, will be involved in predatory war for the new redistribution of rulership. Every imperialist world power is fighting for absolute supremacy over Africa - in last consequence by means of the war. That is according the predatory law of world imperialism.

Looking at the current military activities of world imperialism, there are some indications that Africa will in future be divided into four main imperialist spheres of influence:

In North Africa, European imperialism will prevail, but it will have to defend bitterly its hegemony there, especially against the US and China.

In West Africa, American imperialism will prevail and from there seek to extend its super power throughout Africa.

In East Africa, Chinese imperialism will prevail. The superpower China, however, will not settle for East Africa. It is preparing the takeover of the entire African continent.

In South Africa, South African imperialism will continue to rule and expand to the north, but at the same time it will remain dependent, for a while, on various world imperialist powers operating there.

If this possible scenario is not prevented by the unified armed, anti-imperialist war of liberation of the peoples of Africa, then this war for the redivision of Africa will inevitably provoke a civil war that spreads throughout the African continent. The African civil war is part of the world civil war between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat, between the forces of world imperialism and the forces of world socialism. The victory or defeat of the world socialist revolution will determine the future of humanity, namely finally where it originated - in Africa.


Smash capitalism in Africa !
Long live socialist Africa !

Africa is being exploited and oppressed not only by foreign imperialist powers, but also by the indigenous bourgeoisie, more or less serving the world imperialist powers.
Today, capitalism prevails throughout Africa. In Africa, the capitalist class society exists with exploiting and exploited classes.
The contradiction between capital and labor, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, has long since become the chief contradiction in Africa and dominates the class struggles in Africa.
As in any capitalist country, the class struggle in African countries will inevitably lead to the power of the working class, which, with the victory of the socialist revolution, will establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and build socialism.
Africa is the continent with the most extreme class contradictions in the world.

Colonialism did not prevent the emergence of capitalism in Africa, but only delayed it. Nowhere is capitalism developing at a faster pace than on the African continent of today. The world imperialists noticed that a capitalist Africa is much more profitable than an old style colonialism. African capitalism produced a strong African working class - one of the new grave diggers of world imperialism. The African workers' movement is still young, but it will learn faster than the workers' movements on the other continents. They will play a more and more important role in the world socialist revolution.


Africa is the continent with the sharpest class contradictions in the world.

The situation of the working class is catastrophic. Every strike movement is oppressed and violently persecuted by the alliance between the bourgeois state, the capitalists and the bourgeois trade union leaders. A current example is the anti-strike law in South Africa. The new pact of this trio provides that in case of "violence or damages" on the part of the workers, in strikes, everything has to be done to end the strike as soon as possible, if necessary by force. Wild strikes are condemned by the state in the future as "strike breaking" (as a violation of the strike law). By order of the Labor Court, pickets are arrested by police and convicted by the court.

On April 25, the unions in South Africa had called for a general strike against the Minimum Wage Law, which is nothing other than the legalization of slave wages. The working class has defeated apartheid and will also defeat capitalist exploitation and oppression.

Miners demonstrated on May 10 in front of the mine chamber in Johannesburg against the death of 33 miners this year. In 2017, 76 miners died, compared to 73 in 2016.
In 2012, former mine union leader Cyril Ramaphosa (today's President of South Africa !!!) was responsible for the death of 34 striking miners at Marikana , who were shot dead by the police[the Comintern-SH reported on this]. The multi-billion dollar investor Ramaphosa prompted the African National Congress government to send in armed police to break the strike.

At the moment, in South Africa, wage negotiations for bus drivers are delayed by the capitalists, which is why a nationwide 4-week bus driver strike was called. Further wage strikes are planned this year for the civil service.

In South Africa, militant protests have been increasingly taking place in working-class cities, including those in greater Cape Town and Johannesburg. The workers struggle against catastrophic living conditions because the communities are not able to provide basic services to them.

In Ghana, the largest union of miners is planning protests and strikes in all factories in the country, if the government gives green light to the company "Gold Fields Ltd." to fire more than 2000 miners.


In Africa, healthcare is collapsing.

Now it is to be "rescued" by means of privatizations by foreign investors.

Healthcare strikes are spreading across the continent:

In Algeria, the police made witch hunts on the protesting doctors. Strikes have been banned since 2001. The doctors were treated like criminals. Security forces prevent Algerian doctors from attending a sit-in. Police officers indiscriminately arrest passers-by on bus or subway stations just because they are employed in health care. Outside the capital, they were released.
Declining oil and gas revenues, cuts in food and fuel subsidies and rising inflation continue to weigh on Algerians as they face an economic crisis that is now in its fourth year. As social tensions increase, workers' demonstrations, strikes and sit-ins have massively increased in recent months, peaking on 14 February 2018 in a nationwide general strike in public schools and hospitals.
Before the general strike, many demonstrators reported that they had been temporarily arrested or arbitrarily detained in several provinces and cities by security forces and plainclothes police. In addition to the civil unrest in the health and education sectors, airline flight attendants Air Algérie staged a surprise strike in late January 2018 that paralyzed local and international flights for days. Their demands for better wage were condemned by companies and government officials. Air Algérie imposed disciplinary action. Two days after the general strike, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia threatened he would "not tolerate the continued existence of this anarchy" and promised to put an end to it. The workers' answer is clear: the Algerian working class will promise to put an end to capitalism in Algeria and to replace the bourgeois dictatorship through the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Algeria is not an isolated case.
Medical strikes in Sudan, in Togo and Mauritania.
In Zimbabwe the nurses striked. The strikers were dismissed and their pension rights were canceled. Above all, it was the 15,000 nurses who contributed to the fact that in 2016 fascist President Robert Mugabe had to abdicate. His former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now president (!). Of course, he is afraid of the same fate Mugabe suffered.

In Nigeria, hospitals have extended their strike nationally after the government occupied the medical facilities by means of the army. The government blackmailed the strikers with the threat: "Ebola epidemics from the Democratic Republic of the Congo could spread in Nigeria because of the strikes".

In Zimbabwe teachers are striking, namely despite strikebreaking of yellow union leaders, who want to negotiate a rotten compromise with the government. The teachers reject this lazy compromise. As a result, the government has threatened to dismiss striking teachers and to cancel their pension.

One by one, the old corrupt elites of national independence movements are under pressure from the public's protest. Under the rule of the African bourgeoisie, African democracy, which was still young 55 years ago, has long since become open fascism and social fascism. Even the social fascist Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president from the former anti-apartheid movement, had to abdicate. In TOGO, the opposition has been protesting almost weekly since August 2017. The scale of the protests is enormous: 800,000 demonstrators in a country of 6.6 million. The protests have already claimed 16 lives and the government has blocked the Internet nationwide to stop the protests.

The governments and "parliaments" in Africa are so corrupt that they will sooner or later fall one after the other. The way out is not the election of new corrupt governments, but overthrow of the bourgeois class, the abolition of capitalist parliamentarism and the establishment of socialist council power under the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Growing protest movement in Africa

In 2018, the protest movement in Africa has continued to increase. It is our task as Stalinist-Hoxhaists to strengthen its militant character and to direct this protest movement towards the socialist revolution. We rely in particular on the protest movement of the youth.

Noteworthy is the hunger strike of the brave revolutionary students in Morocco.

The African Youth is the brightest flame of the African Revolution. This manifests on all streets in Africa. Africa offers no prospects for its young people. Most young people do not find work and have to fight for their existence on the ground or leave their homelands as refugees. We just cite one example of the growing African refugee waves: the conflict between Oromia and Somali, which has forced nearly 1 million people to flee.

In 2018 many protested Africans were killed or injured in the streets. Because they fight for their rights, they are imprisoned and fall victim to state terrorism, which prevails in all African countries.

The state terror in Africa is directed in first line against the protest movement, which is defamed as a "terrorist movement". For example, in Ethiopia hundreds of protesting people were killed on the streets.

We report on the unrest in Tunisia.
Protesters have taken to the streets in a number of Tunisian cities and demanded that the government delete new austerity measures involving an increase in fuel prices and taxes on goods.
At least one demonstrator died in the town of Tebourba, near the capital, Tunis.
The Tunisian Interior Ministry denied reports that the dead man was run over by a police car.
The police arrested 328 protesters. 2100 soldiers were deployed to protect vital facilities such as "banks, post offices and other government buildings in major cities in the country".
The new youth movement in Tunisia is protesting in the streets to put pressure on the government and overturn austerity measures.
What are the protests against?
These are above all the price increases. The Tunisian government has increased taxes under the Finance Act 2018. The new budget increased VAT on cars, alcohol, phone calls, the Internet, hotel accommodation and other items. The important tourism sector has not recovered yet after the deadly terrorist attacks in Sousse and Tunis in 2015. Tunisia's inflation is currently around 6% a year, which reduces people's incomes, and tax hikes hit the poorest of the poor - not the rich.
Who is behind the protests?
The protests seem to have spontaneously erupted among people at the local level.
A new, informal youth movement called Fech-Neustan - or "What are we waiting for?" - Created at the beginning of the year, now uses social media to resist price increases.
The group, which uses an alarm clock as a logo to symbolize the need for the population to wake up and act, estimates its own members at around 6,000 across the country, with hundreds of members in Tunis. Representatives say it is a loosely organized grassroots movement without a leader. Some of its members belong to opposition parties - such as the "Popular Front" neo-revisionists of the ICMLPO (Hamma Hammami). These leaders are trying to strangle the Tunisian revolution and turn it to a wrong (petty bourgeois) track instead of leading the Tunisian working class to the socialist revolution.

In Morocco, the protests over economic marginalization have continued since the end of December 2017 in the former mining town of Jerada (Oriental region). The miners demand better safety regulations in the mines. Tensions increased as the government arrested two key leaders of the protest movement and subsequently banned all protests. The residents of Jerada opposed the ban and went to the barricades.

In Guinea, the students protested in Conakry when the strikes - especially the teachers' strike - went into the third week. Since the elections on 4 February 2018, there have been continuing waves of protests in Guinea. 14 protesters died in the clashes.

Cameroon is still facing an escalating uprising in its south.

An increase in revolutionary violence has also been reported in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali.

In Madagascar, the students clashed with other protesters who called for the resignation of the president in recent weeks and aggravated the country's political crisis.
In Senegal, clashes erupted between students and the police in Saint Louis on May 15, resulting in the death of one student, and leading to further student protests the next day.

African farmers are protesting against the flooding of Africa with foreign agricultural goods. The domestic agricultural market is destroyed and thus the livelihood of the farmers. Responsible are not only the agricultural capitalists from Europe, but also increasingly from China.


Escalating fight for resources in Africa


The fight over water has got the character of class struggle in Africa. It is a struggle between the poor and the rich, a struggle to abolish private ownership of African water resources. The war over the water, the war over oil and other mineral resources will increase to the same extent as their scarcity.
Mining raw material extraction (including oil, diamonds, copper and cobalt) has tremendous economic potential for bourgeois governments in Africa. It is also a source of political power within the class society. It is both an economic source for the revolution and the counter revolution.
Corruption is the order of the day. Those who win the raw materials, the workers, remain poor. The profit goes into the pockets of the indigenous bourgeoisie, the labour aristocracy and the multinational corporations. This unequal distribution leads more and more to social conflicts. Rebel groups are using profits from conflict diamonds to fund civil wars in Angola, DR Congo and Sierra Leone. Oil workers are kidnapped and taken hostage. The incidence of conflicts is five times higher than it was ten years ago. While such riots and protests are occurring throughout Africa, resource-related struggles and cases of violence against workers are particularly evident in only a few countries: Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC and Somalia. Nigeria consistently has a high direct conflict with resources. As the 12th largest oil producer in the world and the eighth largest exporter, the resource-related conflict in Nigeria revolves around oil. About 5% of violent conflicts in South Sudan since 2011 are explicitly resource related. The vast majority of this kind of conflict, which is being observed in South Sudan, consists of battles, primarily between government forces and rebel groups. Resource conflicts in South Sudan are also associated with oil. Sudan has also experienced a large number of these oil conflicts.
While oil creates resource-related conflicts in Nigeria, Sudan and South Sudan, the commodity-related conflict in DR Congo is fueled mainly by mining (eg diamonds, cobalt). It is estimated that DR Congo has approximately $ 24 trillion of unexploited crude mineral ore, including the world's largest cobalt reserves. Most of this type of conflict in the DR Congo takes place primarily between government forces and rebel groups. It's about control of the mines.
Somalia sees a high number of conflicts directly with resources, mainly caused by clan clashes over access to and control of land and water resources. In a region with year-round high temperatures and limited / irregular rainfall, these natural resources become even more valuable.
Riots and protests related to resources have increased in recent years. Nigeria and, most recently, Libya account for the largest share of these events. With Nigeria the largest oil producer on the continent and Libya home to Africa's largest oil reserves, food riots and protests in these countries are primarily targeted at the oil industry. For example, these riots and protests include the closure of the offices of local oil companies: emands for more transparency, higher wages and better working conditions.
Given the low enforcement of mining industries in Africa, corruption in these industries is high. Although the region has a number of extremely resource-rich countries, many are still extremely poor and underdeveloped.

Our answer is clear:

Fight the plundering of Africa's resources by the world imperialists!

Everything belongs in the hands of the African working class! Expropriation of the capitalists! Abolition of private ownership of resources! Resources in the hands of the working people!

Abolition of capitalism! Establishment of socialism!

Today's crises of world capitalism have devastating consequences for the impoverished population of Africa. The world crisis is being misused by the world imperialists to extract more wealth from Africa. This corresponds to the parasitic nature of world imperialism (the concentration and centralization of exploitation, the monopolization of financial and industrial capital, the business of hunger, water, resources, wage slavery, refugees, proxy wars, etc.) The blood of the African peoples continues to flow for the maximum profit of imperialists around the world.

The heroic history of the anti-imperialist wars and liberation struggles of Africans will one day be rewarded with the victory of the socialist revolution throughout Africa. In Africa, one day, the dictatorship of the proletariat will be established and an African Union of Socialist Republics founded, modeled on the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, and on the model of socialism in Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The African Liberation Day represents a socialist Africa in a socialist world!

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is

the teaching of the preparation, recruitment, centralized organization and mobilization of the international proletarian army, in general, and the transformation of the reserves of the imperialist hinterland into new proletarian detachments of the world socialist revolution, in particular.

The weakening of the chain of world imperialism requieres the strengthening of the anti-imperialist chain in Africa.

With the development of capitalism in the colonies, the global development of world imperialism is nearly mature and complete - thus ready for the transformation into world socialism - also in Africa.

The expansion of imperialism in Africa - coupled with so much misery and blood - prepares its own decline and consequently its replacement by socialism. Unavoidably, that will be a new kind of socialism with global features - in the course of the globalization on the African continent and the socialist world revolution.

Africa is on the road back to its roots - to the classless society - and thus on the road towards communism in a classless world !


Long live the 55th anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Comrades of the African continent !

Build up your strong "African Section" of the Comintern (SH) !

Without a revolutionary organization, which is guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa !

The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the African working class.

For a socialist Africa in a socialist world !

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in every African country !"


Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party! 


Comintern (SH)

25th of May, 2018




7 years ago



January-February 2011/2018








Appeal of the Egypt Stalinist-Hoxhaists

Egypt and Arab world under Fascism and in the hell of the war!

Our dear comrades in the whole world , from every Section , that's a message from us - a group of the Stalinist Hoxhaists in Egypt. We want to make it clear for our every comrade how is the situation and what the Egyptian and the Arab people reached after the spontaneous movements of the Arab Spring, in Egypt specially which both of these movements have been seized once by the Islamic Fascists in 25 of January and the other time in 30 July by the Military Fascist compradore dogs.

World capitalism left no choice for the Arab peoples and the peoples in the Middle East by the way but two choices:

The first one living in "Peace" under the most fascist barbaric pro-imperialist ,crazy with chauvinism,Ultra-Zionist and Reactionary compradore systems that selling the lands for the occupiers and the imperialist "investments", killing every free sound from the opressed working poor people that opposite their bloodsucking systems and the worst butchers of world capitalism on the top which the Arab reactionary media calls them "The Arab Leaders" whom are nothing but a puppets.

The second is living in the hell of the meaningless nihilist war waged by the worst barbarious Fascist gangs of world capitalism supported by the super powers to fight for the interest of world great imperialists, every gang taking a banner such as "We are fighting for Islamic Kilahfa" while they are supported by Israel , USA , Turkey , and more ..? Who knows?

The muslim believers themselves wonder how such a "Mujahden" spreading this barbaric fascist kilapha by killing muslims Arabs and plus that their weapons is loaded by the bullets and the grandes of the "Kuffar" , other gangs taking the banner of the so-called "Freedom Of the People" while they are supported by the most merciless dark, rotten imperialist powers pro-zionist and cliques of world capitalism , sure we now what kind of "freedom" is that. It's the freedom of the imperialists to steal the wealth of the peoples by the reason of the "Aid" , the military aid for these "Free gangs" , now or later the poor people will be the one who will pay the price of this "Aid" ...

The third side which pretending to be a "Heroic" and "patrotic" while they are too one of the worst and the darkest monsters of world capitalism, those whom the people revolted against them but they remain in the authority , such as Al-Assad , this dirty rotten ba'thist social fascist wearing the so-called "national" -Socialism" by one family, so fimilar to the Kim il Sung social fascist family leading the country and the so called Workers Party, but her leading the so-called "Socialist" Ba'th Arab Party.

And on the so-called "communists" here they are nothing but a pure anti-communist revisionist intellectuals , they talk seriously about the existence of the old fedual means of production (!!) , they deny the existence of the Arab working class and its struggle for the socialist revolution. They call for the same Maoist "revoultionary" and "Red" steps that have been taken in China, more like (lie to me and say it's socialism just because we are having the "red" flags). So they can appear as "Marxists". Those Arab revisionists are nothing but nationalists , when you see their propaganda you feel that they are ba'thists more than "communist internationalists", and what kind of Arab "Unity" you people talking about? What the hell is this "New Deomcracy" of Maoism you want?? Capitalist "democracy"! Even in their discussion they are saying the godamned word of "Euro-communism". They think that such a word is an argument just to isolate the true Marxist-Leninist communists in general and the Stalinist-Hoxhaist specially from being on the side of the working class , while they say that Marx and Engels are "Euro-Centrists" they keep quoting from them ! And wonderful how those nationalists are hand-in-hand with the Maoists in propagating against Hoxhaism and Comrade Enver .. 

It makes me die laughing when I see them repeating the same accusations of the Maoists while they don't know goddamn thing about Marxism but they pretend to be knowing on comrade Stalin. They hate him as a plague! And the Communist International, they hate it too as the blindness. They are dreaming that if Lenin would continue instead of Stalin he would close the Comintern because it was "dogmatic" in it's décisions. I want to see their face when they know that there's the Comintern (SH) directed by the teachings of Marxism-Leninism and the most beloved Classics in the eyes of every true Bolshevik, Comrade Stalin and Comrade Enver Hoxha!

Those social fascists, we can't deny their existence here in the Arab world, we should struggle against them, who want to fake the Arab peoples and the people in the Middle East by their pesudo-Marxist / pesudo-Leninist - pure Maoism by demagogical speeches. The Arab revisionist lackeys of world imperialism and capitalism and world fascism and social fascism all should be exposed , and later excuted on the hands of the working Arab people leaded by their true Stalinist-Hoxhaist Section in every Arab country that are affiliated with the Great Communist International (SH).

