Democratic Republic of the Congo






 population: 71,712,867 inhabitants







"a thief in the Jungle (Congo)"



The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 11th largest country in the world. The people of the Democratic republic of Congo have been under oppression of all kinds, many people have been killed in wars they don't know about, others have been raped and infected with HIV/AIDS, forced to work in mines without pay, high unemployment and illetracy levels.

DR Congo has been experiencing military conflict in Kivu, since 2015, however the suffering of it's people didn't start in 2015 it started in time. The origin of imperialism in Congo started from time immemorial and was first documented with the coming of Arabs especially Tippu Tippu and Explorer H.M Stanley. The exploration of the Congo was carried out by European explorer Henry M Starnley who was sponsored by Belgian King Leopold II. King Leopold during the Berlin Conference of 1885 acquired Congo as his private property and named it the Congo Free State and this was the biggest achievement of the imperialists. He turned all the local communities into slave camps and the locals into his slaves forcing them to start tapping rubber. The king also had an army of his countrymen who acted as the slave masters who would make sure that these slaves had that the allocated to tasks had to be completed in time. The punishment give to the people included amputations, raping of women and burning of villages. The mere policy of making the Congolese to concentrate on rubber production left no time for growing foodcrops which increased food insecurity leading to hunger malnutrition and other deseases often leading to death. The government wasn't responsive, the only infrastructure developed then we're railways to easily transport the rubber and other resources to the coast for shipment to Belgium. In the pre and post independence of the Democratic republic of Congo, the Belgians have remained looking at the Congo as theirs and have the power to influence government policies overtly or covertly especially on mining and extraction of vital mineral resources.

The second imperialist of the 21st century in the Congo is Rwanda. Currently majority of African countries neighbouring the Democratic republic of Congo are plundering the areas near their borders. Some of them come in to just steal and runaway but Rwanda has come in to steal and control territory in otherwards it has come to stay. The wars and exploitation in the Congo has been facilitated by it's bourgeoisie neighbors most especially Rwanda. Rwanda has always been looking for reasons to be in Democratic republic of Congo, the most famous is the presence of the FDLR who are said to be Hutu rebels who belonged to former president Habyarimana's government. Kagame always looks for international sympathy for launching attacks against these groups taking an excuse that some of the officers in these Rebel groups participated in the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. secondly that these groups launch attacks into Rwanda from Congolese soil. Operations have been carried out in Kigali by Rwandese government commandos which includes political assassinations and also throwing of grenades to cause explosions in Kigali causing loss of lives and property. The only message Kagame is passing on in these attacks is to increase hate of the people towards the Rebels in DRC to bring about high approvals for millitary missions into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The truth is that all these are propaganda, the old FDLR rebels have died and others have left to settle in other countries like France the ones that have remained there are living normal lives. They only keep a small militia for protecting themselves against the Rwandese government troops and controling villages.

They are weak, not well armed and have a few soldiers compared to the Rwandese government. Rwanda has left these rebels in place, such that they keeps the excuse in place. Most of the Rwandese also went to Congo as refugees during the earliest genocides and migrations just as they exist in Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. Kagame should never decieve you that they are protecting their Tutsi brothers or National security interests they are only looking for and protecting their economic interests.

When the war erupted in Kivu many ethnic Tutsi's from the Democratic republic of Congo escaped and tried to enter Rwanda, you will think they were welcomed. They were bundled onto military trucks and taken to a refugee camp, there was no enough people and the Rwandese government couldn't provide. Worse of all the government refused these people from going to shop or work in neighbouring communities to make ends meet because they call them Congolese. Even though they share the same characteristics they look at their mother tongue to segregate them. After the war all of these were immediately sent back to the Democratic republic of Congo. How can you tell me that this person is their to protect his brothers very wrong comrade.

They just come in when their militias are over whelmed by Fire from other rebel factions making their mining activities to become stagnant. Rwandas deploys it's troops to the Democratic Republic congo at anytime without going through any diplomatic channels(agreements) as if they are just entering their kitchen. This is because the Congolese government lacks control over the country beyond the capital city Kinshasha, just like afaghanistan the only difference is the location. The disadvantage of the Congolese to exert it's control has become an advantage to the neighbouring out posts of the their has been one major characteristic of the imperialists they treasure so much protecting their Territorial integrity however they see no need of other countries doing the same they are always looking on the exploitation of others.

Rwanda has deployed many soldiers into the DRC since 1995 and most of these soldiers have comufulaged themselves into civilian life always awaiting for orders from the Rwandese government. Infact Rwanda wants to establish control in all the kinyarwanda speaking provinces ( areas containing the banyamulenge) of the Democratic republic of Congo especially Kivu. Rwanda government wants the congo to be split into many Nations and it wants to take over the Kivu and ituri areas of the Drc and then add them to Rwanda because these areas contain the Banyamulenge ( Congolese of Rwandsse Origin) and most importantly the minerals there. The most Notable Rebels funded by Rwanda was M23 under Bosco Ntaganda, he was a Rwandese soldier,used to spend weekends in Kigali with Kagame, Gen James Kabareebe, other high ranking generals. This shows that his entry and exit into Rwanda was known and the government played a role in this. Every one knows that Bosco Ntaganda surrendered himself over in Kigali to the international criminal court in broad daylight, why wasn't he arrested by the border guards. Truth is that Kagame is responsible for war crimes in Democratic republic of Congo because he funded, trained, equipped and sent some of his Generals especially James Kabarebe to help rebels deliver a great blow to the DRC army. The Congolese government can nolonger differentiate between the Banyamulenge who have lived in D.R.C for centuries and the new Rwandese incomers because they speak the same language, have the same ethnicity and most of it all Congo has no central identification body to register the Congolese. These Rwandese soldiers often become rebel instructors or rebel leaders and even fight along rebels. Their goal is to secure and control resource rich areas that will be used for mining and administrative purposes. These rebels control and restrict all the populations in their area of control to mostly mining activities reducing on food production in such areas leading to starvation, malnutrition and death among the Congolese.