Comrades , Brothers and Sisters !

This is our try to make it clear for what is happening and what happend here in the Middle East. However in Egypt the situation is going as the first choice that world capitalism decided, the "peace" choice, when we open the brain-washing shitty TV-channels and the global media, the huge thankings of the World Fascists and imperialists such as Donald T. [Dump].. for the Egyptian fascist Ultra-Reactionary Ultra Zionist System.

The killer of the Egyptian working people, the liquidator of the Palestinian Case by their so called "Century's deal" that they will make by it the Palestinian people leave their land for the fascist Israeli occupiers. This deal is surely accepted by the reactionary Palestinian "Oslo"-Authority .. In other words the Egyptian system is not only a danger for the Egyptian people and an enemy for them, but an enemy for the Palestinian people and a danger on their Heroic Fair Case. The Egyptian fascist system by Al-Sisi on the top which sold the two Islands of Tiran and Sanafir which the Egyptian soldiers sons of the working people and the farmers martyred for taking them by their blood from the Israeli Occupiers , the Egyptian Chauvinist Fascist that spending time shouting "Long live Egypt" sold the two Islands Tiran and Sanafir , not only the Islands but the Egyptian history too. The Egyptian fascist system selling all our history from old antiques and the other things that the ancient Egyptians left. Everything is the money for that fascist system. Also our historical right of the river Nile has gone because of the betraying of this fascist system in the people's rights in the Nile and because the friends of Al-Sisi such as the reactionary gulf system , Israel, USA are investmenting in the Ethiopian dam that they will build!

In any case after the two spontaneous movements the Egyptian proletariat thought that the situation would be better. But on the contrary, we are in the worst conditions and the counter revolution replied to the spontaneous slap with a hard counter punch with this fascist system that we are living under it's yoke now, from closing even the internet's oppositing journals to the physical liquidation of the opposition to this system.

Now the working people of Egypt are ready for a true revolution , a true revolution that they will cut the heads of the dogs of the counter revoultion.

Led by their true Stalinist-Hoxhaist Section under the leadership of the Comintern (SH) for the Egyptian Socialist Revoultion!

That's the only way for the national and the social liberation of the Egyptian working people!

My comrades!

These days I guess you heard about the terrible farce of the bourgois presidental elections, which the people realized and faced it as a play from this fascist system.

The Egyptian people will be enslaved again for more years under the blood sucker who called Al-Sisi, that dog of world imperialism who is the death will be a mercy to him should not remain in the authourity

anymore. The whole fascist system should not remain anymore !


Smash the fascist capitalist compradore system! 

Build the dictatorship of the proletariat ! 

Egyptian proletarians don't stay at home in the elections as the burgois "revolutionary" dogs says they are nothing different from this fascist system !

Get out  , protest for your right for a good life !

Raise the slogan of the class war!

Long live the Egyptian Socialist Revolution ! 

Long live the Egyptian workers ! Farmers! And Soldiers! 

Long live the Comintern (SH) and her Sections!

Long live the Section of the Arab World of the Comintern (SH) !

Long live the World Socialist Revolution ! 

Long live the socialist Revolution in the Arab Countries! 

Down with world Imperialism!

Down with world Fascism and Social Fascism!

Down with the whole World Capitalism!

Comrades brothers and sisters !

We are in need of your solidarity with the Egyptian people and their revoultion which will go on until victory!


Stalinist-Hoxhaist comrades of Egypt



(under construction)



Preparations for the construction of the Arabic Section of of Comintern (SH) successfully completed !


رسالة تضامن

Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)

to the Arabic comrades who have created their Website in Arabic language.

Dear comrades !


We  enjoy  your website very much and congratulate you.

We are convinced that this website will help all Arabic Stalinist-Hoxhaists to unite under this party banner of collective propagandist, agitator and organizer.

All comrades wish you much success and we are looking forward to found the Arabic Section on 8th of November, 2018.

We thank you for all your great support.

Long live the preparation for the construction of the Arabic Section !


Long live the Comintern (SH) !

Long live the socialist revolution in all Arab countries !

Long live the world socialist revolution !

Long live world socialism and world communism !

Long live the dictatorship of the working class in the Arab countries !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !


Comintern (SH)

20th of November, 2017





Report of the ECCI after the 4th Congress of the Comintern

About the KP of Egypt



The National Liberation Movement, despite the terrible reprisals by the English Government, remains the most significant factor in Egypt's public life. The attempt of the English to make an agreement with the upper classes of the agrarians and the big bourgeoisie did not lead to the expected calm. The Center Party "Waft-el-Missri" (with its leader Saglul - Pasha), the meeting place of the national bourgeoisie and the bourgeois intellectuals, continues the England enemy campaign to a greater extent.

The "independence" of Egypt does not satisfy them at all. The latest news suggests that the English are ready to give in to this senior party. The English liberated Saglul - Pasha and plan a ministry of "public confidence".

The petty bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeois intellectuals are united in the big party "Chisb-el-Watani". This party raises radical national demands, interspersing them with unformed social desires. Under the influence of this party are significant working masses. She also extends her influence to the trade unions. The behavior of this party to our Egyptian comrades is quite friendly. In the interest of the common national liberation struggle, she made several attempts to form a bloc with the Communist Party. But as a result of the concerns of the "left," the Communist Party rejected these proposals of nationalists. At the moment of the collapse of the national revolutionary movement (in an agreement between Egypt and England), our party is assured of the influx of the best elements from the "Chisb-el-Watani".

The Communist Party of Egypt has weathered the crisis well during the removal of petty-bourgeois and colonial elements. During this period, among others, several dozen lawyers and journalists left the party, while in the working masses the party's reputation grew. According to the latest news, the party has 1 500 members. The campaign of the bourgeois press of all shades, which continues to gain momentum, up to the most radical newspaper against the Communist Party and the "Bolsheviks" shows that our party has a growing influence. Recently there have been some reprisals against our party, among which the arrest of the most popular comrades (some of whom have already been sentenced to forced labor), the closure of the party rooms, are the most notable.


The Comintern (SH) translated this English text from the German original text which we publish as follows:

in German language

Bericht des EKKI nach dem IV. Kongress der Komintern

Über die KP Ägyptens


Die nationale Befreiungsbewegung bleibt trotz der furchtbaren Repressalien von Seiten der englischen Regierung nach wie vor der bedeutendste Faktor im öffentlichen Leben Ägyptens. Der Versuch der Engländer, mit der Oberschicht der Agrarier und Großbourgeoisie ein Abkommen zu treffen, führte nicht zu der erwarteten Beruhigung. Die Zentrumspartei "Waft-el-Missri" (mit ihrem Führer Saglul - Pascha), der Treffpunkt der nationalen Bourgeoisie und der bürgerlichen Intellektuellen, setzt die England feindliche Kampagne in verstärktem Maße fort.

Die "Unabhängigkeit" Ägyptens befriedigt sie durchaus nicht. Die letzten Nachrichten lassen darauf schließen, dass die Engländer zu einem Nachgeben dieser leitenden Partei gegenüber bereit sind. Die Engländer befreiten nämlich Saglul - Pascha und planen ein Ministerium des "öffentlichen Zutrauens".

Die Kleinbourgeoisie und die kleinbürgerlichen Intellektuellen sind in der großen Partei "Chisb-el-Watani" vereinigt. Diese Partei stellt radikale nationale Forderungen auf, wobei sie diese mit ungestalteten sozialen Wünschen durchsetzt. Unter dem Einfluss dieser Partei stehen bedeutende Arbeitermassen. Auch auf die Gewerkschaften dehnt sie ihren Einfluss aus. Das Verhalten dieser Partei zu unseren ägyptischen Genossen ist durchaus freundlich. Im Interesse des gemeinsamen nationalen Befreiungskampfes machte sie einige Male den Versuch, mit der kommunistischen Partei einen Block zu bilden. Aber in Folge der Bedenken der "Linken" wies die Kommunistische Partei diese Vorschläge der Nationalisten zurück. Im Augenblick des Zerfalls der nationalen revolutionären Bewegung (bei einem Abkommen zwischen Ägypten und England) ist unserer Partei der Zustrom der besten Elemente aus der "Chisb-el-Watani" sicher.

Die Kommunistische Partei Ägyptens hat die Krise während der Entfernung der kleinbürgerlichen und Kolonialistenelemente gut überstanden. Während dieser Periode traten unter anderen einige Dutzend Advokaten und Journalisten aus der Partei aus, während in der Arbeitermasse das Ansehen der Partei wuchs. Den letzten Nachrichten zu Folge zählt die Partei 1 500 Mitglieder. Auch der dauernd an Heftigkeit gewinnende Feldzug der bürgerlichen Presse aller Schattierungen bis zur radikalsten Zeitung gegen die Kommunistische Partei und die "Bolschewisten" zeigt für den wachsenden Einfluss unserer Partei. In der letzten Zeit wurden einige Repressalien gegen unsere Partei ausgeübt, unter denen die Verhaftung der populärsten Genossen (ein Teil von ihnen wurde schon zu Zwangsarbeit verurteilt), die Schließung der Parteiräume, die namhaftesten sind.




الأممية الشيوعية/ستالينية-خوجية

مقال مقتطف من كتاب إعلان الحرب علي الماويين/DWM

الجزء الثـ٣ـالث

الطبعة الإنكليزية

Wer ist die MLPD?– ما هو الـ ح.أ.م.ل؟

الـMLPD هو ثاني حزب ماوي أوروبي والذي سنعطي إنعكاساتنا عنه ;وهو بالألمانية

Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands – MLPD

الحزب الألماني الماركسي-اللينيني – ح.أ.م.ل

والذي يمكن  أن يعتبر أكبر حزب ماوي في ألمانيا.

ما هو الـMLPD؟

الـMLPD قد أُنشاء في 1982 وتمت التعبئة فيه من شتي أفراد التحريفية الجديدة المختلفة.

هذه الدوائر ظهرت منذ 1970,بالتالي وفي وقت كان الـ KPD/ML (الحزب الشيوعي الألماني/ماركسي-لينيني) أُسِسَ من قبل الرفيق -إرنست أوست- في 1968/69 والذي يتطابق حالياً مع أقدم أقسام الكومنترن (ستاليني-خوجي) خاصتنا والذي كان في طور بناءه,القائد المؤسس للـ MLPD -ويلي ديكهَت- كان قديماً عضو اللجنة المركزية للـKPD/ML.

الـMLPD بناءً علي ذلك هو أصلاً مجموعة إتحاد دوائر,والتي إنبثقت جزئياً من أعضاء حزبنا المُؤسَسْ.

والذين أرادوا تمزيق الـKPD/ML,هدفهم كان إعاقة تطوير وتقوية حزب بلشفي حقيقي من نوعية لينين وستالين،علي أرض ألمانية بمساعدة الأيديولوجية الماوية.

الـMLPD يدافع عن ماو كأحد كلاسيكيي للماركسية-اللينينية,ومنذ البداية كان مُرشداً بالخط التحريفي العام لماو تسي-تونج.

(نُشر في 14 يونيو/حزيران عام 1963) الـMLPD يحاجج أن الصين كانت "إشتراكية" وقت ما كان ماو تسي—تونج حياً,وأن الرأسمالية تم إحيائها في الصين بعد موته, بعد (الثورة الثقافية البروليتارية العظمي) المزعومة.

التناقضات والنضالات بين الـMLPD و الـKPD/ML إشتدت في ألمانيا بنفس الطريق وفي نفس الوقت, كما كانت بين الصين وألبانيا, وكما كانت بين حركة العالم الماوية والخوجية،علي أرض ألمانية لعقود.

في هكذا توقيت الـMLPD أسقط تقريباً وبشكل كامل قناع "الماركسية-اللينينية",في الجوهر; الـMLPD أصبح حزباً عادياً تحريفياً في كلاً من النظرية والممارسة.

عدد معتبر من الجماعات السياسية المختلفة في ألمانيا حاولوا وصل هذه التناقضات الأيديولوجية العميقة بين الماوية والخوجية.

في ألمانيا هناك جماعات مختلفة تعتبر الـMLPD علي أنه حزب "لينيني-ماركسي",علاوة علي ذلك هم ينتقدون أخطائه, في ألمانيا هناك العديد من المواقف (الوسطية-الإسترضائية) المختلفة تجاه الـMLPD , وهذا متعلق أيضاً بالـMLCP التركي الحزب الماركسي-اللينيني الشيوعي التركي الذي هو أيضاً عضو في الـICOR

International Coordination of «Revolutionary» Parties and Organizations

التنسيق الدولي للأحزاب والمنظمات «الثورية»

هكذا;و هذا الموقع الإسترضائي تجاه الماوية يجب أن يواجه كظاهرة عالمية, الخوجية لا يمكن أن تتوافق مع الماوية لا علي الجانب المحلي ولا علي جانب النطاق الأممي, كلاهما أيديولوجيتان متناقضتان, يعني أيديولوجيا البرجوازية والبروليتاريا, لذلك لا يمكن ولن يكـون هنالك وحدة مع الـMLPD.

الماوية هي وسيلة أيديولوجية يتم إستخدامها من قبل  العالم البرجوازي تحت ملبس "الماركسية-اللينينية", فالغاية هي  شجب الماركسيين-اللينينيين الحقيقيين حول العالم بحجة "التعصب" و "الأقصي يسارية/التحريفية اليسارية", و أيضاً لغاية عزلهم عن العالم البروليتاري ,وعن ثورة العالم الإشتراكي.

الـMLPD يقول: « أياً كان من يهاجم ماو تسي-تونج, أيضاً يهاجم أفكار الماركسية-اللينينية,هذا لُب القضية»

هذا لِما يحط الـMLPD من قدر الرفيق أنور خوجة بإعتباره "مُصَفِّياً" (ملاحظة المترجم: مصفياً أي مصفي ومدمر للحركة الشيوعية العالمية), لأجل هذا يعاملونه أيضاً كـ"تحريفي".

فقط و ليأخذ موقعاً أفضل وليختبئ خلف تحريفيتة, فتحريفية الـMLPD, قامت بأخذ خط معاداة-الستالينية الخاص بماو تسي-تونج وجعلت ستالين مسؤلاً عن إعادة الرأسمالية في الإتحاد السوفيتي ؛أي حجج وإتهامات البيروقراطية, ولهذا نقول للماويين «إن هؤلاء الذين يهاجمون ستالين,أيضاً يهاجمون الماركسية-اللينينية-الستالينية-الخوجية!!»

حزب الـMLPD يعتبر"فكر"ماو تسي-تونج الخاصية الأساسية للمنظمة الماركسية-اللينينية, بالتباين; نحن الستالينيين-الخوجيين نقول أن معاداة الماوية هي خاصية لازمة للمنظمة الماركسية-اللينينية الحقيقيـة.

الحزب الذي يعطي نفسه إسم "حزب ماركسي-لينيني" ومهما يكن رافضاً النضال ضد الماوية, لايمكن أبداً أن يكون حزباً ماركسياً لينينياً حقيقياً.

الـMLPD هو نتاج دوائر مبادئ تنظيمية والتي أُسست بدورها علي الماوية، وتنتشر تلك الدوائر علي نطاق أممي مع بعض المنظمات الأخري والتي تنتسب لـICOR

الـMLPD يحاول نشر الروح المنشفية لفكر ماوتسي-تونج علي نطاق أممي ، هذا هجوم علي المبادئ التنظيمية البلشفية للأممية الشيوعية الخاصة بلينين وستالين ، وضد المبدئ التنظيمي البلشفي للكومنترن(س-خ) بشكل مباشر.

الـMLPD يلعب دوراً أولي/غير ثانوي في عولمة دوائر مبادئ التنظيم المنشفي ضد دوائر مبادئ التنظيم لحزب العالم البلشفي، وضد الكومنترن (س-خ).

فالـ«ثورة» الثقافية الصينية وجهت ضد مبدئ قيادة الحزب البلشفي ، الـMLPD دافع عن الـ«ثورة» الثقافية وبناءً علي هذا هو ضد القيادة الشيوعية للجماهير.

فمنذ البداية المبكرة قام الـMLPD بممارسة التقديس لعفوية الجماهير.

وحاول الـMLPD نشر ”خط الجماهير“ الماوي حول العالم، نضال الجماهير -الماوي- لا يعني شيئاً سوي الإرتشاد بعفوية الجماهير بدلاً من الماركسية-اللينينية؛ يعني الإهتداء بأيديولوجيا البرجوازية، فسياسة الجماهير الماوية المزعومة هي سياسة ذيلية برجوازية مبرقعة بشعارات ثورية، حتي إن الـMLPD يحاول أن يعولم سياسة الجماهير هذه ، وهذا لن يغير أبداً من طبيعة شخصيتها الثورية المضادة.

هذا يتعلق أيضاً وبشكل مخصوص بسياسة التريديونيونات للـMLPD الماوي،فلقد قام لينين بمواجهة الإقتصاديين الذين حاولوا أن يضحوا بالحزب الشيوعي؛وجعله كملحق حر للتريديونيونات، فقام الـMLPD بإعتبار سياستنا الثورية للتريديونيونات كـ"تعصب"،والـRGO

«Revolutionäre Gewerkschaftsopposition»

«التريديونيونات الثورية المعارضة» ؛كـ"أقصي يسارية“.

لذا الـMLPD يأخذ جانب الـDGB إتحاد التريديونيونات الألماني الإمبريالي والفاشي، الذي يعد الجهاز الأساسي للبرجوازية الإحتكارية في داخل الحركة العمالية، وعلي أي حال؛ فرئيس مجلس الـDGB هو أيضاً رئيس لأكبر منظمة عالمية للتريديونيونات الصفراء.

فقام الـMLPD بتاريخ الأول من مايو في عام ٢٠١٢ بكتابة الآتي:

”لحسن الحظ وأخيراً أدرك الـDGB أن الـMLPD منظمة صديقة“

إكمالاً لتحليلاتنا عن الـMLPD ، نقوم الآن بتفقد مشاركة الحزب في المؤتمر السابع للـICMLPO ؛والذي ينقسم لجزئين ، الأول وهو تقرير البلد ، والثاني يتضمن الحساب التاريخي للأممية الشيوعية (كومنترن) من وجهة نظر ماوية.

بداية بالجزء الأول لمشاركة الـMLPD ،فلاحظنا أنهاً مبنية علي تباهيات الماويين.

”خلال إقتراح الـMLPD ، في فبراير بـ"بوش" وبعدها في "سيمنز" وفي يوم يوليو بـ "ديملر كريسلر" بداء في ٥ يوليو لعام ٢٠٠٤ إضراب قوي لشركة عالمية، قام ستون ألف عامل بالخروج في إضراب بـ"ديملر كريسلر"،ففي يوم الإضراب قام نحو ألفي عامل بقطع طريق المواصلات الأساسي، هذا يشير إلي التأثير النامي للحزب الألماني -”الماركسي اللينيني“- في قلب الميليشيا العمالية الطبقية“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,النشرة الإخبارية الأممية،النسخة الإنجليزية،يوليو ٢٠٠٧»

في كلتا الحالتين نجاح الـMLPD حقيقةً كان أم لا، نحن لا ندري، ولن نتفاجئ إذا كانت هذه الكلمات لا شئ ولكن مجرد أكاذيب ضخمة، لأن الماويين دائماً كانوا أساتذة الخداع، وحتي إذا سلمنا بصحة قول الماويين الألمان ، فهذا يظهر فقط كم السموم الرجعية بأقوي دولة إمبريالية في أوروبا، فهكذا وضع مقلق جداً لإن إكتساب وعي ثوري حقيقي بين العمال الألمان وبناء دكتاتورية البروليتاريا ألمانيا بالطبع صار أمراً فاصلاً لإنتصار الثورة الإشتراكية في أوروبا وبكل أنحاء العالم.

مع هذا وبالجزء الثاني في مشاركتهم، قام الماويون الألمان بشكل أساسي بعرض شخصيتهم الثورية المضادة،و المعادية للماركسية بإنتقاد للأممية الشيوعية العظيمة في وقت لينين وستالين ، فقالوا:

”البند السابع عشر من إقتراح لينين المنصوص:

«كل قرارات الأممية الشيوعية ولجنة إدارتها ملزمة لكل الأحزاب المدمجة

لينين،الأعمال المختارة،مجلد رقم ٣١، صفحة ٢١١

حسب ما تم ذكره كل الأحزاب كانت ملزمة ببناء منظمة مشابهة غير شرعية والتي هي في اللحظة الراهنة تساعد الحزب لينجز مهامه تجاه الثورة،ولكن بناء منظمات هذا النظير تم التمادي في أمرها، فدائرة الممثلين تلك كانت لديها سلطة فعلية علي ممثلي هذه الأحزاب الشيوعية المحلية ، وبتزايد كان يتم إلزامها بأعضاء الخدمة السرية السوفيتية، وقاموا أيضاً بتنسيق التدريبات والبروبجندا في الأممية الشيوعية وترأسوا المنشورات التي لم يكن لها علاقة بالأحزاب الشيوعية في البلدان الرأسمالية، فهذه المنظمات كانت متصلة بجهاز الخدمة السرية ووكالات خاصة للإتحاد السوفيتي وكانوا تماماً تحت سيطرتهم في الممارسة والأيديولوجية السياسية،والإستقلال التنظيمي للأحزاب الشيوعية كان مقوضاً وحتي تم إبطاله من قبل هذه الأجهزة الملحقة،والديمقراطية المركزية في الكومنترن إكتسبت صفات بيروقراطية مركزية“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

كما رائينا فالـ"حجج" التي قد إستخدمها الماويون الألمان ضد الأممية الشيوعية وقت لينين وستالين هي بشكل كامل فوضـوية، وحسب ماذكروه فقد كان "خطاءً" من الكومنترن تقويض الأيديولوجية السياسية والإستقلال التنظيمي للأحزاب الشيوعية وتحويلها إلي ملحقات لجهاز الخدمة السرية السوفيتية، وبداية يجب أن نضع في الحسبان أن حديث الماويين عن الإستقلال المزعوم، هو بالنسبة للماركسية-اللينينية لا شئ يذكر!

إن ما يغضب الماويين حقاً هو المثال العظيم متمثلاً في الكومنترن والذي قد بني علي تعاليم الماركسية-اللينينية-الستالينية، فقد كان قابلاً لأن يوحد الأحزاب البروليتارية لصالح إنتصار الإشتراكية في كافة أنحاء العالم، فالكومنترن الذي أنشأه لينين وستالين قد مثل أكثر ما يكرهه الماويين وهو "مطلق الولاء للأيديولوجية الشيوعية" ، فأممية لينين وستالين الشيوعية قد قاتلت دائماً ضد إنباتات الميول البرجوازية التحريفية وداخل صفوف الأحزاب الشيوعية، ولأجل هذا يقول الماويون إن الكومنترن "قوض" إستقلالهم، فبالطبع الأممية الشيوعية المذهلة والبطولية وقت لينين وستالين لم تكن لتسمح أبداً بهذا الإستقلال الماوي ، والذي لم يعني شيئاً سوي أن تستسلم الأحزاب الشيوعية للتأثيرات المؤيدة للرأسمالية وهكذا تعرض حماية تطور الإشتراكية للخطر.

إنه لكنقاء الكريستال أن هذا الإنتقاد له صلة بالأصول الفوضوية للماوية،بالطبع خلف الماويين ومخاوفهم من ما يسمي "الإستقلال"بسهولة نستطيع تفهم هذا الخوف المتقد تجاه التنظيم البروليتاري الجبار، والذي يميز مل الكومنترن ونشاطاته والتي كانت في تعارض تام تجاه سياسات الفئات المعادية للماركسية، وضد سياسة "دفاع الجماهير" الفوضوية والمبادرة العفوية المدعومة من الماوية.

وأخيراً إنه لمن الممتع أن نري ضروب الكلام الحقيرة من الماويين تجاه جهاز الخدمة السرية الستاليني،فالخدمة السرية كانت واحدة من أكثر الآلات قيمة للدفاع عن دكتاتورية البروليتاريا السوفيتية، ولقد كان في موقع محق تماماً بالنسبة لوضع الرقابة علي الأحزاب الشيوعية لتفادي تسلل الأعداء الطبقيين إلي صفوف الحزب.

من الواضح أن الماويين لايزالون خائفين حد الموت من القوة الإشتراكية الكامنة في نشاطات جهاز الخدمة السرية السوفيتية الستاليني، ففي إصطناع هذا النوع من الإنتقادات الماويون الألمان لا يقولون شيئاً جديداً البتة.

إنهم فقط يرددون الإفتراءات الكاذبة وإفتراءات الرجعيين الرأسماليين والتي أختلقت بغرض تشويه دكتاتورية البروليتاريا السوفيتية مرؤسة بالرفيق ستالين.

يذهب الماويون الألمان بحماستهم/تعصبهم المعادي للشيوعية مصرحين بالآتي:

”الأخطاء السياسية المريعة من قبل اللجنة الإدارية للكومنترن كانت سبباً أساسياً في الأخطاء المقبرة لسياسات الحزب الشيوعي الألماني KPD، فاللجنة الإدارية كانت البادئ لهذا ، وكمثال علي هذا سياسة الـتريديونيونات الثورية المعارضة/RGO- Revolutionäre Gewerkschaftsopposition.“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

الآن فالكلام ضد الحزب الشيوعي الألماني الشجاع بقيادة البروليتاري البطل إرنست تايلمان الذي بداء الفاشيين الإجتماعيين الألمان ممثلين في الـMLPD هجومهم ضده، إنهم يتحفظون علي سلوك الحزب الشيوعي الألماني تجاه طرد الشيوعيين من التريديونين الألمانية البرجوازية خلال أواخر العشرينيات وبداية الثلاثينيات كسلوك "متعصب"، ويقول الماويون الألمان إن الـKPD بقراره الذي أتي كرد فعل تجاه ماحدث من طرد للشيوعيين بإنشاء تريديونين حمراء تحت قيادة الشيوعيين الألمان كان "خطـاءً فـادحاً" بتصريحهم بالآتي أدناه:

”لمجابهة سياسة الطرد الخاصة بالقيادة الإصلاحية، الشيوعيين يجب أن يعملوا بمهارة عالية في التريديونينز ويثبتوا أنهم أعضاء نشطين، إن هذا لخطاء من الأساس الإنسحاب من التريديونينز وتشجيع التريديونينز الحمراء المدمجة بالحزب“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

بناء علي هذا، ووفقاً لما قاله الـMLPD فالشيوعيون الألمان الذين طردوا من التريديونين البرجوازية خلال صعود النازية في السلطة يجب عليهم أن يخونوا أيديولوجيتهم بمناشدة قادة تلك التريديونينز لجعلهم يبقون، بالطبع يتمادي الماويون أكثر بقولهم أن الشيوعيين الألمان يجب أن يكونوا ”أعضاء نشطين“ لتلك التريديونينز المؤيدة للنازية،هكذا يجب عليهم أيضاً أن يقوموا بمساهمات لتقوية تلك التريديونينز(...) هذا الراءي مريع جداً ورجعي ولا يحتاج حتي لتعليقات زائدة، إنه يتحدث تماماً عن نفسه ويظهر وجه الماوية القبيح.

بل ويكأن هذا الموقف المريع والأقصي رجعي ليس كافياً، ففاشيوا الـMLPD الإجتماعيون "إنتقدوا" تعاليم الرفيق ستالين الصحيحة والماركسية-اللينينية في جوهرها ، والتي تعتبر أن الديمقراطية الإجتماعية مرادفة للفاشية الإجتماعية، إنهم يتدعون أن هذا الموقف خاطـئ، ويؤكدون أنه بتبني الـKPD بقيادة تايلمان هذه الفكرة؛ تم الترويج لصعود النازية بقولهم الآتي:

”بما في نظرية الـRGO الدغمائية،و بقرب وإتصال كانت أيضاً نظرية الفاشية الإجتماعية، والتي كانت هي الأخري وليدة الكومنترن، فتبني القادة اليمينيين للحزب الديمقراطي الإجتماعيين SPD عدوانية للشيوعية في النظرية والممارسة لم يجعله أبداً [!!!] حزباً فاشياً إجتماعياً، فلقد أشار ويلي ديكهت من قبل للنتائج التاريخية لهذه النظرية الخاطئة و قال:-  الطعن في كل الديمقراطيين الإجتماعيين بكونهم فاشيين إجتماعيين قد دمر التواصل بين الشيوعيين و الديمقراطيين الإجتماعيين وقد منع هذا إنشاء جبهة «بروليتارية» موحدة والتي هي أساس الحركة المعادية للفاشية ووحدة حركتها، والتي كانت ستمنع هتلر من الوصول للسلطة“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

(...) في المقام الأول ، إن موقف الرفيق ستالين صواب ومتين فالديمقراطية الإجتماعية هي بالفعل مرادف وتوأم للفاشية الإجتماعية،فكلاهما يريدان الحفاظ علي عبودية العمل المأجور والحفاظ علي الطغيان الرأسمالي الإستغلالي، أما في النواحي التي قادت الماويين الألمان لتلك الإتهامات ضد الـKPD لتبنيه هذا الموقف الحاسم والمبدائي تجاه الديمقراطية الإجتماعية والذي قد ساهم علي حد قولهم في صعود النازية، فيمكننا القول إن هذه التهمة تلك الأيام صارت منبوذة حتي من قبل أيديولوجيات البرجوازية ففي كتابه «القمصان السوداء والحُمر/Blackshirts and Reds» ، المثقف البرجوازي الديمقراطي الأمريكي مايكل بارينتي يعطي إنعكاساً ويصرح بقوله الآتي حول صعود النازية:

”في إنتخابات ديسمبر لعام ألف وتسعمائة وإثنين وثلاثين،ثلاث مرشحين قد تسابقوا علي الرئاسة، صاحب المنصب والمحافظ والمرشال الميداني ڤون هايندنبرج، و المرشح النازي أدولف هتلر، والحزب الشيوعي بمرشحه إرنست تايلمان، ففي معسكره قام تايلمان بالمحاججة بأن التصويت لهايندنبرج هو تصويت لهتلر وأن هتلر سيقود ألمانيا لحرب، الصحافة البرجوازية بما فيها الديمقراطية الإجتماعية شجبت هذه الرؤية كتأثير لموسكو، ومن الجدير بالذكر أن القادة الديمقراطيين الإجتماعيين رفضوا عرض الحزب الشيوعي لتأسيس إتحاد ضد النازية وكما الحال في بلدان أخري في الماضي والحاضر وكذلك في ألمانيا ، فالديمقراطيون الإجتماعيون يفضلون مع اليمين الرجعي علي أن يتحدوا بشكل عام مع الشيوعيين، إبان هذا عدد من أحزاب الجناح اليميني إلتصقت بظهر النازيين وفي يناير ١٩٣٣ ببضعة أسابيع بعد الإنتخابات قام هايندنبرج بدعوة هتلر لكي يصبح مستشاراً“

«مصدر:مايكل بارينتي،القمصان السوداء والحمر،١٩٧٧، سان فرانسيسكو»

نتمم بهذا الكلام أنه حتي الغير شيوعيين بأن ديمقراطيوا الـSPD الإجتماعيون هم السبب في صعود النازية وعلي النقيض ففاشيوا الـMLPD الإجتماعيون يقولون إن تبني العدوانية المضادة للشيوعية في النظرية والممارسة من قبل قادة الجناح اليميني للـSPD لا يجعله حزباً فاشياً إجتماعياً!

بالطبع الماويون الألمان يفعلون ما بوسعهم لحماية حلفائهم الأيديولوجيين من الديمقراطيين الإجتماعيين، بينما هم وعلي نحو كاذب يريدون إقحام الشيوعيين الألمان وجعلهم سبباً في صعود النازية، هذا متوقع تماماً لأن كلاً من الماويين والديمقراطيين الإجتماعيين يلعبون نفس الدور إنهم يحافظون علي عبودية الجماهير المُستَغَلَّة عن طريق فصلهم عن الأيديولوجيا الشيوعية الحقيقية عن طريق نظرياتهم المزعومة للـ"رأسمالية المروضة"..!

بعد هذا الماويون الألمان يؤكدون الآتي:

”لقد كان المجلس السابع للأممية الشيوعية في ١٩٣٥ وحده هو الذي صحح الإتجاه الدغمائي وأعطي إتجاهاً خططياً جديداً لبناء جبهة متحدة ضد الفاشية“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

بالطبع ففاشيوا الـMLPD الإجتماعيون لا يريدون خسارة فرصة التقديس للمجلس السابع للأممية الشيوعية والتي قام فيها الأقصي تحريفي ديمتروڤ بتقديم نظريته المثيرة للإشمئزاز و المعادية للـ لينينية المسماة بـ"الجبهة المتحدة ضد الفاشية"، ففي الواقع أفكار ديمتروف لم تكن شيئاً أكثر من مناشدة واضحة لإستسلام الأحزاب الشيوعية لصالح الأيديولوجيات البرجوازية التحريفية وحركاتها، ولكن بدا أن الماويين الألمان إعتقدوا أن نظريات ديمتروڤ الممقوتة والرأسمالية الإجتماعية كانت "علاجاً" حقيقياً لما يسمي بـ "أخطاء التعصب الستاليني"، فهكذا موقف يمكن أن يتم فهمه إذا أخذنا بالحسبان التشابه الواضح بين التحريفيتين ،تحريفية ديمتروف والتحريفية الماوية.

عملياً وفي ما يتعلق بالدفاع عن ما يسمي بـالوحدة مع البرجوازية تحت حجة النضال ضد "عدو واحد" كما الحال في تحريفية ديمتروف، فدور هذا العدو المشترك لعبته الفاشية، بينما في تحريفية ماو كان العدو المشترك هو الإمبريالية حتي في مراحل ماو المبكرة، وبجعل الرأسمالية شيئاً "دائماً" فكلتا التحريفيتين قد تحيزتا لأعدائهما اللتين قد مثلتا بأنهما كانتا تجابهانهما، فنظرية الجبهة المتحدة لديمتروف هدفت للنضال ضد الفاشية ولكن بدعمها "الإتحاد" بين البروليتاريا والبرجوازية والتي ستظل هي الأخيرة دائماً وأصلاً طبقة إستغلالية مع عدم المبالاة بأقسامها المؤيدة للفاشية أو حتي لأقسامها "التقدمية/المعادية للفاشية".

فتحريفية ديمتروڤ تضمن بأن النضال ضد الفاشية لن يمتلك أبداً طابعاً إشتراكياً وماركسياّ لينينياً حقيقياً ، وهي تضمن أيضاً أن النضال ضد الفاشية لن يضع النظام الرأسمالي في حرج، وبهذا تمنع فناء الفاشية بشكل نهائي والتي لن تنتهي طالما وجدت الرأسمالية.

وعلي نفس المنهج فشعار ماو الكاذب "المعادي للإمبريالية" لم يوضع أبداً علي أيديولوجيا إشتراكية حقيقية، ولكن أرادت فقط أن تمهد الطريق للبرجوازية الصينية "الوطنية" ومعها أهدافها الإمبريالية بالدفاع عنه والترويج لما يسمي بـ"إتحاد كل الطبقات الثورية" بما فيها البرجوازية "المعادية للإمبريالية".

فلقد قامت التحريفية الماوية بمنع العمال الصينيين من الحصول علي طبيعة شيوعية حقيقة، لقد منعت النضال المعادي للإمبريالية من تخطي الحدود الرأسمالية، فهذا في الحقيقة قد عني أن ماو منع فناء الإمبريالية بشكل تام والتي لن تنتهي هي الأخري إلا بفناء الرأسمالية، ما سمح لاحقاً بإعمال الأهداف الإمبريالية للبرجوازية الصينية الوطنية ، والتي خدمها ماو بإيمان تام.

إذن وبإنكار الهيمنة البروليتارية بشكل آلي وداعم للهيمنة الإستغلالية البرجوازية السوسيو-إقتصادية والأيديولوجية، كلا التحريفيتان تحريفية ديمتروڤ وماو ، قد أنجزتا مهمتيهما في الدفاع عن مصالح الطبقة الرأسمالية.

في مقابل هذا لا عجب أن الماويين يحبون ديمتروڤ بهذا القدر، فهم يعلمون تمام العلم أهداف ونظريات ديمتروڤ، تماماً كتلك الأفكار التي قد صاغها ماو[..]/فكر ماوتسي-تونج، بجانب هذا الماويون الألمان يصرحون بأنهم يدعمون "الإشتراكية" التي تتناسب مع كل بلد بظروفه وقوانينه الخاصة، ويضيفون بأن حزب ماو "الشيوعي" الصيني قد طبق هذا المبدئ في نموذج يحتذي به فيقولون:

”وهذا ما قد نودي به في الأحزاب المستقلة والمستعدة والقادرة علي تطبيق الماركسية اللينينية وفق المنهج الجدلي للممارسة الثورية في بلدانهم ولكي يميزوا خطط وتكتيكات و قوانين وظروف بلدانهم، فكمثال يحتذي به كان الحزب الشيوعي الصيني تحت قيادة ماو تسي-تونج ؛فقد إستطاع الوصول لهذا“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

بالطبع فهم رجعيون وفاشيون إجتماعيون، فالماويون الألمان لم يفشلوا في تقديس نظرية "الإشتراكية الوطنية" والتي قد تم الدفاع عنها من قبل مختلف أنواع التحريفيين، فمنذ النظرية الغابرة المسماة بـ"الطريق اليوغزلافي للإشتراكية" الخاصة بتيتو والتي لم تقل في شهرتها عن "الإشتراكية الفرنسية" المصطنعة من قبل الشوفينيين الإجتماعيين للحزب "الشيوعي" الفرنسي بالطبع وعلي نفس هذه الخطي تمت صياغة "الإشتراكية بتشخيصات صينية" علي يد ماو، فكل هذه النظريات "الإختصاصية للإشتراكية ليست شيئاً أكثر من إنحرافات حمقاء تم إرتكابها لإخفاء الطبيعة البرجوازية المؤيد للرأسمالية لموجديها.