The embassy of Rwanda always denies this saying that they lack material, and manpower to make it possible to mine Gold in DRC. However all these are lies, they use the crudest forms of mining to hide their activities and thus not only exploit Congo but also the Congolese people. The populations found in captured areas are arranged into groups where some people dig away lumps of stone containing Gold.The stones are collected by the women who grind them for hours until they become powder mixed with glittering particles of gold dust. The dust is then carefully sifted . The work is so hard, but the workers are paid or not paid and constantly work under threats. And at the work place their is no segregation, young or old or sick you have to work even without protective gear. Active Rwandese occupier soldiers also mine from the Congo in the areas they control and also use rebel groups to do their work.The dust is sold by the Rebels to buy weapons and food they need and the people who keep this running are the customers who buy these minerals often coming from Kigali. Inshort Rwanda plunders and is also used by the imperialists to plunder the D.R.C, and it shouldn't decieve you that it's borders are porous they are well protected. All reports of people buying minerals from the D.R.C come to Rwanda on a regular basis starting from Coltan to Gold how do these people reach Kigali it's because they collaborate with the state.

The Minerals existing in Rwanda are majorly Cassiterite, Coltan, Wolframite, Beryllium, Spodumene, Amblygonite, Monazite and Gold in the Eighth position and Gold was discovered in Rwanda around 1978-1979 in Miyove and Kinyami (Gicumbi district). The gold there exists in small quantities. However Rwanda built a facility that processes Gold into a final product the Gold billion. The facility has a capacity to refine 6 tonnes of gold a month( 220 kgs daily) and that they want to expand its capacity since they expect demand to increase. The question is where is this Gold coming from?. You need to sense and percieve, hundreds of questions remain unanswered however what we the truth is Rwanda has betrayed their neighbors and brothers. why would Rwanda need a Gold plant, when the Gold exists their in small quantities. Rwandas neighbor Uganda neighbor has a gold plant someone would have said but all of these don't have alot of gold deposits why would they build many gold mints instead of having one and using it effectively. It's because Rwanda fears other countries will start questioning the quantity and source of these minerals so when they have their ownplant they can hide such information. With the gold plant they can get to make bullions from blood minerals without any body knowing.

The solution is to Congo's problem isn't military intervention but the international community should get it's hands off the Congo and leave it to it's people to determine what will happen to their country. Every one is saying they need loans, grants, investment and millitary intervention but all of them are wrong. Every thing that the international community has been proposing such as aid has fallen into wrong hands especially the corrupt politicians. Most of the critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and roads have been left undeveloped. These people have already paid the price for their existence everyone has exploited or benefited from them. The military intervention of the UN has been

less important and many rebel groups continue springing up especially in Eastern D.R.C eastern provinces of Ituri and Kivu and yet these people are being brought in to end these problems. Infact sometimes the United Nations troops keep quiet when the locals are attacked and these troops also mine the Congolese soil although their magnitude is smaller. The investment in the Congo and Africa is being fostered by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development a programme spearheaded by Thambo Mbeki. The leaders of these program have drank from the same Wells as the imperialists and bourgeoisie, they have not looked at away of increasing local capacity but instead have looked at Africa as a source of raw materials. The deals are made in Luxurious hotels of Kinshasha very far away from the people going to be affected, no stake holder analysis or environmental impact assessments carried out. The imperialists do whatever they want and exploit the environment and people without care and this has strengthened the feet of imperialism in Africa.

The imperialists are always preaching congo is very large, but remember the Soviet Union was very remote with the worst climatic conditions but it was all United under effective control of one government. And Soviet Union was bigger than the Congo which doesn't make it a special case. The Congolese people have suffered alot for generations, every one has gone against you or turned a deaf ear but the Comintern SH comes with hope and love for all the oppressed people of the world including the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The people in the Democratic Republic of Congo should not just beg for reforms and wait for elections to bring change to their fatherland but they should unite, overwhelm and stump out the oppressor. The problem of the Democratic Republic of Congo can only be solved through a revolution not as those before but a unique people's socialist Revolution. This is because the socialist revolution not only abolishes class privileges but also class distinctions themselves. The proleterian of Congo must unite, arm and fight with all their might to stump upout the oppressor and bring peace to their great fatherland.

You should have great faith in the liberation of your fatherland and fight heroically not only because you are confident in victory but because after liberation and forever afterwards you will build a better life in your liberated country.

The internationale is playing it's role we are with you the people of Democratic Republic of Congo, when you say Go the Comintern SH will be right in front of you, stand up and stump out Babylon.


For a socialist communist revolution

Looking forever onwards to Victory ☭









DRC child labour:

Mining companies accused of exploitation

The high cost of cobalt mining in the DRC that many children are paying.

Five of the world’s largest tech companies are accused of exploiting child labour and being complicit in the deaths of some.




    25th of May 2019

    Programmatic Appeal

    of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) 

      on occasion of the 56th

      African Liberation Day !



Four dead in student protests in DR Congo.

Increases to academic fees paid by the university’s 10,000 students had been suspended.




African Liberation Day



55th anniversary





Messages of Solidarity




MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2018

Today, we celebrate the 55 th anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in Africa but all over the world.