وكما أشرنا مسبقاً في الجزء الثاني من كتاب إعلان الحرب علي الماويين بالقول الآتي:

”فإن هذا ليتعلق عن كثب بالتحريفيين الصينيين وندائهم لما يسمي بـ"إشتراكية بتشخيصات صينية" ، وككافة التحريفيين الحاليين أيضاً يروجون لنشر ما يسمي بـ"الإشتراكية الصينية" ، أياً يكن فالرفيق ستالين والرفيق أنور خوجة قد أشارا لهذه الإختصاصات بأنها دائماً محدودة حد أشياء عديمة المنفعة وثانوية للتثقيف الإشتراكي، ولا يمكن أبداً و حتي أن تمتد لتشخيصاتها الهامة، لأن التثقيف الشيوعي والإشتراكي يجب بالطبع أن يتبع خطاً ثابتاً مطابقاً لتعاليم الكلاسيكيين الخمسة، أياً كان المكان الذي ستبني فيه الإشتراكية.“

«مصدر:إعلان الحرب علي الماويين،الجزء الثاني،الأممية الشيوعية (س-خ) بقلم ولڤ جانج إيجرز»

أخيراً فالماويون الألمان لم يترددوا قبل إصرارهم علي الأكاذيب القديمة حول النضال المزعوم المعادي للتحريفية والخاص بالحزب "الشيوعي" الصيني وعن الطبيعة الإشتراكية المزعومة لثورة ماو الثقافية فيقولون:

”بداءً بعام ١٩٦٣ فقد قاد الحزب الشيوعي الصيني هجوماً عنيفاً ضد الخيانة التحريفية، فالثورة الثقافية البروليتارية العظمي كانت إبداعاً وتطويراً لخطط وتكتيكات النضال الطبقي في الإشتراكية، حركة جماهيرية ناجحة لمعاداة خطر الفساد التحريفي في الحزب الشيوعي الصيني وإعادة الرأسمالية في الصين“

«مصدر:ICMLPO,نفس المصدر السابق بنفس التاريخ للنشرة الإخبارية الأممية»

في الأجزاء السابقة من إعلان الحرب علي الماويين بجزيئهما الأول والثاني قمنا مسبقاً بتحليل هذا الموضوع وحاولنا فضح النضال المزعوم المعادي للتحريفية لماو تسي-تونج كزيف تام وبالفعل كما كانت الحقيقة، فنحن لن نعاني مرة أخري مع هذه الإشكالية ونطلب بلطف من القُرَّاء الرجوع للجزئين الأولين من إعلان الحرب علي الماويين.

وبنسبة إلي إدعاءات الماويين الألمان ”فهذه الثورة الثقافية الماوية كانت مثالاً للنضال الطبقي في الإشتراكية وحركة جماهيرية ناجحة لمعاداة خطر الفساد التحريفي“ [...] نحن فقط سنعيد نداء كلمات الرفيق أنور خوجة:


”الثورة الثقافية البروليتارية العظمي لم تكن ثورة ثقافية، لقد كانت تهدف ضد المجتمع الذي دافع عنه ماركس ولينين، لقد كانت ثورة سياسية، ليست علي النهج الماركسي-اللينيني،ولكن ثورة فوضوية بدون برنامج و ضد الطبقة العاملة وحزبها، لأنه في الحقيقة تم تصفية الدور الرائد للطبقة العاملة والحزب نفسه.

فخلال هذه الثورة المشوشة والفوضوية، وبغض النظر عن الإصلاحات التي حدثت في الحزب قد تم الزعم بأنه قد "أُصلح"، وكم عدد الذين تم إقصائهم بعد كل هذه الإضطرابات وفترة إنعدام الثقة و إنعدام الأمان هذه؟ فقط من ثلاثة إلي أربعة بالمائة [!]

أياً كان فهذا المظهر لا يشير أبداً إلي أن الحزب «فاسد»، ولكن يوحي أن ماو وبعضاً من أتباعه ليس لديهم ثقة بالحزب، وما هي الإستفادات الأخري للثورة الثقافية؟ [...] لا شئ إطلاقاً !“

«مصدر:أنور خوجة، إنعكاسات علي الصين المجلد الثاني، تيرانا، ١٩٧٧، النسخة الإنجليزية»

بعد كل هذا نحن نعتقد بأنه لا إحتياج لتعليقات إضافية، فالطبيعة المؤيدة للرأسمالية والأقصي رجعية والفاشية الإجتماعية للـMLPD الماوي، مسبقاً و بشكل كامل تم التصديق والموافقة عليها.



عاشت الشيوعية! عاش الستالينيين-الخوجيين بنضالهم الدائم ضد حكم رأس المال وضد التحريفية بكافة أشكالها!
عاش الكومنترن (س–خ)!



The Court martial forces the Tersana Workers to leave their jobs before it says it judgement!




لينين - 10 مجلدات


المجلد 1

المجلد الأول:(من ١٨٩٤ إلي ١٩٠١)


المجلد 2

المجلد الثاني:(من ١٩٠٢ إلي ١٩٠٥)


المجلد 3

المجلد الثالث:(من ١٩٠٥ إلي ١٩١٢)


المجلد 4

المجلد الرابع:( أعمال عامي ١٩٠٨ و ١٩٠١٥)


المجلد 5

المجلد الخامس:(من ١٩١٢ إلي ١٩١٦)V5



المجلد 6

المجلد السادس:(من ١٩١٥ إلي ١٩١٧)V6


المجلد 7

المجلد السابع:(من ١٩١٧ إلي ١٩١٨) 



المجلد 8

المجلد الثامن:(من ١٩١٨ إلي ١٩١٩)



المجلد 9

المجلد التاسع:(من ١٩١٩ إلي ١٩٢٠)



المجلد 10

المجلد العاشر:من ١٩٢٠ إلي ١٩٢٣)





Comment on "Matin Rouge"


Socialist Group (S-H) in Egypt


To our Dear Comrades of the Comintern from The Next Socialist Group (S-H) in Egypt that's our Comment on what recently happend in Morocco We would like to thank our Comrades who completly destroyed and Unmasked the Matin Rouge revisionist scums who were playing the role of the Hoxhaists in morocco by their statement and we should say and admit that this statement should be translated to arabic and published everywhere, that considered a victory for the SH Movement in The middle east and in the Arab World, it's a necessary to stand under the teachings of the 5 Classics and under the true revoultionary direction of the socialist world revoultion under the lead of the Comintern (S-H), we are not shocked because of what happend because we saw alot of scums pretended to be just "Marxist-Leninists" taking it as a cover to do what they want without doubts and questions , so they appear as a " Revolutionaries ", and if you tried to stand against them they will just call you a "dogmatic", the opportunist social-fascists were always doing the same thing before we even foster the true bolchevik Line of Stalinit-Hoxhais Ideology that the Comintern declared , Dogs of Matin Rouge did the same when we started to ask them about the so-called "National-Democratic Revoultion" , even they ignored us and when they finally answerd they insulted us by their lame terms that the revisionists from every corner says just we are "Dogmatics", they think that they will win the argument against us by this term and their demagogical speech or even by the flag of the 5 classics ,THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO BEAT US! we know very well that what happend won't be the last thing we will meet in our fight against The Revisionism, this is just the start of Unmerciful and brutal fight against the dogs of the capitalist-imperialist who are in the communist world movement , especially here in the arab world!, we hope that we Always stand on the side of our true comrades gainst the fakers who trying to isolate us from the struggle and for the true goals we strive for ,HERE and everywhere! the struggle of the comintern will continue now and forever by the hands of the true neo-bolcheviks everywhere, the Existence of Capitalism in our world now means death for the humans, Capitalism can't continue under any banner or slogan, that's what exactly the revisionist scums wants to do;by defending it and the Bourgeoisie by calling it "progressive/national,Bullshit"! The socialist world revoultion will remain mighty under the Leadership of the Comintern (S-H) ! Morocco should find a true Stalinist-Hoxhaist Comrades who will lead and organize it working class and the poor farmers! Away from the Matin Rouge! Our Fight against revisionism in Egypt and in the Arab world will remain powerful by the help of the Comintern SH! For the World dictatorship of the Proletariat! For The Socialist Republic of Egypt! For A Socialist Arab World and for the victory of World Communism under the teachings of the 5 classics of MarxismLeninismStalinismHoxhaism and Under the leadership of Comintern (S-H)


عاشت الثورة العالمية الإشتراكية!

عاشت الستالينية الخوجية!

عاش الكومنترن (س-خ) !

عاش النضال ضد الرأسمالية و التحريفية في العالم العربي والعالم أجمع!



Statement of the Comintern (SH)
22 October 2017

Today, the Comintern (SH) has broken off her friendly relations with the group "Matin Rouge" ("Red Morning" - Morocco)

Today, the Comintern (SH) has broken off her friendly relations with the group "Matin Rouge" ("Red Morning" - Morocco)



Our tolerance to the mistakes of friendly organizations always ends at that time and wherever our comradely criticism is ignored, where fundamental mistakes are insisted, whereby our Stalinist-Hoxhaist principles are violated, on which our relationship and cooperation are based.

This is not a matter of some unimportant errors, but of principal deviations from the general-line of the Comintern (SH), namely, whether one recognizes or rejects Stalinism-Hoxhaism as a basis for cooperation with the Comintern (SH).


"Matin Rouge" rejects Stalinism-Hoxhaism

(Ideological criticism)

"Matin Rouge" rejects cooperation with the Comintern (SH) on the basis of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. And vice versa: the Comintern (SH) rejects the co-operation with "Matin Rouge" because it does not recognize Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

It is the indisputable right of "Matin Rouge" to make their own decisions without letting themselves be influenced by the Comintern (SH). They are free to decide for or against Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

But it is just as incontestable that the Comintern (SH), for its part, makes its own decisions without being influenced by "Matin Rouge" or other organizations.

We have the right to choose our friends ourselves or to quit the friendship with those we can no longer tolerate as friends because they left our common path to the socialist revolution.

We judge friends according to their attitude towards Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

This group, "Matin Rouge", denies the existence of Stalinism-Hoxhaism as the further development of Marxism-Leninism. With this they put themselves on the side of the neo-revisionists, who have denied Stalinism-Hoxhaism from the outset.The centrism of the Moroccan central organ "Matin Rouge" ("Red Morning") serves the adaptation of Stalinism-Hoxhaism to neo-revisionism.

"Matin Rouge" does not defend Stalinism-Hoxhaism against neo-revisionism, but takes a conciliatory attitude. Stalinism-Hoxhaism and Neo-revisionism are antagonistic, irreconcilable ideologies. The one is the proletarian ideology and the other is a bourgeois ideology.

Is it not totally clear that the Comintern (SH) breaks off the friendship with those organizations which want to reconcile Stalinism Hoxhaism with Neo-Revisionism?

How does the centrism of "Matin Rouge" appear? It appears hiddenly!

This group hides its centrism behind the veil of "anti-centrism".

In words, they are "anti-centrists" - in deeds they asre hidden centrists.

What is the ideological core of the centrism of the "Matin Rouge" group?

The centrism of the "Matin Rouge" group is that they "recognize" the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, however without recognizing the special ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

These centrists are so dangerous because they try to drive a wedge between Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Can the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism be acknowledged, without the acknowledgement of Stalinism-Hoxhaism as the further development of Marxism-Leninism? Of course, not.

Whoever is against Stalinism-Hoxhaism can not be for Marxism-Leninism, because the immanent principle of the further development of the proletarian ideology cannot be denied. The ideology of the impossibility of the further development of the proletarian ideology is a revisionist ideology of liquidationism.

Therefore, there can never be unity with the centrists. We need unity only with those organizations, who fight with us against neo-revisionists, and not with those who are conciliators of the neo-revisionists. And if friendly organizations are neither willing to practice self-criticism, nor to correct their anti-Stalinist-Hoxhaist positions, they are entirely responsible by themselves. The group "Matin Rouge" let us know that it is indifferent to them whether the Comintern (SH) agrees with the position of "Matin Rouge" or not. They have told us that they intend to continue their neo-revisionist course.

"With or without the Comintern (SH)" [!] - that is their answer.

In other words, the opinion of the Comintern (SH) is completely irrelevant to the group "Matin Rouge".

To "swear" to friendship with the Comintern (SH), but to collaborate with the enemies of the Comintern (SH) - what is it? It is a cheating at the Comintern (SH).

And what does the Comintern (SH) do with cheaters?

Cheaters who abuse the confidence of the Comintern (SH) can not hope for mercy.

We have never spared the centrists and will never spare them. We have always exposed the machinations of the centrists as what they are, as machinations against Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

These have been the ideological contradictions why the Comintern (SH) has decided to break off our friendly relations with "Matin Rouge".

This decision was not taken spontaneously, but is the result of the increasing negative experiences we have made with the wavering ideology of this Moroccan grouping. We were watchful from the very beginning. "Matin Rouge" must know: We are not hagglers on the Moroccan bazaar to barter away our principles!

* * *


What are the political reasons and concrete incidents why we separate from "Matin Rouge"?

(political criticism)

The straw to break the camel's back was their propagation of the anti-Stalinist-Hoxhaist slogan of the so called "National Democratic Revolution" ("Matin Rouge")

With its slogan of the "national democratic revolution", "Matin Rouge" plays the role as the "defender" of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Simultaneously, "Matin Rouge" considers the Comintern (SH) as a "falsifier" of the teachings of Enver Hoxha. In their opinion, we would want to "skip" the "preliminary stages" of the socialist revolution. For "Matin Rouge" this is a clear "proof" for our "sectarianism" and "dogmatism".

Who is right ?
"Matin Rouge" or the Comintern (SH)?

The Comintern (SH), which Enver Hoxha had raised up to the level of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism in the year 2000 and which defended him principled against the falsifications of his doctrine by the Neo-revisionists, does not doubt the correctness of the doctrine of Comrade Enver Hoxha.

"Matin Rouge" seems to have never heard of the fact that the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism have always been criticized as "dogmatists" and "sectarians". From whom comes this criticism? This criticism never came from the working class, but only from its opponents. It is always the revisionists who first attacked Marx and Engels, then Lenin and Stalin, and today Enver Hoxha as "dogmatists" and "sectarians". The one or the other of the five Classics of Marxism-Leninism was always accused as a "falsifier" and "deviator" of the teachings of the other Classics. Today, it is the neo-revisionists who insult the Stalinist-Hoxhaists as "sectarians" and "dogmatists", only because we fight for the purity of the proletarian ideology.

For decades, the neo-revisionists wanted nothing to do with comrade Enver Hoxha and tried to make his teachings forget. But what happened when the Comintern (SH) entered the stage of the communist world movement in the year 2000? Who has spread the doctrines of Enver Hoxha everywhere on this planet ? (by the way, also in the Arab countries!) The Neo-revisionists or the Comintern (SH)? And "Matin Rouge"? Have they translated and published works of Enver Hoxha? Not a single Arabic text! In this respect, they are not at all different from the Neo-revisionists! We have repeatedly demanded that the writings of Enver Hoxha are finally translated into the Arabic language. We did not only ask "Matin Rouge" but called for it in the entire Arab world. To this day we are falling on deaf ears. But sorry ! "Matin Rouge" has primarily to prepare the "national democratic revolution", and of course, they can not waste their valuable time with the production of Arabic writings of Enver Hoxha. Annoying translation work, by the way, is only shunned by the genuine dogmatists and sectarians. To pick up a few quotations of this or that page of books and to place them in front of the cart of their "national democratic revolution", this seems to be quite sufficient for "Matin Rouge". "Matin Rouge" is neither able nor willing to understand Hoxhaism as a science, namely to study it conscientiously according to the particular conditions of Morocco, for the purpose of its correct application. In our opinion, "Matin Rouge" studied the Comrade Enver Hoxha superficially. That is why they misunderstood and misapplied his teachings. The liberation of the Arab world is impossible if the doctrines of Comrade Enver Hoxha are not applied in a creative spirit, but only like a literalist (=literally). This is precisely how Hoxhaism must be masterfully studied and applied. Masterful application also involves anchoring Hoxhaism in the consciousness of the working class, and not just in one's own individual head.

The Comintern (SH) has taught all comrades throughout the Arab world that one can not defend Enver Hoxha if one refuses to spread his teachings in the Arab working class. Has "Matin Rouge" fulfilled this important task? No, because they were mainly concerned with students and not with the workers. But why should the Moroccan working class need the teachings of Enver Hoxha? "Matin Rouge" doesn't give a shit. It is sufficient if "Matin Rouge" uses this knowlegde for the privileged "leaders". "Matin Rouge" complains about illiteracy in Morocco. But they themselves are unable and unwilling to teach the Moroccan working class the ABC of Hoxhaism.

Simply to say that Enver Hoxha would have made only some sort of "contributions" to Marxism-Leninism is not the same as to acknowledge Enver Hoxha as the fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism. Only in words, "Matin Rouge" recognizes Comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, but in deeds they treat him like a "4½". Classic of Marxism-Leninism. And that is why "Matin Rouge" is just as neo-revisionist as their friends from the ICMLPO. We have taken up the fight against the representatives of the ideology of the 4½ Classics and thus have made our modest contribution to the struggle against the Neo revisionists. And of course, this is a thorn in the flesh of the Neo revisionists. So the Neo revisionists have no choice but to defend themselves against us.

How do they do that?

They try to beat us with our own weapons. However the bourgeoisie, by herself, is incapable of doing so. For this reason, the bourgeoisie needs the service of renegades and traitors such as the leaders of the ICMLPO. And the spearhead is "Matin Rouge" in Morocco. And as the spearhead the centrists of "Matin Rouge" are predestined in Morocco. "Matin Rouge" must pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the Neo-revisionists.

And so we have revealed the true intentions of "Matin Rouge". Now everyone knows what the slogan of the "national democratic revolution" means in truth. The Neo revisionists have "re-discovered" the teachings of Enver Hoxha, but only for one single purpose: they need the falsification of Enver Hoxha's teachings as a weapon against the Comintern (SH). With selling their falsifications, the Neo revisionists peddle around the world. In Africa, this task has been taken over by the CP Togo, who wants to meet with "Matin Rouge" for common action against the Comintern (SH) on 18 November. We have the proof: "Matin Rouge" collaborates openly with the Neo revisionists! The so-called "people's front" of the Neo-revisionists is not a front against the bourgeois parties, but with the bourgeois parties. It is in fact a neo-revisionist unified front against the Comintern (SH), which is forged there! In order to achieve this goal, "Matin Rouge" put on the mask of an "opponent of the Neo revisionists" to deceive the Comintern (SH). And in this deceptive way, "Matin Rouge" has wangled the Comintern (SH). In fact, "Matin Rouge" is more dangerous than all the other neo-revisionists because of their masquerade as an "anti-neo-revisionist" organization. But with their revelation about their "national democratic revolution" they have shown themselves openly as followers of the neo-revisionist camp.

The slogan of the "national-democratic revolution" is nothing other than the application of Dimitroff's "people's front-line" politics to the situation in the countries exploited and oppressed by the imperialists, such as Morocco. With this statement, we pulled down the mask of the Neo revisionists. Now the Moroccan working class, as well as the working class in many other countries of Africa and in the Arab world, finally learns the truth. The better the working class succeeds in distinguishing the true friends from false "friends", the better conditions it creates for the victory of the socialist revolution. Revealing the fraud of "Matin Rouge" is a victory against neo-revisionism. If "Matin Rouge" steps ever deeper into the neo-revisionist swamp, then this is entirely their own thing. We will neither follow them, nor pull them out of the swamp. Where will this neo-revisionist swamp end ? It ends exactly there, where the bourgeois independence movement in Africa ended, namely in the arms of world imperialism! The "national democratic revolution" has produced such fascists as Mobutu and consorts who have stifled the peoples of Africa in their blood, just as the blood of the Arab peoples has flowed and continues to flow. And so Maoism in Africa has led to the enslavement of the African peoples by Chinese imperialism. It was exactly comrade Enver Hoxha who was fighting against such mass murderers as Mobutu and Co who wagged with the banner of the national democratic revolution. Is it not high time that the Comintern (SH) separates from such false "friends" like "Matin Rouge"?

* * *

"Matin Rouge" has committed the grave mistake of transposing the historical conditions at the time of Enver Hoxha, dogmatically and unmodified to today's situation, which has undoubtedly changed.

Can a Marxist-Leninist ignore the historical changes of the objective factor of revolution? We believe that this is not Marxist-Leninist, but dogmatic.

"Matin Rouge" made the mistake of equating the situation in Albania and the situation in Morocco uncritically. Can a Marxist-Leninist ignore the peculiarities of the revolution in his own country? We believe that this is not Marxist-Leninist, but dogmatic.

"Matin Rouge" has not noticed that the teachings of Enver Hoxha were valid under the conditions over 70 years ago, while we are living today in the age of globalization. Insisting on the teachings of Enver Hoxha about the national democratic revolution under today's conditions of globalized capitalism is nothing but their misuse. And misuse of his teachings is a betrayal at Enver Hoxha !

What is the significance of these changes of the objective situation for the revolution in Morocco?

Meanwhile, world imperialism has transformed all the countries of the world into capitalist countries. More than that. South Africa became a BRICS country, thus its character became imperialistic (!) Imperialism means highest (and final!!!) stage of capitalism. Capitalism begins to decay in Africa, and "Matin Rouge" wants to prolong its existence by means of the "national-democratic revolution (?!) Comrade Enver Hoxha, 70 years ago, could not foresee such an economical development in Africa. He cannot be blamed for "Matin Rouge" who refuse to open up their eyes to see what happens in their own country !

As a matter of fact, the profit of the capitalists is squeezed out of the surplus labor of the working class. Thus the working class in Africa formed an inexhaustible reservoir of cheap labor. There are no longer only mineral deposits being robbed, but foreign factories have been built all over Africa and the most modern agricultural production facilities have been set up in Africa. After 70 years, Africa has developed into a capitalist continent - equipped with modern infrastructure and the latest technology.

This has resulted in a completely new African working class, a class created by world imperialism, a new gigantic African army of gravediggers of capitalism. However, "Matin Rouge" want to misuse this army of gravediggers of capitalism for the purpose of the "national-democratic revolution" ! Today, all these new economic achievements are available for the construction of socialism, which did not exist in times of Enver Hoxha. It is world imperialism that has created the objective conditions of building up socialism in Africa. Everything that is necessary in objective conditions for the construction of socialism in Africa has already been sufficiently created by globalization. Africa is ripe for the socialist revolution however "Matin Rouge" wants to go back to the "national-democratic revolution" (!)

Morocco is ripe for the socialist revolution, and we are propagating it on our Moroccan website from the very beginning. The group "Matin Rouge", however, does not want to know anything about the direct path to socialism, and wants first settle down on comfortable intermediate stage between capitalism and socialism. And this has nothing to do with Leninism but much to do with revisionism. What is friendship worth if the group "Matin Rouge" simultaneously advocates Comintern(SH)'s direct way to socialism by the socialist revolution and the intermediate stage of the "national democratic revolution"? Both these ways to socialism are mutually exclusive. However, the group "Matin Rouge" would like to go with its petty-bourgeois foot on the road of the "National Democratic Revolution" and go with its proletarian foot on the direct road of the socialist revolution. This acrobatics cannot break "Matin Rouge"'s fall. This balancing act means nothing but the failure of centrism on the field of politics. Either a petty-bourgeois way or a proletarian way - there is no intermediate way.

* * *

The Comintern (SH) teaches:

Morocco is a country in which the capitalist class society dominates.The main contradiction in this country is that between capital and labor. In Morocco the capital determines the life of the country. Capitalism is the dominant driving force of the development of the economical basis. The bourgeoisie is the dominating class. The contradiction between labor and capital can not be solved by the "national democratic revolution," but only by the armed socialist revolution. The socialist revolution is now on the agenda of the Moroccan working class (see our article: "What is the significance of the Moroccan revolution for the socialist world revolution?").

This corresponds to the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and the general line of the Comintern (SH).

Their economic justification for the "national democratic revolution" is this: "Morocco is not yet a developed country because the productive forces are not enough developed for the transition to socialism". This sentence is a literal copy of Kautsky. This is pure economism, and Lenin has excellently debunked economism.

The construction of socialism in Morocco could begin immediately, namely as soon as the Moroccan proletariat has established the dictatorship of the proletariat. Anyone who wants to fight for socialism in Morocco must fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat directly, in order to seize and socialize the means of production.

This is only possible with the socialist revolution, but not with the "national democratic revolution", in which the means of production are left untouched in the hands of the ruling classes, while the class society of capitalism will continue to exist. The Moroccan proletariat will therefore choose the direct way to socialism and not the wrong way of the revisionist "intermediate-stage-theory".

* * *

"Matin Rouge" of all, propagates the "national democratic revolution" on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. This is a mockery! This is a provocation not only against the world proletariat, but also against the Moroccan working class. In words for the October Revolution, in deeds for the bourgeois national-democratic revolution. This is the position of the "People's front" of the neo-revisionists, but not of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist position of the armed proletarian revolution. “Matin Rouge” goes the path of Dimitrov's betrayal of the October revolution ! What we wrote in: "100 years of betrayal at the October Revolution" (chapter on the betrayal of Dimitrov), also applies to "Matin Rouge". "Matin Rouge" has sold the October revolution on the Moroccan bazaar for the ridiculously low price of the “national democratic revolution”. A bad deal for the Moroccan working class. Only the petty bourgeoisie is capable to such a deceptive business. It is the Moroccan petty bourgeoisie, which believes that its existence as a class is preserved by selling the proletariat to the bourgeoisie. But it is a fallacy of the petty bourgeoisie to believe that it can maintain its existence as a class by means of a betrayal at the proletariat. This class has no future, either in Morocco or elsewhere in the world. The petty bourgeoisie is a class condemned to dying.

What is the attitude of "Matin Rouge" to the neo-revisionists of ICMLPO?

As centrists that they are, they want to be good friends of both the ICMLPO and the Comintern (SH). We, however, renounce those "friends" who are the friends of our enemies.

A few years ago, we criticized the fact that they have made propaganda for the Brazilian party of ICMLPO.

And today ? To this day nothing has changed.

Today, "Matin Rouge" collaborates with the CP Togo (affiliated with ICMLPO). The CP Togo has not distanced itself from the ICMLPO until today. No self-criticism has been published. "Matin Rouge" considers the CP Togo to be the "only party in Africa based on the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism" [!], although the CP Togo belongs to the neo-revisionist ICMLPO.[!].

ICMLPO = “Marxist-Leninist” - that is the unadorned truth of “Matin Rouge”. On the website of the CP Togo, our 5 heads of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism can be seen. So, "Matin Rouge" holds the CP Togo therefore for "Marxist-Leninist" just because of a picture that, besides, the CP Togo has stolen from the Comintern (SH).

In the conciliatory attitude towards the CP Togo, the centrism of "Matin Rouge" reappears. The five heads of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism are misused to degenerate them into a collection symbol of various ideological trends. "Matin Rouge" has the impertinence to unite various organizations, including the ICMLPO and the Comintern (SH) under the umbrella of the 5 Classics! This counterrevolutionary act is an attack on the proletarian ideology, on the world proletariat and the Comintern (SH). The 5 heads of Marxism-Leninism belong to the Comintern (SH), belong to us Stalinist-Hoxhaists! And to no one else! "Matin Rouge" are counterrevolutionaries, because they have betrayed the Comintern (SH), which in 2000 created the 5 heads of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism itself - last not least, as a symbol of the struggle against neo-revisionism. Neo-revisionism is the main danger in today's world communist world movement! And reconciliation with the neo-revisionists is betrayal against Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha ! "Matin Rouge" are traitors of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, and as such they have to be combated by the Stalinist-Hoxhaists !

The CP Togo is not the only party in the world that has stolen the Comintern (SH) logo. Nothing else can be expected from the enemies of the Comintern (SH). But also from our friends?

"Matin Rouge" has used the party logo of the Comintern (SH) without our permission as a logo for their facebook page, without asking permission from the Comintern (SH). The logo of the World Party can be used only by the Sections of the Comintern (SH) - by no one else. Because of the protest of the Comintern (SH) "Matin Rouge" was forced to delete our logo from their facebook-site.

Another example of the falsification of the five heads of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

"Matin Rouge" has placed (in one of their logos) the 5 Classics in the same row with some Moroccan leaders. We have also criticized this as an impermissible depreciation of the doctrines of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism. "Matin Rouge" doesn't give a damn !. They use this picture of vilification of the 5 heads in the public - in spite of our criticism . "Matin Rouge" takes the view: "Everyone has the freedom to do what he/she wants with the 5 heads of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism!"

And the origin of the name "Matin Rouge"? They have stolen this name ! It is the plagiarize name of the Central organ ("ROTER MORGEN") of our party , the KPD / ML of Ernst Aust ! Under the name of our Central organ, they sell their opportunism and so pollute the revolutionary spirit of our party. In Germany, we call this: "to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes!"

The thieves of "Matin Rouge" pose before the working class as something they are really not, honest communists!

However, this is not the end of the list of their crimes. "Matin Rouge" does not only misuse our names. They also abuse the publications of the Comintern (SH) to conceal their neo-revisionist course behind them.

This is particularly evident in the way "Matin Rouge" has manipulated our text: "What is the significance of the Moroccan revolution for the socialist world revolution?" "Matin Rouge" does not agree with the text of the Comintern (SH) - ok. Why does "Matin Rouge" not criticize the Comintern (SH)? Why did they not want to discuss on their disagreements with us? They did not do that. What did they do instead? They selected a few paragraphs from the text, which suited politically to them. And they deleted all those paragraphs (nearly the complete text!) which did not suit their opportunist line.

What a shameful attitude towards friends!

Despite frequent questions, we have not received an answer as to why the article of the Comintern (SH) has been translated and published neither in Arabic nor in French. For whom has the Comintern (SH) written the article? For the Moroccan proletariat. But "Matin Rouge" apparently does not want our article to be read by the Moroccan proletariat. This is not a nice way of cooperation with the Comintern (SH). We only feel contempt for this, especially since our founder and leader of the Comintern (SH) wrote this article for you at your request. "Matin Rouge" has misused our friendship, and we do not let them escape unscathed! They have to pay for their crimes ! And here is another "mystery":

"Matin Rouge" has never told us details why there have been internal organizational disputes.

We have often asked about their assessment of the class struggle in Morocco, too. But "Matin Rouge" has left us in the dark. Why should we not know (as their friends) anything about all this?



"Matin Rouge" and their opportunism in the organizational question.

(organizational criticism)

The prerequisite of victory of socialism are not only the objective factor, but also the subjective factor, especially the communist party. The group "Matin Rouge" is not a Bolshevik party. "Matin Rouge" wants to restore an obsolete national type of communist parties in Africa, which has become useless under today's conditions of the globalized world.

Today, the globalized rule of world imperialism can only be overthrown by the socialist world revolution, led by the globalized unification of the proletarians of all countries (including Morocco) in a Communist International, the highest form of the class organization of the world proletariat.

Today the world proletariat needs the Section of a world party in every country without exception. „Matin Rouge“ knows all this but in spite - created their own party independent from the world party.

Today, Morocco does not need a national party for leading a "national democratic revolution". In the contrary, it is about creating an international army of the world proletariat. To this end, the Stalinist Hoxhaists in Morocco have to make their internationalist contribution by starting to build up the Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH) instead of founding a party in opposition to the world party. Only the Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH), under the leadership of the Comintern (SH), is capable of leading the Moroccan proletariat to the victory of the socialist revolution, and no one else, not even "Matin Rouge".

"Matin Rouge" is an organization that has never had the aim to establish the Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH). "Matin Rouge" turned out to be a nationalist petty-bourgeois organization which has tried to thwart that the Comintern (SH) "enters Moroccan soil."

With their selfwilled foundation, "Matin Rouge" has made it clear to us that a Section of the Comintern (SH) in Morocco is undesirable.

They prefer the titoist way of the "specifically national road to socialism", because Matin Rouge does not need a Communist International to implement its "national democratic revolution". They do not need a Section of the Bolshevik, proletarian world party that leads the Moroccan proletariat to the socialist revolution.

"Matin Rouge" swears black and blue that they are "anti-Maoists". Is that true? No, it isn't.

In reality, they act no different than Mao. Mao said, "The Comintern, what do they care about our Chinese revolution? The Comintern is detrimental to our national-democratic revolution. They have no right to interfere with our internal affairs from outside. "

Is there any propaganda or even revolutionary actions of "Matin Rouge" against the Chinese imperialists on Moroccan soil? No, it never happened. Precious "anti-Maoists"!

In their "national democratic revolution" capitalism remains unaffected, and thus Matin Rouge tolerates the legalization of the imperialist exploitation of Morocco. They do not want to learn from the history of the Maoist invasion into Africa! They ignore the fact that the liberation from imperialist enslavement of Morocco can only be guaranteed by the socialist world revolution which cannot be led by Matin Rouge", but only by the Comintern (SH).

And what does all this has to do with proletarian internationalism? Nothing.

The proletarian internationalism which the Comintern (SH) has indeed proved for Morocco has been misused by "Matin Rouge" only for their selfish, egositic interests.

We always worked only for them, but they did not want to do anything for the Comintern (SH). A "terrific" proletarian internationalism is this, indeed! This is precisely a "proletarian internationalism", which is just according the taste of the petty-bourgeoisie: putting the internationalist proletariat in front of the cart of narrow-minded nationalism.

The workers of every country realize that their victory is possible only through their unification in a proletarian world organization. It is only the petty-bourgeois intellectuals who do not want to understand this because they are worried about the loss of their nationalist leadership.

Petty-bourgeois intellectuals refuse to march in unison with the world organization of the world proletariat. In contrats, the proletariat joins selflessly and without problems the ranks of the proletarian world army. To this disciplined proletarian attitude, petty-bourgeois intellectuals are not capable because of their intermediate class position of wavering between the decisive classes of the society, namely the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The essence of the petty bourgeoisie is to break ranks and step out of line. Thus, "Matin Rouge" oscillates between Comintern (SH) and the Neo revisionists, without being able to decide for one side or the other. They can not possibly subordinate themselves to the proletariat, and that is the reason why they violate the hegemony of the proletariat at all fronts of the class struggle. Their petty-bourgeois consciousness, this is the class root for their centrism. The centrism secures "Matin Rouge" the freedom to bind itself to nothing and no one and to defy everything and everyone. Their opportunism allows them any non-bindingness of decisions. They are everywhere and nowhere. They do not only fera the power of the bourgeoisie but also the power of the proletariat.

The centrism of "Matin Rouge" corresponds to the intermediate position of the petty-bourgeoisie which runs between the class fronts. That is why their centrism is condemned to be squashed between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie - sooner or later. That is the unavoidable fate of "Matin Rouge".

For "Matin Rouge" the student movement is the "leading revolutionary subject" and not the working class in the alliance with the poor peasants.

"Matin Rouge" follows the tail of the movement, instead of leading the movement (at least ideologically in the beginning). It is the fate of the student movement (which is not an independent class-movement campared with the proletarian class movement!) to end in the arms of the bourgeois camp, if the working class does not have the leadership in the class struggle, if the student movement does not support the workers's class-movement.

The workers' movement will continue to evolve despite defeats, even if the student movement has long since been dissolved. The working class is the leading force without which the socialist revolution and the construction of socialism are impossible. Without the dictatorship of the proletariat, all the achievements of the people's liberation struggle cannot be guaranteed. Every revolution in Morocco has meant that the old exploiting class has been replaced by a new exploiting class. The proletarian revolution is the only revolution in Morocco that will abolish the entire class society and make its restoration impossible.
Only communism offers the Moroccan people a happy future in a classless society.


What will happen after the separation from the group "Matin Rouge"?

(Outlook into the future)

Will the Comintern (SH) continue to support the Moroccan proletariat solidly in the fight for the socialist revolution? Yes, namely unconditionally. The Comintern (SH) remains on the side of the Moroccan proletariat in internationalist solidarity.

Will the Comintern (SH) continue to support the student movement in Morocco? Yes, but this depends on the student movement itself, if it supports the struggle working class not only in words but also in deeds.

We stand by our word. We do not leave in the lurch the true revolutionaries in Morocco and in any other country.

"Matin Rouge" will continue to try to exert its petty-bourgeois influence on the working class in Morocco. We can only give our solidarity support from the outside. It is by itself that the Moroccan working class frees itself from the influence of petty bourgeois ideology, led by the Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH). This also applies to the proletariat of all other countries.

It is a common proletarian task of class struggle which is led by the Comintern (SH) on a world scale.
The purification of anti-Communist elements from our international revolutionary ranks is inevitable in the global class struggle and imperative for the socialist world revolution.

The separation of false "friends" in Morocco is not our first separation and will not be the last separation either. In our 50 years of struggle, there have been many separations without which we would no longer exist today. A Bolshevik party does not deserve its name if it does not have the courage and the strength to expell the opportunists. We will never hesitate to beat the opportunist on the head. Opportunists get what they deserve!

The separation of false "friends" is good for the revolution and not bad.

Through the separation of false "friends", the awareness of the working class is sharpened; the development of the revolution is strengthened and not weakened.

The purification of foreign class-elements is a developmental principle of the protection of the proletarian class movement. We develop the proletarian ideology especially in the class struggle against foreign class-elements.

Our separation from "Matin Rouge" is thus a valuable lesson for the Moroccan working class and the Moroccan revolution. But also in general, for all countries.

One must always and everywhere be vigilant and not be deceived by words. Revisionism, which is wrapped in beautiful "Stalinist-Hoxhaist" gift paper, remains revisionism.

The working class must not be deceived by words, but must assess the revolutionaries according to their revolutionary deeds. The proletarian class consciousness develops only on a higher level, if, first, the proletarian ideology is in accordance with reality and, second, if it is correctly applied in revolutionary practice.

We are optimistic about the future of the revolution in Morocco because we believe in the victory of the working class, which will inevitably come - despite all obstacles, despite all false “friends”. For us, separation is an obstacle on the road to the socialist revolution that we have cleared out of the way.

This is an act of proletarian internationalism with which we express our unshakable confidence in the Moroccan working class and true Morrocan revolutionaries..

What would happen to the Moroccan revolution if remains misled by their traitors? If the Moroccan people want to free themselves, it has to chase their wrong "friends" to the devil. Of course, the Moroccan working class will not blame us for the separation of "Matin Rouge". On the contrary, the Moroccan workers will appreciate that we have separated from false "friends".

The revolution cleans itself.

Every revolution goes through a cleansing process from beginning to end. Thus also the revolution in Morocco does.

First, the revolution begins to grow through the protesting masses. At the beginning of the revolution there are many "friends" among the masses. But the revolution continues to evolve by throwing overboard one opportunist after another who tries to stop or mislead it. Liberated from opportunist illusions, the revolutionary consciousness of the masses will rise faster and faster.