    Enver Hoxha wrote:

    "There can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

A truly free Africa can only be a socialist Africa in a socialist world. The Comintern (SH) is fighting for the goal of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat throughout Africa.

Africa is free when not only the world bourgeoisie as a whole is defeated, but also all national bourgeoisies on the entire African continent have disappeared!

Without a revolutionary organization guided by the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa. It is therefore time for the African proletariat to complete what it has begun, its liberation from wage slavery. This requires building the sections of the Comintern (SH) in all African countries, based on the invincible teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Only in this way will the African proletariat ill become an inseparable detachment of the glorious red proletarian world army, which will forever defeat world imperialism and march towards world socialism and world communism.

Imperialism means war

- even on the African continent.

Smash world imperialism in Africa!

As a result of the global economic crisis this year, the exploitation of the world imperialist powers has reached its peak. That also affects Africa. The redistribution of imperialist spheres of influence on the entire African continent is imminent. This means war on African soil by the imperialist US, by imperialist Europe (eg France, England, Germany), by imperialist China, and by other imperialist states such as Russia, Brazil, India etc. But also African imperialists themselves, like those in South Africa, will be involved in predatory war for the new redistribution of rulership. Every imperialist world power is fighting for absolute supremacy over Africa - in last consequence by means of the war. That is according the predatory law of world imperialism.

Looking at the current military activities of world imperialism, there are some indications that Africa will in future be divided into four main imperialist spheres of influence:

In North Africa, European imperialism will prevail, but it will have to defend bitterly its hegemony there, especially against the US and China.

In West Africa, American imperialism will prevail and from there seek to extend its super power throughout Africa.

In East Africa, Chinese imperialism will prevail. The superpower China, however, will not settle for East Africa. It is preparing the takeover of the entire African continent.

In South Africa, South African imperialism will continue to rule and expand to the north, but at the same time it will remain dependent, for a while, on various world imperialist powers operating there.

If this possible scenario is not prevented by the unified armed, anti-imperialist war of liberation of the peoples of Africa, then this war for the redivision of Africa will inevitably provoke a civil war that spreads throughout the African continent. The African civil war is part of the world civil war between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat, between the forces of world imperialism and the forces of world socialism. The victory or defeat of the world socialist revolution will determine the future of humanity, namely finally where it originated - in Africa.


Smash capitalism in Africa !
Long live socialist Africa !

Africa is being exploited and oppressed not only by foreign imperialist powers, but also by the indigenous bourgeoisie, more or less serving the world imperialist powers.
Today, capitalism prevails throughout Africa. In Africa, the capitalist class society exists with exploiting and exploited classes.
The contradiction between capital and labor, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, has long since become the chief contradiction in Africa and dominates the class struggles in Africa.
As in any capitalist country, the class struggle in African countries will inevitably lead to the power of the working class, which, with the victory of the socialist revolution, will establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and build socialism.
Africa is the continent with the most extreme class contradictions in the world.

Colonialism did not prevent the emergence of capitalism in Africa, but only delayed it. Nowhere is capitalism developing at a faster pace than on the African continent of today. The world imperialists noticed that a capitalist Africa is much more profitable than an old style colonialism. African capitalism produced a strong African working class - one of the new grave diggers of world imperialism. The African workers' movement is still young, but it will learn faster than the workers' movements on the other continents. They will play a more and more important role in the world socialist revolution.


Africa is the continent with the sharpest class contradictions in the world.

The situation of the working class is catastrophic. Every strike movement is oppressed and violently persecuted by the alliance between the bourgeois state, the capitalists and the bourgeois trade union leaders. A current example is the anti-strike law in South Africa. The new pact of this trio provides that in case of "violence or damages" on the part of the workers, in strikes, everything has to be done to end the strike as soon as possible, if necessary by force. Wild strikes are condemned by the state in the future as "strike breaking" (as a violation of the strike law). By order of the Labor Court, pickets are arrested by police and convicted by the court.

On April 25, the unions in South Africa had called for a general strike against the Minimum Wage Law, which is nothing other than the legalization of slave wages. The working class has defeated apartheid and will also defeat capitalist exploitation and oppression.

Miners demonstrated on May 10 in front of the mine chamber in Johannesburg against the death of 33 miners this year. In 2017, 76 miners died, compared to 73 in 2016.
In 2012, former mine union leader Cyril Ramaphosa (today's President of South Africa !!!) was responsible for the death of 34 striking miners at Marikana , who were shot dead by the police[the Comintern-SH reported on this]. The multi-billion dollar investor Ramaphosa prompted the African National Congress government to send in armed police to break the strike.

At the moment, in South Africa, wage negotiations for bus drivers are delayed by the capitalists, which is why a nationwide 4-week bus driver strike was called. Further wage strikes are planned this year for the civil service.

In South Africa, militant protests have been increasingly taking place in working-class cities, including those in greater Cape Town and Johannesburg. The workers struggle against catastrophic living conditions because the communities are not able to provide basic services to them.

In Ghana, the largest union of miners is planning protests and strikes in all factories in the country, if the government gives green light to the company "Gold Fields Ltd." to fire more than 2000 miners.


In Africa, healthcare is collapsing.

Now it is to be "rescued" by means of privatizations by foreign investors.