At the end of this process, the revolution has become mature and such a driving force that it is strong enough to involve those social forces who do not betray the revolution on its way to victory. The victory of the revolution is impossible without its own conscious purification process.

The separation of "Matin Rouge" is part of the cleaning process of the Moroccan revolution. With this separation in Morocco, a process is taking place in which the revolutionary proletarian movement frees itself from petty bourgeois influence. The Moroccan revolution of 2011 thus achieves a higher quality. When the Moroccan working class was at the margins of other active forces in the year 2011, then the working class will find the way to the leadership of the Moroccan revolution in ever new learning processes, turning it into a proletarian revolution.

The victory of the socialist revolution in Morocco is inevitable. But to win, the Moroccan working class needs its leadership, the Moroccan section of the Comintern (SH).

We call on all the revolutionary workers in Morocco: Contact the Comintern (SH)! We will help you build the Moroccan Section - also against the resistance of "Matin Rouge"!

Forward to the socialist revolution in Morocco!

Forwardto the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Morocco!

Long live socialist Morocco in a socialist world!

Forward with the construction of the Moroccan section of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the socialist world revolution and the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


Decision of the Comintern (SH)

22nd of October 2017






منظمة الصباح الاحمر المغرب يا جماهير شعبنا :

يخوض النظام الرجعي المغربي الجاثم على صدور شعبنا المناضل , بالحديد والنار واجهزة العسكر والبوليس الفاشيين السرية والعلنية , حربا اجرامية متواصلة ضد نضالات الجماهير الشعبية الكادحة اتخدت من القمع البوليسي المباشر والاعتقالات الممنهجة والعشوائية والتي لم يسلم منها الشيوخ والاطفال النساء والرجال اسلوبا وحيدا فيمواجهة المطالب المحقة لفئات وطبقات شعبنا الكادحة بجميع المدن والمناطق والقرى والمراكز الحضرية . بزاكورة الصامدة ارتكب النظام الفاشي الرجعي مجزرة رهيبة في حق اهلنا وجماهيرنا التي خرجت للمطالبة بشربة ماء لارواء العطش واطعمت بالهراواة والعصي وخراطيم المياه الملوثة والرصاص المطاطي والزج بخيرة شبابها باقبية السجون العفنة وتقديمهم للمحاكم الرجعية الصورية . بالريف الشامخ يستمر النظام واجهزته الفاشية القمعية في احكام الحصار العسكري الخانق على المنطقة وتقطيع اوصالها عبر حواجز الموت والاعتقال على غرار نظام الفصل الاستعماري العنصري الصهيوني , وتشديد القبضة الامنية القمعية بالقرى والمراكز والمدن لقمع اي حركة مقاومة ومواجهة لسياسة القمع الدموية الرهيبة التي حصدت الى حد الان اكثر من 500 معتقل سياسي من شباب واطفال الريف وقادة الاحتجاجات الشعبية الجماهيرية . بطنجة المدينة العمالية الصاعدة يستمر القمع المباشر وحصار اعتصامات الطبقة العاملة وقمع اضراباتها البطولية في مواجهة سياسة التسريح الفردي والجماعي للعمال وقمع الحريات النقابية وتشديد الاستغلال البشع لقوة العمل من طرف البورجوازية المغربية والاحتكارية العالمية . باميضار يستمر الزحف ومصادرة اراضي فلاحينا من طرف الاخطبوط المالي الاقتصادي للكومبرادور وتستمر مقاومة الجماهير الفلاحية باطول اعتصام في تاريخ المغرب . يا جماهير شعبنا الكادحة : بقلب زنازن سجون النظام اللاوطني اللاديمقراطي اللاشعبي الممتدة من وجدة مرورا بالحسيمة الناضور كرسيف تازة فاس مكناس تاونات القنيطرة البيضاء مراكش بني ملال تزنيت اكادير والعيون ...يستمر حصار وقتل المعتقلين السياسيين من مناضلي الحركة الطلابية المغربية وانتفاضة الريف انتفاضة العطش بزاكورة ... وتستمر مقاومة المعتقلين السياسيين اسرى الحرية والانعتاق للنظام وسياسته الفاشية عبر معارك الاضراب عن الطعام التي تجاوزت الشهر بكثير بعكاشة بالبيضاء . ايها الشباب الثوري : يا احفاد عبد الكريم الخطابي ـ عبد اللطيف زروال جبيهة رحال عبد الله الحداوي وابناء جميع شهداء التحرر والانعتاق يا ورثة الشهداء وحافظوا الامانة والرسالة .. ان قمع النظام الرجعي لنضالات شعبنا وجماهيرنا تكشف عن افلاسه التام وعجزه عن عن النجاح في استمرار تنويم وتضليل جماهير الشعب بسياسته الاحسانية والمسكنة وخطاباته الديماغوجية ...وان القمع والاعتقال والتقتييل البطيئ هو دليل ضعف ووهن .. & لنضاعف كفاحنا بمناطق تواجدنا وعملنا بتعبئة الجماهير وتوعيتها بالاوضاع المازومة وشرح اسبابها العميقة المرتبطة بنظام الراسمالية التبعية الاستغلالية السائد ببلادنا . & لنكثف حملات التشهير بجرائم النظام الرجعي في حق جماهير شعبنا ووطننا . & لنجعل من الاسوار والحيطان ولوحات اشهار اعلاناته وبضائعه فضاءات للتعبير عن رفض شعبنا لاستمرار نظام القهر والقمع والاستغلال الطبقي .ونحولها الى اذاعات متنقلة وقنوات اعلام متحركة معبرة عن مطامح ومصالح شعبنا المناضل ( كتابة الشعارات والمطالب ) . & لنعزز صلاتنا وعلاقاتنا بجماهير شعبنا الكادحة وبعمالنا بكل مواقع الانتاج والسكن للرفع من وعيها باوضاعها ومصالحها الطبقية العليا والانية وتصويب وعيها ورؤيتها . & لنبني تنظيماتنا القوية الصلبة فكريا وسياسيا وتنظيميا وتنظيم عملية تثقيف جماعي وفردي ونشر الادب الثوري والفكر الماركسي ـ اللينيني " لا قوة لنا ولا سلاح لنا في المواجهة الا التنظيم والتكوين المعمق والصلب " . & التشهير ... التحريض ... التعبئة ... التاطير ... الفضح .. ذلك هو شغلنا وعملنا اليومي وسلاحنا الامضى في مواجهة النظام الرجعي واجهزته الفاشية القمعية . يسقط نظام الرجعية اللاوطني اللاديمقراطي اللاشعبي الحياة لجمهورية مجالس العمال والفلاحين بالمغرب عاشت الثورة الوطنية الديمقراطية الشعبية عاشت منظمة الصباح الاحمر بالمغرب . منظمة الصباح الاحمر






Down with Maoism !

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

complete book:

"Declaration of War on Maoists"

(all Parts - I, II, III and IV)

Decision of the Communist International






Concerning the Arab peoples Comrade Enver Hoxha had foreseen:

„However, we are witnesses to the fact that the flow of events in the Middle East is not going in the way that the imperialists, the social-imperialists and world reaction desire. The Arab peoples of this great oil-bearing zone have awoken, have risen and are boldly demanding to take their fate into their own hands. In many Arab countries a just
struggle is being waged against all types of imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism and their economic-political and military potentates. This is a positive development which all should support, because it represents revolutionary progress, the future, and responds to the interests and desires of peoples who are aware of their oppression, who live in poverty and ignorance, even though the countries in which they live were the cradle of a brilliant civilization and contain great wealth which, if it were not plundered by
foreigners, could bring them well-being, longer life, and the capacity to defend themselves against their savage enemies.
When this resolute and just struggle of the Arab peoples against world imperialism and its local tools and lackeys, this mounting revolution, frees itself from the negative aspects of the religion which is still clinging to dominant positions, which plays an inhibiting role and frequently incites wars between Shia, Sunni and other factions, then it will certainly end with the victory of the Arab peoples more than a hundred million strong, and will mark a new stage and a new page in the history of mankind.
(Enver Hoxha , "Reflections on the Middle East," Page 506 - 507).

"Under the current severe circumstances, only the popular uprisings in the Arab countries works wonders."

"I like and I respect the Arab people, because they are progressive minded, freedom loving and combative." (Enver Hoxha)

In the contrary, Mao invited the reactionary leaders of the Arab world to visit him in Beijing, because they were useful for China's social imperialist ambitions. China did never support the popular revolutions in the Arab world but supported the Arab (and Israeli!) Counter-revolution (IE. China supplied both Iran and Israel with weapons). As everywhere in the world it belongs to the Chinese strategy to provoke wars in order to earn blood-money and to take advantage from weakening its rivals on the world market.
Concerning today's revolution in Egypt, the Chinese social-imperialists speak openly about "lawlessness" and chaos "and parrot the words of the imperialist’s blooddog Mubarak: "Me or the chaos ".
The Chinese leaders fear revolution in their own social-fascist country. The Maoists are anxious about the Marxist-Leninist, anti-Maoist socialist revolution in China and all over the world. And this anxiety is absolutely justified. The victory of the Chinese socialist revolution is impossible without destroying the myth of Mao Zedong.
China supplied the North African counterrevolution with weapons - to suppress the peoples revolution (for over 20 years) - (at first only in exchange for oil and gas).
Today, China has already broad impact on the entire North African economies. China possesses own mining rights, oil- and gas drilling rights, production-facilities and own representatives of commerce in North Africa. China is today, for example, monopolistic oil producer - exporter and importer of Sudan. This oil is soaked with blood of the Sudanese civil war. The Chinese social imperialists hold their hands protectively on the
corrupt, reactionary Sudanese bourgeoisie. But the Sudan is no exception: China imports the bulk of its oil from the "trouble spots of the world", strengthens there the bourgeoisie, which oppresses the working class and other working people. Hiding behind the label of a „Third-World-Country“ (to inspire the peoples with trust), Mao
Zedong paved the way to a neo-colonial super power, on which the fetidness of the old
colonialists of the imperialist world does not stick.
China can less and less uphold its tactical restraint out of respect towards the relations with the U.S.A. In late January 2011, at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), representatives of the Chinese leaders predicted the "End of the Western World domination". China's social-imperialism rears its ugly head and this means:
increasing its aggressive, war-mongering character. „The East-Wind shall dominate the
West-Wind!“ - This is the old imperialist slogan of Mao Zedong, and it is, in first line, directed against proletarian internationalism.

In some respect the Chinese prediction may be right, but there they're mistaken if they believe in their own world domination. The times have gone when the one imperialist powers replaced each other. Time has come when the world proletariat shall remove the unavoidability of re-newed world imperialism. It is rather the world proletariat which opens the new epoch of its proletarian world domination - namely on the ruins of any kind of imperialist world power. The revolutionary upheavals in the Arab world will inevitably revolutionize the whole world. The Arab revolution is the prelude to the socialist world revolution. And this will be anything else but a happy start for China's world power. For us Stalinist Hoxhaists it is undeniable that the coming world revolution will have a deep meaning for the future of the world. It will be a proletarian-oriented, will be a socialist revolution. The world proletarian revolution is unstoppable. Its momentum will be speed up by the peoples' revolutions in the Arab world. The peoples' revolutions in the Arab countries announce not only the liberation of the world's imperialist
enslavement of peoples. This is only the beginning! The proletarian slogan is: arming of the proletariat with the purpose: to defeat, to expropriate and to disarm the bourgeoisie.
This is the slogan which we propagate not only in Arab countries, but on a global scale.
The victory of the proletariat, socialism on a global scale is unavoidable.
We know all too well that the contradictions between the U.S. and China shall more and more increase and inevitably break out. This is good and not bad for the acceleration of the world revolutionary process. And we have to use these contradictions in a revolutionary way. China lost between 2000 and 2009 = 2.18 trillion U.S. dollars through illegal financial transactions and is therefore at first place on the black list.
The greedy clutches of Chinese social-imperialism follow Maoist pragmatism - subordinated under the capitalist law of making maximum of profits. We know that pragmatism is the ideology of imperialism, with which the U.S.A. once had conquered their world domination. This strategy of Chinese pragmatism is even more clever than
the American one – last not least - a feature of the Mao Zedong – Ideas – masked behind „Marxist-Leninist“ phraseology.
The “maintenance” of world capitalism is impossible without imperialist wars.
Without the forcible redistribution of colonies etc., the new imperialist powers - including China - do not get those privileges which the older imperialist powers - enjoy ( IE. U.S.A. and Europe). Whether social-imperialism or imperialism - both mean predatory wars. The danger of a new World War is real. And nobody shall doubt about the fact, that the U.S.A. and China will not play the role of angels of peace. Whether imperialist World War or antiimperialist World-Civil-War - both means the end of the era of world imperialism and the
beginning of world socialism.
"The social revolution can come only in the form of an epoch in which are combined civil war by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie in the advanced countries and a whole series of democratic and revolutionary movements, including the national
liberation movement, in the undeveloped, backward and oppressed nations“ (Lenin, Volume 23, page 60, English edition).
The Arab peoples will overcome their splits, because they learn by own experiences: who is their friend and who is their enemy ? They will unmask not only the"help" of American and European imperialists, but also the "support" of other imperialists - including the "solidarity" of the Chinese social-imperialists.
Any profiteering with the reactionary bloodsuckers of the North African countries and the Near and Middle East - as in any other countries, too - harms the interests of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples.
We Stalinist-Hoxhaists assess Maoists not according to their words, but according to their deeds, according to their backer who provides them material support for their propaganda. Those who fight for the socialist world revolution cannot go with imperialists and their lackeys. Those who fight against the class-enemies cannot go with
the "Fifth Column" of world imperialism, cannot go with Maoist organizations - paid by Chinese money - squeezed out of the working class and the poor masses. And that's why the socialist Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha refused to be forced into the „Fifth Column“ of Chinese social-imperialism.
Take for example the recent statement of the Maoist "ICOR", from 23 January, 2011: "To the popular uprising in Tunisia".
It is indeed much talk of the "democratic rights", but nothing about the duty of the Communists, to propagate the struggle against revisionist and social-democratic influence within this revolutionary democratic movement. An appeal to the workers' world movement and to the communist world movement - to support the liberation struggle of the Arab world in the spirit of the socialist world revolution - is missing.
Concealment of the beginning of the world revolution; concealment of the necessary
transition of the democratic revolution to socialist revolution and concealment of further advancement of the struggle of the Arab proletariat towards socialism. In Tunisia, there is prevailing capitalism, there is the fundamental contradiction between labor and capital.
This means inevitably: The workers and peasants meet their historic mission by smashing the capitalist state, eliminating the private ownership of the means of production, expelling all sorts of imperialists from their country, expropriating foreign capitalists without compensation, founding a Stalinist-Hoxhaist party, which leads the armed class struggle and fights for the dictatorship of the proletariat. However, the Maoists keep totally silence on these Marxist-Leninist demands. Democratic demands are necessary for the relief and ripening of the process of the ongoing revolution, but Lenin teaches that with democracy, alone, the class-society cannot be removed. The proletariat must establish its class-dictatorship. We will never replace our revolutionarywork by reformism and revisionism. We have the power to direct the democratic struggle in the direction of the socialist struggle. We combine the struggle for democratic liberties
of the people with the arming of the proletariat for the overthrow of capitalism.

* * *


In the Maoist proclamation of the "ICOR" for the Tunisian people, the needed strengthening of the proletarian internationalism is also missing. The unification of the world proletariat and the liberation struggle of the Tunisian people, and with all the oppressed Arab peoples, is needed for the further development of the world-socialist
revolution. Otherwise the liberation of the Arab peoples from the yoke of world imperialism is totally impossible. All this is missing, but the ICOR calls itself:
"International Conference of Revolutionary parties and organizations." Traitors - all along the line !

Enver Hoxha wrote on December 8, 1977 :
"As I have said, the policy of China with the Arab countries is non-existent. In its relations with these countries it distinguishes itself for its pro-American and anti-Soviet stand. This orientation dictates the policy of China in the whole Mediterranean basin.
Thus, China is in opposition to those Arab countries with which the Soviet Union has relations and is trying to establish its influence, while China is pro the other Arab countries on which the United States of America has its grip and where it makes the law.
Hence, on the one hand, some of the states in this basin are opposed to the policy of China, but these states on the other side are not pro China, either, because they see thatit is not doing anything for them. What is China doing in fact? It applauds Somalia, its President Mohammed Siad because he expelled the Soviets from Somalia, and he was
quite right to do so, but China applauds him precisely because he went to Washingtonand placed his country under the yoke of American imperialism. Such is the policy of China. "(Enver Hoxha,"Reflections on China", Volume II,).

"With this policy which China is pursuing in the international arena, what standmust it adopt towards the American manoeuvre in the Middle East? China's aim is to preserve the status quo in this zone of the world, to turn Egypt into its own obedient partner; it wants the other Arab countries, too, to recognize and respect it. At the same time, the aim of this manoeuvre is to keep the Arab peoples divided. Naturally, on this course which it has taken, China must adhere to the side of the Americans and that is what it is doing in fact, that is, it supports the pro-American Arab chiefs and supports Israel, hence, is for an American-style peace in which not the freedom and independenceof the Arab peoples, but the greed of Israeli fascists and the Egyptian, Saudi-Arabian, and other wealthy triumphs.
It is clear that this position of the Chinese is anti-Marxist. China is obliged to adopt this position and to pose in the eyes of all the Arab peoples as if it has defended and defends them, but in fact it does not defend any of these peoples, does not defend their aspirations to national liberation, but supports capitalism and imperialism."(Enver Hoxha, "Reflections on China ", Volume II, December 18, 1977).

„The Sino-American neo-colonialist tactic is coordinated especially in Africa. The aim of these two international robbers is to consolidate their positions wherever they have them and to occupy new positions in those countries where they have nothing.
Both these partners in crime against the peoples, poke their noses wherever local wars incited by imperialism and social-imperialism ...
… China is trying to penetrate into Africa for two aims: first, to sabotage the interference and establishment of the Soviets and to spread its rug to squat there itself, and second, to strengthen the positions of American imperialism there. Whereas the Soviets and Americans go to Africa under their true colors as neo-colonialists and imperialists, China goes dressed in flowery robes and with Marxist phraseology …
Is the United States of America afraid of the policy of the Chinese in Africa ? For the moment no, because China does not have that economical potential, that cavalry of the dollar and Saint George to really capture the hearts of the Mobutus, Bocassas and others, but it could become dangerous to the United States of America later“ (Enver Hoxha, "The Superpowers," Page 467 – 468, English edition).

This was written in 1978.

Meanwhile, Enver Hoxha's foresight has proved to be reality. Since the world crisis the U.S. are on a drip of China. The American and Chinese super-powers embrace each other – and in the end they will suffocate each other – to the advantage of the socialist world revolution.
The world imperialism was attacked by the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, and Mao Zedong came, to help the world-imperialism - to rescue his survival.
Mao Zedong, in his time, and the Chinese social-imperialists of today, have one and the same goal: to prolong world capitalism - by replacing the old world imperialist system by a new one, by the Chinese model. Who wants to doubt this?