Healthcare strikes are spreading across the continent:

In Algeria, the police made witch hunts on the protesting doctors. Strikes have been banned since 2001. The doctors were treated like criminals. Security forces prevent Algerian doctors from attending a sit-in. Police officers indiscriminately arrest passers-by on bus or subway stations just because they are employed in health care. Outside the capital, they were released.
Declining oil and gas revenues, cuts in food and fuel subsidies and rising inflation continue to weigh on Algerians as they face an economic crisis that is now in its fourth year. As social tensions increase, workers' demonstrations, strikes and sit-ins have massively increased in recent months, peaking on 14 February 2018 in a nationwide general strike in public schools and hospitals.
Before the general strike, many demonstrators reported that they had been temporarily arrested or arbitrarily detained in several provinces and cities by security forces and plainclothes police. In addition to the civil unrest in the health and education sectors, airline flight attendants Air Algérie staged a surprise strike in late January 2018 that paralyzed local and international flights for days. Their demands for better wage were condemned by companies and government officials. Air Algérie imposed disciplinary action. Two days after the general strike, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia threatened he would "not tolerate the continued existence of this anarchy" and promised to put an end to it. The workers' answer is clear: the Algerian working class will promise to put an end to capitalism in Algeria and to replace the bourgeois dictatorship through the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Algeria is not an isolated case.
Medical strikes in Sudan, in Togo and Mauritania.
In Zimbabwe the nurses striked. The strikers were dismissed and their pension rights were canceled. Above all, it was the 15,000 nurses who contributed to the fact that in 2016 fascist President Robert Mugabe had to abdicate. His former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now president (!). Of course, he is afraid of the same fate Mugabe suffered.

In Nigeria, hospitals have extended their strike nationally after the government occupied the medical facilities by means of the army. The government blackmailed the strikers with the threat: "Ebola epidemics from the Democratic Republic of the Congo could spread in Nigeria because of the strikes".

In Zimbabwe teachers are striking, namely despite strikebreaking of yellow union leaders, who want to negotiate a rotten compromise with the government. The teachers reject this lazy compromise. As a result, the government has threatened to dismiss striking teachers and to cancel their pension.

One by one, the old corrupt elites of national independence movements are under pressure from the public's protest. Under the rule of the African bourgeoisie, African democracy, which was still young 55 years ago, has long since become open fascism and social fascism. Even the social fascist Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president from the former anti-apartheid movement, had to abdicate. In TOGO, the opposition has been protesting almost weekly since August 2017. The scale of the protests is enormous: 800,000 demonstrators in a country of 6.6 million. The protests have already claimed 16 lives and the government has blocked the Internet nationwide to stop the protests.

The governments and "parliaments" in Africa are so corrupt that they will sooner or later fall one after the other. The way out is not the election of new corrupt governments, but overthrow of the bourgeois class, the abolition of capitalist parliamentarism and the establishment of socialist council power under the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Growing protest movement in Africa

In 2018, the protest movement in Africa has continued to increase. It is our task as Stalinist-Hoxhaists to strengthen its militant character and to direct this protest movement towards the socialist revolution. We rely in particular on the protest movement of the youth.

Noteworthy is the hunger strike of the brave revolutionary students in Morocco.

The African Youth is the brightest flame of the African Revolution. This manifests on all streets in Africa. Africa offers no prospects for its young people. Most young people do not find work and have to fight for their existence on the ground or leave their homelands as refugees. We just cite one example of the growing African refugee waves: the conflict between Oromia and Somali, which has forced nearly 1 million people to flee.

In 2018 many protested Africans were killed or injured in the streets. Because they fight for their rights, they are imprisoned and fall victim to state terrorism, which prevails in all African countries.

The state terror in Africa is directed in first line against the protest movement, which is defamed as a "terrorist movement". For example, in Ethiopia hundreds of protesting people were killed on the streets.

We report on the unrest in Tunisia.
Protesters have taken to the streets in a number of Tunisian cities and demanded that the government delete new austerity measures involving an increase in fuel prices and taxes on goods.
At least one demonstrator died in the town of Tebourba, near the capital, Tunis.
The Tunisian Interior Ministry denied reports that the dead man was run over by a police car.
The police arrested 328 protesters. 2100 soldiers were deployed to protect vital facilities such as "banks, post offices and other government buildings in major cities in the country".
The new youth movement in Tunisia is protesting in the streets to put pressure on the government and overturn austerity measures.
What are the protests against?
These are above all the price increases. The Tunisian government has increased taxes under the Finance Act 2018. The new budget increased VAT on cars, alcohol, phone calls, the Internet, hotel accommodation and other items. The important tourism sector has not recovered yet after the deadly terrorist attacks in Sousse and Tunis in 2015. Tunisia's inflation is currently around 6% a year, which reduces people's incomes, and tax hikes hit the poorest of the poor - not the rich.
Who is behind the protests?
The protests seem to have spontaneously erupted among people at the local level.
A new, informal youth movement called Fech-Neustan - or "What are we waiting for?" - Created at the beginning of the year, now uses social media to resist price increases.
The group, which uses an alarm clock as a logo to symbolize the need for the population to wake up and act, estimates its own members at around 6,000 across the country, with hundreds of members in Tunis. Representatives say it is a loosely organized grassroots movement without a leader. Some of its members belong to opposition parties - such as the "Popular Front" neo-revisionists of the ICMLPO (Hamma Hammami). These leaders are trying to strangle the Tunisian revolution and turn it to a wrong (petty bourgeois) track instead of leading the Tunisian working class to the socialist revolution.

In Morocco, the protests over economic marginalization have continued since the end of December 2017 in the former mining town of Jerada (Oriental region). The miners demand better safety regulations in the mines. Tensions increased as the government arrested two key leaders of the protest movement and subsequently banned all protests. The residents of Jerada opposed the ban and went to the barricades.

In Guinea, the students protested in Conakry when the strikes - especially the teachers' strike - went into the third week. Since the elections on 4 February 2018, there have been continuing waves of protests in Guinea. 14 protesters died in the clashes.