Our position is clear:
we strive for the abolition of the inevitability of world imperialism at all and never for the replacement of the old imperialist world-forces through some new. And inseparably connected with this aim, we strive for the abolition of the inevitability of revisionism and never for the replacement of old by new revisionists, by the Maoist model.
The class-contradictions in the world are intensifying, in the same degree as the new emerging imperialist forces and the old, rundown imperialist forces exacerbate their struggle for world hegemony, the redistribution of the world.
The intensification of the struggle of the world's counter-revolution against the world revolution inevitably calls forth the intensification of the revisionist forces against the communist forces. This corresponds to the ABC of Marxism-Leninism. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists foresee this dangerous mobilization of the revisionist forces as a
consequence of the increasing global class-struggles which herald the socialist world revolution. The existence of world imperialism is in danger and the Maoists are summoned to help liquidating the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement - similar to the times of Mao Zedong against the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha and similar to the help of the modern revisionists after the death of Comrade Stalin.
Therefore, we are strengthening our global struggle against neo-revisionism. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists declare war on Maoism !

This „MLPD“ („Red Flag“) founded its Maoist "worldorganization", the ICOR, exactly on the date of birthday of Comrade Enver Hoxha (16th of October, 2011) !! And this Maoist "world-organization" accused Comrade Enver Hoxha:

"The attacks of the Party of Labor of Albania against Mao Zedong caused the split in the international labor movement and the Marxist-Leninist world movement" (Stefan Engel, ICC [International Coordinating Committee] - Asia, 2008) The Maoists accuses us Stalinist-Hoxhaists that we "defend the errors of the international Communist movement under Stalin." They call us Stalinist-Hoxhaists:

Lackeys of Anti-Communism“ !!! In deed, with these baseless accusations, they only accuse themselves as the Anti-Stalinists, as the Anti-Communists. In the view of the Maoists only those are defenders of anti-revisionism who abstain from criticizing Maoism. And, logically, those who attack Maoism are not anti-revisionists. That's the kind of Maoist "anti-revisionism".



War against Maoism !!

Long live Stalinism - Hoxhaism !






ثورة أكتوبر






!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجي


إلي الرفاق الأعزاء ، منذ فترة قراءت مقالاً للحديدي بعنوان "أنور خوجة وحزب العمل الألباني : التآمر على ستالين والبلشفية في 1956 ومحاولة التستر في 1975".
وبصفتي متبني للخط الستاليني-الخوجي مؤخراً فيحق لي الرد علي هكذا مقال والدفاع عن أنور خوجة ضد الأكاذيب من أي جهة أتت ومن أي شخص كان.
ما يهمني في هذا المقال هو إنعدام تام للمصداقية في الحديث وعفواً إن كان هذا سيضايق الرفاق البلاشفة ، أولاً لو أن الحديدي قراء حتي مذكرات أنور خوجة المتناثر هنا وهناك بين صفحات ومواقع اليساريين لوجد أن أنور خوجة أبدي إستيائه وصدمته في ما حدث في الكونجرس العـ٢٠ـشرين التحريفي للإتحاد السوفيتي ، ولكي أوثِّقَ كلامي للرفاق ولا يكون هذا مجرد لغوٍ علي لا شئ إليكم ما كتب أنور خوجة عقب الكونجرس أو المجلس العشرين المُسمَمْ للتحريفيين الفاشست الإجتماعيين السوفييت
المصدر أصلاً بالألبانية
Ditar 1955-1957. Tiranë: 8 Nëntori. 1987. p. 125.
بهذا نكون أنتهينا من نقطة أو سطر لنكمل حديثنا رفاقي الأعزاء ، أنا شخصياً في تلك الليلة التي قراءت فيها المقال لم يهداء لي ساكن وظللت أبحث وأسأل في المنتديات اليسارية المشهورة بالأخص الأجنبية لأنها تحوي المواد والمصادر بشكل أكاديمي منسق نوعاً ما ، المهم سألت وياللعجب أجابني الزملاء بنفس مقتطفات الحديدي من المجلس الثالث لحزب العمل الألباني ولكن باللغة الإنجليزية ، والذي زعم الحديدي أنه ممسوح وفي نفس الوقت تم إخراج تلك المقتطفات بالأخص كأنها مفصلة بفعل فاعل علي خوجة لكي يقوم التحريفيون من كل حدب وصوب بالهجوم كأنهم مالبثوا أن وجدوا ذرة غبار علي خوجة لكي يهاجموه وبالأخص تلك المقتطفات دوناً عن بقية الأوراق للكونجرس الثالث لحزب العمل الألباني والتي زعم التحريفيون والحديدي أنها ممسوحة وهذا إن كانت تلك الأوراق الممسوحة حقيقة فعلاً، المهم بنظرة أقرب للمصدر فوجدناه باللغة الفرنسية طلبت من الرفاق البحث وأنا شخصياً بحثت عن هذا المصدر والذي كان كالتالي
Enver Hoxha, Rapport d'activité du Comité central du Parti du travail d'Albanie au IIIe Congrès du parti, 1956, pp. 180-183
فلم نجد أي أثر.! ونتحدي إن وجد أصلاً وهكذا مقال إن دل علي صاحبه فهو يدل بالكذب كما تعلمون.. وبلاحرج..شكراً
لتفقد الأوراق الأصلية للكـ٣نجرس (تاريخ ح.ع.أ)ص.٢٩٥ الطبعة الإنكليزية










Workers of the Industrial City Al-Mahla Continuing their striking for more than 10 days for now,,
All solidarity with the Egyptian workers from the Egyptian Communists {MLSH}
Long live the struggle of Al-Mahla's Workers!
Down with the neoliberal-fascist system of the Egyptian Bourgoisie!




Long live

African Liberation Day !

May 25, 1963








Messages of Solidarity




MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2017

Today, we celebrate the 54th anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in African but all over the world.

The history of African class society is the story of his heroic class struggle against slavery, subjugation and plundering, the history of defeats and victories of his liberation. The peoples of Africa are rich in experience from which they can draw lessons for their total liberation and emancipation. And also the African proletariat is capable to draw lessons from the recent history of the workers movement in Africa. And that goes also for the lessons of the communist movement and, especially for the anti-revisionist struggle in Africa. 

African neo-revisionism is the restoration of African revisionism, is reconciliation with revisionism in general, and with Maoism, in particular. The socialist revolution will fail if the communist movement in Africa is not purified from neo-revisionism, as long as neo-revisionist influence is not defeated.

We appeal to those African revolutionaries who are militant fighters against revisionism, neo-revisionism, and especially against Maoism. Today, an African communist is characterized by the ideological demarcation-line between Stalinism-Hoxhaism and Neo-Revisionism. We need African comrades who are implacably against revisionism and social-fascism, and absolutely determined to fight against every revisionist influence among the revolutionary communist- and workers movement in Africa.

It is the core issue of the communist movement in Africa , not to unite with the reformist, revisionist or neo-revisionist elements in the struggle against imperialism, but to fight imperialism and its lackeys by the socialist revolution on the basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The one colonial power replaced the other - but the colonies still remained. The history of imperialist wars in the period of the redivision of Africa is the heroic story of its anti-imperialist wars and liberation struggles of the Africans. Exploiting ruthlessly the world crisis for the purpose to extract ten times more riches from Africa - that is the essence of imperialist parasitism ( the business with starvation, with water, with resources, with weapons, with labor, etc).

Neo-colonialism is the highest stage of colonialism.

Neo-colonialism is a "molted" colonialism, is "decolonialization" in words and re-colonialization in deeds. Neo-colonialism is the highest stage of colonialism - is parasitic, decaying, dying colonialism. Imperialism, itself, destroys its own hinterland. And without its hinterland imperialism is doomed to die.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the teaching of the preparation, recruitment, centralized organization and mobilization of the international proletarian army, in general, and the transformation of the reserves of the imperialist hinterland into new proletarian detachments of the world socialist revolution, in particular.

The October Revolution - exactly 100 years ago - was the first step towards the socialist world revolution. There will be no socialist Africa without applying to the experiences and teachings of the October Revolution. The October Revolution heralded the unification of anti-imperialist war of the world proletariat and the war of liberation of the oppressed peoples. The continuation of the October Revolution and the world socialist revolution is the only way to liberate Africa from imperialist exploitation and oppression.

The weakening of the chain of world imperialism requieres the strengthening of the anti-imperialist chain in Africa.

With the development of capitalism in the colonies, the global development of world imperialism is nearly mature and complete - thus ready for the transformation into world socialism - also in Africa.

The expansion of imperialism in Africa - coupled with so much misery and blood - prepares its own decline and consequently its replacement by socialism. Unavoidably, that will be a new kind of socialism with global features - in the course of the globalization on the African continent and the socialist world revolution.

Africa is on the road back to its roots - to the classless society - and thus on the road towards communism in a classless world !


Long live the 54th anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Comrades of the African continent !

Build up your strong "African Section" of the Comintern (SH) !

Without a revolutionary organization, which is guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa !

The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the African working class.

For a socialist Africa in a socialist world !

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in every African country !"

Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party! 

Comintern (SH)

25th of May, 2017









Comintern (SH)

Programmatic Declaration


the question of migrants and refugees

- and its world-revolutionary solution -




May 25, 1963 - May 25, 2015


52th African Liberation Day...


Messages of Solidarity



MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2015

Today, we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in African but all over the world.

However, we must pay particular tribute to the enormous combats waged by African workers against colonialism and neo-colonialism since several centuries ago. They put forward this anti-colonialist fight during the former times of European (British, French, German, Portuguese, Belgian, etc.) imperialism and posteriorly, when world bourgeois class understood that neo-colonialism could better serve its interests, also against American, Soviet and more recent Chinese imperialism.

Unfortunately, the struggle of African peoples could never accomplish complete emancipation, it could never be concluded through genuine socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship under the vanguard leadership of authentic Bolshevist parties of Leninist-Stalinist type. In 1979, comrade Enver Hoxha made an affirmation that is still entirely suitable nowadays:

Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have won their freedom and independence. But there can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The African population remained culturally and economically undeveloped (…)The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

Thus, world bourgeois class continued to put its colonialist and neo-colonialist claws over Africa and its resources and workforce. We also take this opportunity to recall the indispensable role played by all kinds of bourgeois-reformist and revisionist movements to ensure that capitalist-imperialist system could keep African toilers under its dominance. From the Krushchevist, Maoist, etc. revisionisms to the so-called “African ways to socialism” and “Pan-African / Pan-Arabian” and “non-aligned” movements - all of them contributed to that.

But now, it is time for African proletariat to finish what it was left half-way through constructing a Section of the Comintern (SH) in each African country and through faithfully applying the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Only in this manner will they manage to be part of the glorious global red proletarian army that will defeat world capitalism-imperialism once for all towards world socialism and world communism.

Long live the 52nd anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party!


Theory and tactics of the

socialist world revolution

in Africa


adopted by the Comintern (SH) - October 10, 2012





Long live the Arab Revolution !!


January 25, 2014





On occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution

on 25th of January 2011


in German language

in Portuguese language









Enver Hoxha





August, 2013


The Arab Revolution will remove all obstacles from its path and finish the bloodshed !

The freedom-loving Arab peoples are stronger than world imperialism and all its Arab lackeys, Military Dictators and feudalistic-religious reactionaries !

Waging bloody civil wars, the Arab Bourgeoisie digs her own grave ! The exploiting classes are the decaying classes !

The future of the Arab World lies in the hands of the revolutionary working class !


There is neither democracy in religious states, nor in secular states which serve the rule of exploiting classes.

Only through the overthrow of the bourgeois state and the establishment of the socialist state, in which only the workers, peasants and soldiers are in power, can democracy be achieved for the majority of the people.

Under the rule of world imperialism, in conditions of the globalized counter-revolution, there is no way towards freedom, democracy and socialism without revolutions and civil wars., even not in the Arab world. The bloodshed shows that the Arab ruling classes cannot do without violence against the revolution of the people. The ruling class never gives up its power volontarily. In their struggle for the best "feeding troughs", the different forces of the bourgeoisie trample the social and national interests of the Arab peoples under foot. Last not least, the ruling classes of the Arab society are nothing but slaveholders in the service of the world imperialist powers.. However, the revolution sweeps them all away. The crisis of world capitalism causes the crisis of the ruling islamism and creates better conditions for the strengthening of the ongoing democratic revolution within the whole Arab world. The deeper and more comprehensive the process of democratization will be carried out by the people, the more secure and easier will be the next revolutionary step towards socialism.

The present process of polarization within the society of the whole Arab world is not a matter of "Islamism and secularism" etc. etc. This polarization is nothing but the increasing conflict between the exploiting and exploited classes, is mainly expression of the increasing class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. This class-conflict can only be solved successfully by the socialist revolution of the working class which is guided by Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The present counter-revolution in the Arab World is initiated, executed and controlled globally. Therefore, it can only be removed by a globally united revolutionary front. The civil wars in the Arab society are an international phenomenon. They are, an immanent part of the approaching international civil war in which the world proletariat will triumph over world imperialism.

Proceed with the Arab revolution !

Down with the Arab Counter-Revolution !

Down with the imperialist powers and their Arab lackeys !

For the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeois-feudal Arab states !

Long live the power of the workers, peasants and soldiers !

Give the peoples : Freedom, Peace, Labour and Bread !

For the capitalists and their lackeys: nothing but expropriation !

Long live proletarian internationalism !

Long live the proletarian, socialist world revolution !

Long live world socialism and world communism !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !



July 3, 2013


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Workers, peasants and soldiers - unite -

For the transition

of the civil war

into the socialist revolution !



For the overthrow of the reactionary regime in Egypt you need immediately the formation of a revolutionary army !


For a strong

Socialist Republic of Egypt !



    For a strong Socialist

    Federation of Arabic Nations

    in a Socialist World !


The Revolution goes on

in February 2013



























January 2013

























In the beginning of December 2012:







Tuesday 5, December 2012

The Storming of the Presidential Palace in Cairo !




Offices of Muslim Brotherhood torched !



USA: M1A1 Tanks for Mursi


The US-imperialists send tanks to support Mursi for

shooting down the Egyptian Revolution !

World proletariat - unite with the Egyptian Revolution !

Down with world imperialism !

Long live the socialist world revolution !





The new Pharao Morsi

kills revolutionaries on the street !!




























28th of November 2012




































    November 16, 2012

Thousands of people have rallied in Egypt to show their solidarity with the Palestinians over the recent escalation of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Egyptians marched in the country's two largest cities, Cairo and Alexandria, on Friday, waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against Israel in condemnation of its murderous attacks on the besieged Palestinian enclave.


In Tahrir Square, which lies at the heart of Cairo, hundreds of protesters burned an Israeli flag.







    Egyptian youth fight riot police defending the US embassy in Cairo. Thousands demonstrated on September 14, 2012
























Egyptian tear gas 


sponsored by the U.S.-Imperialists !

The Egyptian revolution goes on !



    The storm of liberation, sweeping over the Arab countries, shatters the whole world. The whole world proletariat wants the whole capitalist world step down. To shake off the yoke of capitalist slavery, to shake off the burdens of the capitalist crisis - this is the joint international revolutionary line of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples - this is the increasing international battle front - to throw off the oppressors and exploiters systems around the globe - and this is the right way towards world socialist revolution. The Egyptian revolution goes on – it is not interrupted or finished on half the way. Not the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie but solely proletariat makes the difference between victory and defeat of the revolution. The democratic revolution is the eve of the socialist revolution.  Only with the transformation into a socialist state, Egypt can be liberated from capitalism. As long as capitalism persists, as long as the Egyptian bourgeoisie rules over the Egyptian working class, as long as the class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat is not decided, as long as the working class and its allies have not established their political power in Egypt, so long the exploitation and oppression of the Egyptian people will be inevitably maintained.  It is essential for their success to transform their spontaneous, unarmed uprising in an orderly organized, armed insurrection. Both the weapons of the revolutionary elements of the army and weapons of the insurgents - are essential and indispensable for the victory of the Egyptian revolution. The class struggle against imperialism, the anti-imperialist front must be considered as the active warfare of the armed, leading class of the world proletariat, its avant-garde, its allies, etc.. This is the crux of the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism on the question of today's military struggle for world revolution.


    Long live the Egyptian revolution !

    Long live the revolutions in the Arab countries !

    Long live the world revolution !





Comintern (SH)


6. February 2011

    The storm of liberation, sweeping over the Arab countries, will cover the whole world.

    The Arab Revolution thus contributes to the acceleration of world socialist revolution!

    January / February 2011


Teachings of the

Cairo uprising !



"Under the current severe circumstances, only the popular uprisings in the Arab countries works wonders."

"I like and I respect the Arab people, because they are progressive minded, freedom loving and combative." (Enver Hoxha)

The Communist International (Stalinist - Hoxhaists) estimates the dramatic, revolutionary events, upheavals and uprisings in the Arab countries, extremely positive. Not only because of the liberation of the Arab World itself from the yoke of imperialism, but also its revolutionary influence on a global scale.


Nothing will increase the energy of the revolutionary world proletariat so much, nothing will shorten its path to world socialist revolution more than the decisive victory of the peoples in the Arab world.

The Near and Middle East plays a strategical key role for world imperialism - both for its destruction and survival. And vice versa, the bulwark of the Arab revolution is also a bulwark for the world proletariat and its socialist world revolution, a further step towards establishing the world dictatorship of the proletariat. Therefore, the world proletariat is not at all indifferent to the Arab proletariat. The world proletariat welcomes enthusiastically the peoples' revolutionary uprisings and practices solidarity with the Arab liberation struggle in every country of the world. The whole progressive world is demonstrating its sympathy and solidarity with the Arab revolution. The Arab revolution is a stimulation for the revolution in every country of the world. Even in Europe, ten thousands of people demonstrate on their streets against the aftermath of the capitalist world crisis and they demand the removal of corrupt government leaders. The Egyptian people want Mubarak step down. The whole world proletariat wants the whole capitalist world step down. To shake off the yoke of capitalist slavery, to shake off the burdens of the capitalist crisis - this is the joint international revolutionary line of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples - this is the increasing international battle front - to throw off the oppressors and exploiters systems around the globe - and this is the right way towards world socialist revolution.

By the support of the poor peasants and soldiers the proletarian leadership in class struggle guarantees the victorious liberation of all Arab nations, and also on a world's scale. The world proletariat is reinforced by the Arab proletariat and vice versa, the class struggle of the Arab proletariat is based on the solidarity and help of the world proletariat. The Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) sends its militant salutations to all the fighting revolutionaries of the Arab world and to all revolutionaries who are stimulated by these world historical events and who continue to struggle in their own countries for getting rid of the oppressors and exploiters. We express its firm conviction that the victory will be inevitable due to the unbroken struggle and confidence of victory. The global meaning of the present revolutionary events in the Arab world cannot be appreciated high enough.

Workers of the world – unite with the Arab proletariat !

World proletariat - unite all countries !

Long live the socialist Arab proletariat in a socialist world !

In this revolutionary moment, it is hard to keep step with events in Egypt. However, it is necessary now to take positive stock and valuable lessons. In what direction and with what goals, the revolution will be continued?

In regard of its class-position the proletariat is the most advanced and the only consistently revolutionary class in Egypt. The Egyptian industrial proletariat is called upon to take the lead in the general democratic revolutionary movement in Egypt. The output of the present popular uprising depends crucially on whether the Egyptian working class shall take its lead or not.

Without the alliance of working class, poor peasants and soldiers, the bloody regime of Mubarak will not be finally crushed. Without this unity of hammer, sickle and rifle the Egyptian society is not capable to guarantee the revolutionary achievments.