Cameroon is still facing an escalating uprising in its south.

An increase in revolutionary violence has also been reported in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali.

In Madagascar, the students clashed with other protesters who called for the resignation of the president in recent weeks and aggravated the country's political crisis.
In Senegal, clashes erupted between students and the police in Saint Louis on May 15, resulting in the death of one student, and leading to further student protests the next day.

African farmers are protesting against the flooding of Africa with foreign agricultural goods. The domestic agricultural market is destroyed and thus the livelihood of the farmers. Responsible are not only the agricultural capitalists from Europe, but also increasingly from China.


Escalating fight for resources in Africa


The fight over water has got the character of class struggle in Africa. It is a struggle between the poor and the rich, a struggle to abolish private ownership of African water resources. The war over the water, the war over oil and other mineral resources will increase to the same extent as their scarcity.
Mining raw material extraction (including oil, diamonds, copper and cobalt) has tremendous economic potential for bourgeois governments in Africa. It is also a source of political power within the class society. It is both an economic source for the revolution and the counter revolution.
Corruption is the order of the day. Those who win the raw materials, the workers, remain poor. The profit goes into the pockets of the indigenous bourgeoisie, the labour aristocracy and the multinational corporations. This unequal distribution leads more and more to social conflicts. Rebel groups are using profits from conflict diamonds to fund civil wars in Angola, DR Congo and Sierra Leone. Oil workers are kidnapped and taken hostage. The incidence of conflicts is five times higher than it was ten years ago. While such riots and protests are occurring throughout Africa, resource-related struggles and cases of violence against workers are particularly evident in only a few countries: Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC and Somalia. Nigeria consistently has a high direct conflict with resources. As the 12th largest oil producer in the world and the eighth largest exporter, the resource-related conflict in Nigeria revolves around oil. About 5% of violent conflicts in South Sudan since 2011 are explicitly resource related. The vast majority of this kind of conflict, which is being observed in South Sudan, consists of battles, primarily between government forces and rebel groups. Resource conflicts in South Sudan are also associated with oil. Sudan has also experienced a large number of these oil conflicts.
While oil creates resource-related conflicts in Nigeria, Sudan and South Sudan, the commodity-related conflict in DR Congo is fueled mainly by mining (eg diamonds, cobalt). It is estimated that DR Congo has approximately $ 24 trillion of unexploited crude mineral ore, including the world's largest cobalt reserves. Most of this type of conflict in the DR Congo takes place primarily between government forces and rebel groups. It's about control of the mines.
Somalia sees a high number of conflicts directly with resources, mainly caused by clan clashes over access to and control of land and water resources. In a region with year-round high temperatures and limited / irregular rainfall, these natural resources become even more valuable.
Riots and protests related to resources have increased in recent years. Nigeria and, most recently, Libya account for the largest share of these events. With Nigeria the largest oil producer on the continent and Libya home to Africa's largest oil reserves, food riots and protests in these countries are primarily targeted at the oil industry. For example, these riots and protests include the closure of the offices of local oil companies: emands for more transparency, higher wages and better working conditions.
Given the low enforcement of mining industries in Africa, corruption in these industries is high. Although the region has a number of extremely resource-rich countries, many are still extremely poor and underdeveloped.

Our answer is clear:

Fight the plundering of Africa's resources by the world imperialists!

Everything belongs in the hands of the African working class! Expropriation of the capitalists! Abolition of private ownership of resources! Resources in the hands of the working people!

Abolition of capitalism! Establishment of socialism!

Today's crises of world capitalism have devastating consequences for the impoverished population of Africa. The world crisis is being misused by the world imperialists to extract more wealth from Africa. This corresponds to the parasitic nature of world imperialism (the concentration and centralization of exploitation, the monopolization of financial and industrial capital, the business of hunger, water, resources, wage slavery, refugees, proxy wars, etc.) The blood of the African peoples continues to flow for the maximum profit of imperialists around the world.

The heroic history of the anti-imperialist wars and liberation struggles of Africans will one day be rewarded with the victory of the socialist revolution throughout Africa. In Africa, one day, the dictatorship of the proletariat will be established and an African Union of Socialist Republics founded, modeled on the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, and on the model of socialism in Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The African Liberation Day represents a socialist Africa in a socialist world!

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is

the teaching of the preparation, recruitment, centralized organization and mobilization of the international proletarian army, in general, and the transformation of the reserves of the imperialist hinterland into new proletarian detachments of the world socialist revolution, in particular.

The weakening of the chain of world imperialism requieres the strengthening of the anti-imperialist chain in Africa.

With the development of capitalism in the colonies, the global development of world imperialism is nearly mature and complete - thus ready for the transformation into world socialism - also in Africa.

The expansion of imperialism in Africa - coupled with so much misery and blood - prepares its own decline and consequently its replacement by socialism. Unavoidably, that will be a new kind of socialism with global features - in the course of the globalization on the African continent and the socialist world revolution.

Africa is on the road back to its roots - to the classless society - and thus on the road towards communism in a classless world !


Long live the 55th anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Comrades of the African continent !

Build up your strong "African Section" of the Comintern (SH) !

Without a revolutionary organization, which is guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa !

The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the African working class.

For a socialist Africa in a socialist world !

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in every African country !"


Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party! 


Comintern (SH)

25th of May, 2018











Messages of Solidarity




MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2017

Today, we celebrate the 54th anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in African but all over the world.

The history of African class society is the story of his heroic class struggle against slavery, subjugation and plundering, the history of defeats and victories of his liberation. The peoples of Africa are rich in experience from which they can draw lessons for their total liberation and emancipation. And also the African proletariat is capable to draw lessons from the recent history of the workers movement in Africa. And that goes also for the lessons of the communist movement and, especially for the anti-revisionist struggle in Africa. 

African neo-revisionism is the restoration of African revisionism, is reconciliation with revisionism in general, and with Maoism, in particular. The socialist revolution will fail if the communist movement in Africa is not purified from neo-revisionism, as long as neo-revisionist influence is not defeated.

We appeal to those African revolutionaries who are militant fighters against revisionism, neo-revisionism, and especially against Maoism. Today, an African communist is characterized by the ideological demarcation-line between Stalinism-Hoxhaism and Neo-Revisionism. We need African comrades who are implacably against revisionism and social-fascism, and absolutely determined to fight against every revisionist influence among the revolutionary communist- and workers movement in Africa.

It is the core issue of the communist movement in Africa , not to unite with the reformist, revisionist or neo-revisionist elements in the struggle against imperialism, but to fight imperialism and its lackeys by the socialist revolution on the basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The one colonial power replaced the other - but the colonies still remained. The history of imperialist wars in the period of the redivision of Africa is the heroic story of its anti-imperialist wars and liberation struggles of the Africans. Exploiting ruthlessly the world crisis for the purpose to extract ten times more riches from Africa - that is the essence of imperialist parasitism ( the business with starvation, with water, with resources, with weapons, with labor, etc).

Neo-colonialism is the highest stage of colonialism.

Neo-colonialism is a "molted" colonialism, is "decolonialization" in words and re-colonialization in deeds. Neo-colonialism is the highest stage of colonialism - is parasitic, decaying, dying colonialism. Imperialism, itself, destroys its own hinterland. And without its hinterland imperialism is doomed to die.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the teaching of the preparation, recruitment, centralized organization and mobilization of the international proletarian army, in general, and the transformation of the reserves of the imperialist hinterland into new proletarian detachments of the world socialist revolution, in particular.

The October Revolution - exactly 100 years ago - was the first step towards the socialist world revolution. There will be no socialist Africa without applying to the experiences and teachings of the October Revolution. The October Revolution heralded the unification of anti-imperialist war of the world proletariat and the war of liberation of the oppressed peoples. The continuation of the October Revolution and the world socialist revolution is the only way to liberate Africa from imperialist exploitation and oppression.

The weakening of the chain of world imperialism requieres the strengthening of the anti-imperialist chain in Africa.

With the development of capitalism in the colonies, the global development of world imperialism is nearly mature and complete - thus ready for the transformation into world socialism - also in Africa.

The expansion of imperialism in Africa - coupled with so much misery and blood - prepares its own decline and consequently its replacement by socialism. Unavoidably, that will be a new kind of socialism with global features - in the course of the globalization on the African continent and the socialist world revolution.

Africa is on the road back to its roots - to the classless society - and thus on the road towards communism in a classless world !


Long live the 54th anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Comrades of the African continent !

Build up your strong "African Section" of the Comintern (SH) !

Without a revolutionary organization, which is guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa !

The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the African working class.

For a socialist Africa in a socialist world !

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in every African country !"

Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party! 

Comintern (SH)

25th of May, 2017







Komintern (SH)

Déclaration programmatique sur la question des immigrants et des réfugiés

- et sa solution révolutionnaire mondial -  

10 Septembre 2015

Écrit par Wolfgang Eggers










May 25, 1963 - May 25, 2015


52th African Liberation Day...


Messages of Solidarity



MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2015

Today, we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in African but all over the world.

However, we must pay particular tribute to the enormous combats waged by African workers against colonialism and neo-colonialism since several centuries ago. They put forward this anti-colonialist fight during the former times of European (British, French, German, Portuguese, Belgian, etc.) imperialism and posteriorly, when world bourgeois class understood that neo-colonialism could better serve its interests, also against American, Soviet and more recent Chinese imperialism.

Unfortunately, the struggle of African peoples could never accomplish complete emancipation, it could never be concluded through genuine socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship under the vanguard leadership of authentic Bolshevist parties of Leninist-Stalinist type. In 1979, comrade Enver Hoxha made an affirmation that is still entirely suitable nowadays:

Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have won their freedom and independence. But there can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The African population remained culturally and economically undeveloped (…)The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

Thus, world bourgeois class continued to put its colonialist and neo-colonialist claws over Africa and its resources and workforce. We also take this opportunity to recall the indispensable role played by all kinds of bourgeois-reformist and revisionist movements to ensure that capitalist-imperialist system could keep African toilers under its dominance. From the Krushchevist, Maoist, etc. revisionisms to the so-called “African ways to socialism” and “Pan-African / Pan-Arabian” and “non-aligned” movements - all of them contributed to that.

But now, it is time for African proletariat to finish what it was left half-way through constructing a Section of the Comintern (SH) in each African country and through faithfully applying the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Only in this manner will they manage to be part of the glorious global red proletarian army that will defeat world capitalism-imperialism once for all towards world socialism and world communism.

Long live the 52nd anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party!


Theory and tactics of the

socialist world revolution

in Africa


adopted by the Comintern (SH) - October 10, 2012



Enver Hoxha











The people, they flee ...




    Statement of the Comintern (SH)

    On the Congo

    September 2012



    Capitalism and imperialism are responsible for the abhorrent misery in which Congolese workers live!

    Only world communism can definitively eliminate these two evils!

    Congolese proletariat is implacably exploited by the Anglo-American mining corporations


    War – imperialists’ favourite instrument to maximize their profits


    7 million of Congolese workers were killed because of the wars architected by world imperialism!

    Only the world socialist revolution can prevent the continuation of this massive class genocide!