There is still no Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement in Egypt - but this movement already exists on a global scale. And just as the broad world public forms its own opinion on the revolution in Egypt in general, the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) forms its own opinion in particular.

Our comment is as follows:

Without any reservation the Comintern (SH) supports the fight for the immediate and complete overthrow of the Mubarak regime and its replacement by a provisional revolutionary government, exclusively formed by the uprising people. The power belongs solely to the revolutionary people of the Egypt country. The people do not share their power neither with exploiters and oppressors nor their lackeys in state and society. The Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) thus supports only a new government in Egypt as the political organ of the uprising itself. The political interests of the workers and other working people must be granted, permitted and secured by the new revolutionary government in which the workers and working people are an active and authoritative part.The proletariat must batter all liberal constituent illusions. The Provisional Revolutionary Government is the executive organ of the insurgency, which combines all insurgent uprising and its political leadership of the Egypt country.

Gaining concessions from Mubarak is already a great victory of the revolution, but this does not decide on the fate of the whole cause of freedom. This is only the half of the victory. The victory as a whole is definetively the complete destruction and removal of the Mubarak Regime. Mubarak has not surrendered a long time. The Mubarak regime has certainly not ceased to exist. It has begun in a very serious battle to retreat, but it is far from beaten, Mubarak still gathers his forces which are still backed by the reactionary and imperialist world and its secret diplomacy – more or less masked or unmasked. Mubarak gives further dangerous instructions to his henchmen – like Suleiman etc - and therefore the revolutionary people must solve many serious tasks of combat to lead the revolution to the real and complete victory.

The power of the old regime must be destroyed completely before the transformation to a Constituent Assembly can take place, which only can be the body of the victorious uprising, which expresses the will of the people and political freedoms implements, which were won by the Revolution. It is about the creation of a universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage, to freedom of assembly, to freedom of association, freedom of press to the implementation of a minimum program for the vital care of the people, to develop its political freedom, to secure the instruments of piolitical power to the realization and defense of People's interests, etc. The people must decide on the army, not Mubarak and his henchmen. Without winning people's revolution - no constituent assembly. As long as the political and military influence of Mubarak continues, the Constituent Assembly is empty talk.

The new Egyptian provisional revolutionary government must be authorized to smash the counter-revolution through support of the revolutionary elements of the army, to hold down the reactionary influence relentlessly and effectively. Only the provisional revolutionary government guarantees full freedom in representing the interests of working people. Only the people themselves can defend, consolidate and expand the revolutionary gains of the uprising.

"Only in the measure in which the rising is victorious and in which victory leads to the decisive destruction of the enemy - only in that measure will an assembly of the people's representatives be a popular one not only on paper, and constituent not only in name" (Lenin , volume 9, page 463, English edition ).

In practice, the wavering of the troops is inevitably component of any real people's movement. During intensification of the revolutionary struggle the fight for the power on the army becomes a decisive meaning in the truest sense.”

No passive propaganda - we must not wait for a simple `waiting` until the troops 'pass over' - no, we have to beat the drum and proclaim far and wide that it is necessary to attack boldly and with a gun in our hand, that it is necessary to destroy the military leaders and to lead the fight to most powerful fluctuating forces.”

Lenin pointed to the army

that there should be increased work among the armed forces, bearing in mind that discontent alone in the forces is not enopugh to chieve success for the movgement, that there is also a need for direct agreement with the organised revolutionary-democratic elements in the armed forces, for the purpose of launching determined offensive operations against the government.”

Lenin pointed to the growing peasant movement

that in view of the growing peasant movement, which may flare up into a regular insurrection in the very near future, it is desirable to work for combining actions by the workers and the peasants, in order to organise, as far as possible, joint and simultaneous fighting operations" (Lenin, Volume 10, page 153)

All attempts by the treacherous bourgeois and petty bourgeois elements within the opposition (the "Council of Wise Men", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Nobel Peace Prize Laureate", etc.) to haggle with the Mubarak regime and compromise must be fought tenaciously. This is a betrayal of the revolution. The achievements of the Egyptian Revolution can only be defended
against the Mubarak government and its deceptive "reshuffle-maneuvers" and never in cooperation with the representatives of the old despotic government. All attempts to let the old regime regain power through an open loophole, must be nipped in the bud. The revolutionary movement of the people may not be "absorbed" or “merged into” the reformist movement of the bourgeoisie. Therein lies the greatest danger for the Egyptian revolution. The revolution must go on – it may not be interrupted or finished on half the way. Not the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie but solely proletariat makes the difference between victory and defeat of the revolution.

The world proletariat gives an advice to the Egyptian working class - if it uses its influence to the new provisional governments:

- there are still sitting representatives of the bourgeoisie. It is a situation of the polarization of the classes. There will be inevitably an intensification of class struggle because of the persistence of the antagonistic contradiction between wage labor and capital. The process of class division will deepen and accelerate and that is required to strengthen the independence of the workers and peasants' interests and to avoid instrumentalization by the bourgeoisie, ie to do everything to avoid falling into the wake of the bourgeoisie. The Egyptian proletariat needs the democratic revolution though democracy cannot solve the contradiction of the classes. Bourgeois class-rule cannot be removed by political reforms, but political reforms ease the extension of the proletarians daily range. The achievements of the democratioc revolution provide better conditions of fighting for own proletarian demands than under the terms of the old Mubarak- regime. The democratic revolution is the eve of the socialoist revolution.

Without class consciousness of the Egyptian workers and without revolutionarily organized Egyptian masses, without their training and tempering in the class struggle against the entire Egyptian bourgeoisie, without the leadership of a communist party – we cannot speak earnestly about the necessary transition from the democratic revolution to the socialist revolution.

The interests of the people can only be fully realized and guaranteed if the working class won the victory in the
socialist revolution and established its dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the task of the Egyptian working class, creating a Stalinist-Hoxhaist party in order to continue and complete the democratic revolution and transform it into a socialist revolution. Only with the transformation into a socialist state, Egypt can be liberated from capitalism. As long as capitalism persists, as long as the Egyptian bourgeoisie rules over the Egyptian working class, as long as the class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat is not decided, as long as the working class and its allies have not established their political power in Egypt, so long the exploitation and oppression of the Egyptian people will be inevitably maintained.

Currently, the slogan of a “socialist Egypt” does not play a significant role. Our Stalinist-Hoxhaist influence in the Arab world still leaves a lot to be desired. It is a fact that the proletariat is not yet organized, not yet class conscious, that it does not have its own revolutionary party and so on. These important conditions may be better achieved under the new democratic conditions. That's the reason why we urge the Egyptian workers to actively participate in the democratic organization in Egypt with the goal of complete socialist revolution - and we repeat it severalfold:

Avoid any illusions in the bourgeois influence on the new democracy !

Immunize against class-reconciliatory influence of the old and new revisionists !

The revolution must be guided solely by the revolutionary teachings of the five Classics of Marxism-Leninism !

The more complete and decisive, the more consistent the democratic revolution in Egypt, the more secure the struggle of the proletariat for socialism will be against the bourgeoisie. The bourgeois and petty-bourgeois forces are inconsistent and wavering. Their understanding of democracy refers to the interests of the bourgeois ruling class. Only the proletarian forces - as the only consistent democratic forces of society - defend and extend the democratic achievements and features. The Egyptian proletariat has nothing to lose but its chains, however the bourgeoisie has to lose outrageous accumulated wealth. The revolutionary weapons which the proletariat must adhere against Mubarak's autocracy, will be directed one day against capitalism in Egypt. The rotten smell of Mubarak will inevitably stick to the bourgeoisie. This odor can not be eliminated through reforms, but only through the socialist revolution.

Whether the freedom of the people in Egypt is really won or is stifled by the counter-revolution - this can only be decided by the Egyptian people in the end only by their revolutionary violence against their oppressors and exploiters. Therefore, the class struggle can not be restricted to passivity. The Egypt people must prepare and organise their offensive for the conquer of popular power. Difficult and arduous is the path of the Egyptian revolution. Each boom, each partial success follows a defeat, followed by bloodshed, followed by desert excesses of the counter-revolution against the freedom fighters. But after every defeat, the movement is becoming broader, more comprehensive the struggle, the mass of the classes and groups of people who are drawn into the fight and contribute are getting bigger. Each run of the revolution, every step forward in the organization of militant democracy is followed by an almost furious onslaught of reaction, by the resistance of counter-revolution, each time increasing the audacity of the counter-revolution, fighting desperately for regaining existence. But the forces of reaction dwindle inexorably despite all their efforts. On the side of the revolution joins an increasing proportion of the workers, peasants and soldiers, who were yesterday's indifferent or stood even in the camp of Mubarak. Illusion by illusion is destroyed, more and more subject to bias, which made the Egyptian people to a trusting, patient, loyal-hearted, all unbearable and all forgiving people.

It is the duty of the Communist International to convince the insurgents in Cairo that it is essential for their success to transform their spontaneous, unarmed uprising in an orderly organized, armed insurrection. The vigilance committees against counter revolution brutality must be centrally organized and better equipped with arms. It is very clear that Mubarak's counter-revolution will not be gone after the victory of democratic revolution, but through a campaign of revenge it will restore the old balance of power as quickly as possible. The battles for the final liquidation of the Mubarak regime against the people have finally started with the popular uprising. And as long as the liquidation of the Mubarak-regime is not entirely complete, Egypt is not a liberated.

If the forces of the struggling classes are nearly equal, if there is a balance of power, then the victory is more difficult to be won. Then it is more likely that the struggle is protracted, that the efforts and losses may increase greatly on both sides. Then it depends on the mobilization of reserves, on the staying power in a position or siege war and many other factors. Then the fronts of struggle become more complicated and harder. Those forces come to the defeat who are at first exhausted. The people's power is invincible.

In recent decades, there was everywhere in the world the defensive, "peaceful", spontaneous demonstration a predominant means of the revolution. The masses have become accustomed to this form of struggle and went out infrequently. The class enemies fear people's violence and they pray “peace” but act violently. Since the Great Depression the masses have undoubtedly entered a new world-revolutionary era of political upheavals and revolutions. The masses have realized by own woebegone experiences that - to survive – peaceful demonstrations are not enough for changing fundamentally their bad situation. The elements of spontaneity must be immediately replaced by consciously organized proletarian elements, educated, trained and led by communist forces in a global network in order to take a leading role in the continuation of popular uprisings.

Both the weapons of the revolutionary elements of the army and weapons of the insurgents - are essential and indispensable for the victory of a revolution.

The slogan of the revolt means that the revolutionary matter is decided militarily by the material force, by the power of weapons.

There can be no doubt that the day will come when we must move to transform the revolutionary armies in detachments of the international proletarian world army. The armed uprising we record in the not too far future in the whole world, not only as a single operation, but repetitive and ever-expanding in breadth and in depth !

To prepare for this globalized onslaught - this is the central task of a Communist International, which is the reason why we support any uprising, which is directed against the world bourgeoisie. Stalinism-Hoxhaism means everything about ensuring that the entire world proletariat, the revolutionary people are brought up in their totality and unity on the question of art of the global uprising. This is a gigantic task. The point is that the world proletariat and the revolutionary people combine their world-historical co-operation in the communist revolution. They must be aware that they can pursue their interests and needs in common, and the revolution is only the beginning, to abolish the capitalist private property. This development takes place in a world-historical process of the internationalist socialist mode of production of the new world society. The peoples of the world socialism connect to one another in new relationships and thereby also change their old life for a qualitative leap. And this will not happen without friction, without counter-revolutionary uprisings which constantly accompany our Communist revolution. Civil war flared up will be inevitable until the entire Communist world has pioneered the process at great sacrifice on its way. All this is entirely impossible without enormous military efforts around the new world community, because the defeated exploiters and oppressors of the old world order increase hundredfold their efforts to build its old capitalist empire again as long as the new world made no firm basis with a fixed superstructure.

How should the world proletariat in all seriousness conquer its international power and establish its own government bodies around the world, if it does not have a conquest theory, a correct strategy and tactics ? A staff of international, rebellious departments must be organized. The imperialists do not adhere to the procedures of the October Revolution. Socialism can not be won back in the same way as it was once created. The world bourgeoisie has learned, and also the world proletariat. To establish the world-dictatorship of the proletariat is not the same matter like the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in a single copuntry which is surrounded end encyrcled by world imperialism. The international class enemy knows that his last hour has struck, and throws the whole weight of its global counter-revolution to every uprising, to destroy it before uprsings can expand in the neighborhood and spread internationally. The class struggle against imperialism, the anti-imperialist front must be considered as the active warfare of the armed, leading class of the world proletariat, its avant-garde, its allies, etc.. This is the crux of the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism on the question of today's military struggle for world revolution.

If we educate the world proletariat to master its highest form of struggle - the armed international civil war - then we Marxist-Leninists do not simultaneously reject all the other forms of struggle - ie. peaceful means of struggle. Struggle for the daily interests, to ease of everyday life, the defenseof life situation – all this serves to prepare the socialist world revolution. However, we Marxist-Leninists will never forget to teach the world proletariat and the masses that international class struggle - under certain conditions - inevitably changes to the main form of armed struggle, to the forms of civil war - if the international class enemy must be ruthlessly destroyed in the international field of battle. The international civil war will come. The whole international counter-revolutionary forces of world imperialism will prove to be too weak and the world socialist proletariat will prove to bear the palm.
These are the main world-revolutionary teachings on the current uprisings in the Arab world.

Comintern (SH)

6. February 2011










    Long live the liberation

    struggle in EGYPT !



    EGYPT is ripe for a

    Socialist revolution !


    Create a strong Egyptian Section

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    Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !


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    ENVER HOXHA - 1958



    Enver Hoxha

    on Egypt



The voice of proletarian


which came from

socialist ALBANIA:

in German language

    Radio Tirana vom 27. 5. 1975:

Radio Tirana vom 17. 3. 1976

Die Nationalversammlung Ägyptens ratifiziert den Beschluß, den Vertrag für ägyptisch - sowjetische Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit zu annullieren

Einer Meldung der Nachrichtenagentur MENA zufolge ratifizierte die Nationalversammlung Ägyptens den Beschluß, den ägyptisch-sowjetischen Vertrag für Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit aufzukündigen. Die zur Erörterung dieses
Gesetzentwurfs einberufene Nationalversammlung hörte den Bericht des Sprechers des Ausschusses für Auslandsfragen Sacharia Gomer an. Der Sprecher legte in seinem Bericht die Ursachen dar, die Ägypten zur Annullierung des ägyptisch -sowjetischen Vertrages veranlassen.



Radio Tirana vom 16. 3. 1976

Sadat verurteilte den sowjetischen Sozialimperialismus wegen seines wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Drucks auf Ägypten

Die Nachrichtenagentur IAENA berichtet, daß der Präsident Ägyptens Anwar el Sadat am 14. März in der Nationalversammlung der arabischen Republik Ägypten hervorhob, Ägypten habe sich nicht bereitgefunden, dem Lager der einen oder anderen Supermacht beizutreten. In bezug auf die Sowjetunion fügte Sadat hinzu, sie habe seit dem Oktoberkrieg die Politik der Schaffung arabischer Achsen
betrieben. Ferner schlug Sadat der Natitonalversammlung vor,
den Vertrag für Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit mit der Sowjetunion aufzukündigen. Der Präsident verurteilte die Sowjetunion wegen ihrer Manöver gegen Ägypten und wegen ihrer Anstrengungen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen
Druck auf Ägypten auszuüben. Außerdem betonte Präsident Sadat , daß die ägyptisch -sowjetischen Beziehungen in eine Sackgasse geraten sind. Er sagte:
Die Sowjetunion war nicht gewillt, Ägypten mit Waffen zu beliefern und die Tilgungsfrist der Schulden zu verlängern, und habe Zinsen für die Schulden gefordert.
Das zeigt, sagte Sadat, daß die Sowjetunion wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Druck auf uns ausüben will, um uns zu zwingen, vor ihr in die Knie zu gehen. Auf die Spaltertätigkeit der Sowjetunion in den arabischen Ländern eingehend
erklärte der ägyptische Präsident, die Sowjetunion sei nicht dar an interessiert, die nationalen Befreiungsbewegungen zu unterstützen, sondern habe lediglich Großmachtinteressen.



Radio Tirana vom 16.4.1976

Der Premierminister Ägyptens verurteilt den wirtschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Druck der sowjetischen Oberhäupter


Die ägyptische Presse veröffentlichte dieser Tage eine Erklärung des ägyptisehen Premierministers Salern über sein Treffen, das er in Kairo mit den Vertretern des Allgemeinen Gewerkschaftsbundes Ägyptens hatte. Unter anderem betonte
Salem , Ägypten werde sich vor den verschiedenen Erpressungen nicht beugen und keinerlei Einschränkung seiner Freiheit hinnehmen. Gleichzeitig erklärte Salem , daß Ägypten sich allen Handlungen widersetzen werde, die gegen seine und
die hohen Interessen der arabischen Nation gerichtet sind. Außerdem betonte der ägyptische Premierminister, daß die Sowjets nicht nur ihre Verpflichtungen aus dem ägyptisch-sowjetischen Vertrag nicht einhielten, sondern darüberhinaus nach dem Oktoberkrieg einen ständigen wirtschaftlichen, politischen und militärischen Druck auf Ägypten ausübten.


Radio Tirana vom 21. 7. 1976


    Ägypten und Sudan


Einem in Kairo und Khartum veröffentlichten gemeinsamen Kommunique zufolge unterzeichneten Ägypten und der Sudan ein Verteidigungsabkommen.

In dem Kommunique heißt es, dieses Abkommen werde die Anstrengungen beider Länder, ihre regionalen Verpflichtungen und ihre Verpflichtungen gegenüber Afrika zu erfüllen, noch mehr verstärken. Die beiden Präsidenten, heißt es in dem Kommunique ferner, diskutierten ihre wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und beschlossen, die gemeinsamen Projekte zu beschleunigen. Auf die Resolutionen der afrikanischen Gipfelkonferenz, die unlängst auf Mauritius abgehalten wurde, eingehend, wird in dem Kornmunique hervorgehoben, daß beide

Länder die afrikanischen Befreiungsbewegungen unterstützen. Sie verurteilten beide die verbrecherischen Terrorakte der Rassistenregime in Südafrika und Südwestafrika und Rhodesien.




Radio Tirana vom 23. 9. 1978

Die Nachrichtenagentur Mena meldet, daß sich zur Zeit eine amerikanische Militärdelegation der Pioniertruppen in lsmailia in Ägypten aufhält. Aus diesem Anlaß führte sie mit Ahmed Mashur, dem Vorsitzenden der Suez-Kanal-Verwaltung,
Verhandlungen über die Hilfe, die amerikanische Pioniertruppen geben können. Die Delegation besichtigte ebenfalls den Suez-Kanal.






in - A R A B I C - language

Communist Manifesto 


in - A R A B I C - language

Lenin: "Marxism and Insurrection"

أوجين بوتييه

نشر لأول مرة: في البرافدا، العدد 2، 3 يناير 1913.


مصادرالماركسيةالثلاثة وأقسامها المكونةالثلاثة

كتبة: لينين في 03 مارس/آذار 1913

مصائر مذهب كارل ماركس التاريخية

كتب: 1 مارس 1913