If we had to determine what is the most exploited, oppressed and abused region of the world, the African continent would doubtlessly be one of the main candidates to that title.


Indeed, after many centuries of ruthless colonialist and neo-colonialist rapacity, African workers continue to be totally submerged in the most disgusting destitution, suffering from famine, disease and from wars caused by all kinds of imperialists. As comrade Enver excellently remarked:

Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have won their freedom and independence. But there can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The African population remained culturally and economically undeveloped (…)The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

And among all African countries, perhaps one of the most subjected to capitalist gluttony for profits is the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC).

In fact, Congolese people has been harshly repressed since the XIX century, when Belgian colonialists first set foot on this nation and transformed it into their colony. Colonialist oppression reached unbearable levels between 1880’s and the early XX century, when Belgian king Leopold II literally turned this gigantic country into his private property and forced Congolese people to work as slaves on the mines and on the colossal construction projects whose only purpose was to increase the personal fortune of the king. Consequently, Congolese people was getting poorer and poorer while king Leopold became a billionaire thanks to the richness stolen from Congolese workers.

It is not difficult to understand the efforts of the Belgian colonialists to keep Congo under their sway. After all, Congo is considered by many as being the wealthiest African country in what respects to mineral resources:

The DR of Congo is an authentic “geologic scandal”. The country’s territory is full of colossal quantities of mineral resources (…) like: cooper, gold, diamonds, niobium, oil, uranium, coal, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, tin, germanium…”(Djimadoum, l’Action Tchadienne pour l’Unité et le Socialisme / Parti Révolutionnaire Populaire et Écologique, Message de Condamnation de la balkanisation de la RD Congo par les impérialistes, 20th August, 2012, translated from French language)

Consequently, it is also easy to comprehend that Belgian colonialists were far from being the only ones interested in Congo’s natural wealth. After the Second World War, traditional colonialism entered in decay. It involved too many risks to the imperialists, because to have openly and explicitly colonialist regimes dangerously fostered the spreading of socialist ideology and conscience among the toiling masses – specially at a time when Comrade Stalin’s Soviet Union had just proved socialisms’ unquestionable superiority over imperialism. In face of this, Anglo-American imperialists encouraged the overthrown of Belgian colonialism in Congo in order to replace it with their own neo-colonialism - and indeed, the influence of Anglo-American plutocrats over Congo persists until this day in spite of the recent emergence of new imperialisms.

During the 60’s, Congolese national bourgeoisie tried to put an end to Anglo-American dominance by promoting Patrice Lumumba as president of the country, but it was worthless. On November 22, 1964 united colonial armies of Britain, USA and Belgium intervened the Congo. Massacres by the military aggression against the Congolese people took place (feigned imperialist propaganda: allegedly “because some hundred Europeans needed help - they were threatened and terrorized by the Lumumba-government). In his book “The Superpowers”, comrade Enver Hoxha described:

The barbarous Americans and their Belgian mercenaries today made a paratroop attack on the town of Stanleyville, which is in the hands of the Congolese insurgents. This is a brutal intervention of the imperialists - friends of the Khrushchevite and Titoite revisionists - are striving jointly in a thousand ways to quell the flames of peoples' national liberation struggle. Spaak (P. - H. Spaak in that time vice-premier and minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium), the close friend of both Khrushchev and Tito, together with the Americans, is at the head of this bandit-like operation.” (Enver Hoxha, The Superpowers: A barbarous imperialist action against the Congolese insurgents, November 1964, page 133, Tirana, 1986, edition in English)

Lumumba played a progressive role in the anti-imperialist, anti-colonial struggle of the Congolese revolutionary struggle for the independence of the Congo (“Africanisation – as it was once demanded by the Comintern). We hold high the revolutionary struggle of the Congolese people against colonialism and neo-colonialism. This should be mentioned - although he was not a Marxist-Leninist and influenced by the Soviet Revisionists. He had also illusions in the neo-colonialist role of the UNO which was under the command of the imperialist world with the US-Imperialists at the head. Lumumba tried to have the UNO on his side against the Belgian aggression. In the result, the UNO did not stand to its words in helping the Lumumba-government and the UNO-Resolution was sabotaged).

Mobutu played a reactionary role. He received directly order from the CIA for the destruction of the democratically elected Lumumba-Government.

The colonialist puppet, the fascist Tschombe fled to Spain (!) when the colonial separation of Katanga failed. After the murder of Lumumba, corruption with Dollars were on the agenda (This tragedy can be compared with Allende in Chile). Tschombe returned to smash the revolutionary uprisings of the people. The Lumumba-politicians were murdered or imprisoned. The Belgian colonists re-conquered their power in the Congo. 10 000 rebels, men, women and children were slaughtered and thrown into the river by white racist mercenaries (from South Africa and Rhodesia).

Lumumba and his supporters were quickly killed by the agents of the Congolese bourgeoisie compradore at the service of Anglo-American capitalists. After this, Congolese proletariat suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the despotic general Mobutu, a cleptocrat who helped Anglo-American multinationals to increase their super-profits in return for some alms for himself and his clique. As comrade Enver Hoxha explained:

The genuine Marxist-Leninist parties have the internationalist duty to encourage and inspire the proletariat and the peoples of all these countries to make the revolution, to rise against foreign and local oppression and enslavement, in whatever form they present themselves. Our Party thinks that this is the only way that the conditions can be created for the peoples to fight both imperialism and social-imperialism, with which the capitalist bourgeoisie of most of these countries tries of the “third world” is linked in all sorts of ways.

But what does China do? China defends Mobutu and the clique around him in Zaire. Through its propaganda China is trying to create the impression that it is allegedly defending the people of that country against an invasion of mercenaries engineered by the Soviet Union, but in reality it is defending the reactionary Mobutu regime. The Mobutu clique is an agency in the service of US imperialism. Through its propaganda and “pro-Zaire” stand, China is defending Mobutu's alliance with US imperialism, with neocolonialism, and striving to prevent any change in the status quo of that country. The duty of the genuine revolutionaries is not to defend the reactionary rulers, the tools of the imperialists, but to work to inspire the people of Zaire to fight for their freedom and sovereignty against Mobutu, local capital and US, French, Belgian and other imperialisms.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution - part II: The Chinese View about the Unity of the “Third World” Is Reactionary, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

The Chinese loudly proclaim that «the Marxist-Leninists must stand in the positions of the international proletariat, must always defend the common interests of the revolutionary peoples of the world in the international class struggle, must always defend and fight for their maximum program: the replacement of the capitalist order with the communist order».

In general, these statements in the Chinese article are made for purposes of demagogy and simply to disguise their stands, because they have never fought and are not fighting from the positions of the international proletariat, have not defended and are not defending the interests of the revolutionary peoples. To maintain relations with reaction and the most bloodthirsty fascists such as Pinochet, Strauss, the Shah of Iran, and Mobutu, who are the most notorious executioners of the peoples, means to totally disregard the interests of the international proletariat and the interests of the proletariat of a particular country, which coincide with those of the international proletariat.

The Chinese have concocted endless bombastic phrases, but we do not judge their words separately from their deeds. When a comparison is made of the Marxist-Leninist phrases of the Chinese with their stands and practices, then the falsity of the theories which they apply comes out clearly.” (Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, Thursday, November 3, 1977: Again On The Chinese Article which Speaks About the Theory of the Three Worlds, p. 680, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

When Mobutu’s reign finally ended, the situation of the Congolese proletariat was terrible. Not only Anglo-American corporations continued to freely plunder the nation, but Mobutu’s years had ruined the country, leaving the nation without any kind of human conditions and infrastructures. Moreover, Anglo-American plutocrats replaced Mobutu with an equally oppressive and exploitative regime of corrupt pro-imperialist lackeys which impoverished Congolese workers even more - bourgeois figures note that around 80% of Congo’s population is living in absolute penury.

Of course that this situation is highly beneficial to the Anglo-American multinationals which enrich themselves by stealing Congolese working masses. After all, a people which is dying of hunger and disease is a necessarily weakened people whose major worry is everyday survival. In face of this state of things, it is very difficult to spread socialist conscience and Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology among Congolese proletarians – even because most of them are analphabet.

But despite all these difficulties, the imperialist system is condemned to death not only in Congo, but all over the world. The revolutionary communist ideology of the world proletariat will conquer the hearts of the Congolese proletariat sooner than later, and the imperialist oppression which is exercised over Congo will be eliminated forever. However, there is a long way to go before that. Indeed, in recent times, the situation in the Eastern part of Congo aggravated greatly. The imperialists are causing war in this region in benefit of their capitalist interests:

The rare minerals that exist in Congo are absolutely essential to many industries such as weaponry, electronic, telecommunications, etc…; for example, coltan is utilized to produce mobile phones, computers, etc and its reserves are concentrated in Eastern Congo, in the Kivu region. In fact, between 60% to 80% of world reserves of coltan are located in this area.” …”(Djimadoum, l’Action Tchadienne pour l’Unité et le Socialisme / Parti Révolutionnaire Populaire et Écologique, Message de Condamnation de la balkanisation de la RD Congo par les impérialistes, 20th August, 2012, translated from French language)

Once more, Congolese workers are being victims of the Anglo-American plutocrats who don’t hesitate in submerge Congo in blood if that means a profit increasement: according to bourgeois sources, around 7 million of Congolese were killed in the wars that ravaged the country in the last years. And the number of dead will certainly increase, even because Chinese social-imperialism is also being attracted by Congo’s mineral resources and is starting to penetrate deeply into Africa. An (bourgeois) article on Chinese influence in the Congo gives us some facts:

In Lubumbashi, the capital of Katanga Province, day and night, truck tractors roar through the city, heavily laden with copper and cobalt. Drive towards Zambia and on to Tanzania. From there, the raw materials are shipped to China. 300 Chinese companies are already in the Katanga Province in the smelting works. 80 percent of private investment in recent years come from China. The most recent coup is a contract of the century worth nine billion dollars. China is building 3,500 km highways, 3,500 kilometers of railway tracks, to hospitals, universities and schools. In return, it receives ten million tons of copper and 200,000 tons of cobalt. - Raw materials for infrastructure.

The Democratic Republic of Congo gets cash from China to rebuild the war-torn country without political conditions or political conduct, as the West calls it, when he forgives funds. For example, China has clearly in the resource-rich country in Africa in the lead. With the billions of dollars and thousands of Chinese coming into the country. They are the new colonizers of China.”

Indeed, Chinese imperialist penetration in Congo is nothing new. It has been intensifying since Mobutu’s epoch. And it is important to note that during that time, Chinese social-fascists couldn’t care less about the fact the Mobutu was a capitalist mass murderer paid by the Western corporations to oppress Congolese workers with the purpose of assuring their profit maximization. Here are some interesting facts about the Chinese interests in Zaire:

Huang Hua, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited Zaire recently to meet with President Mobutu and discuss the possibilities of Chinese military aid for this African country. Shortly afterwards, two delegations of Chinese military advisors arrived in Zaire to train some of the country’s 800 sailors, artillerymen and tank drivers.

The visits of the Chinese leaders are linked to the current situation in that part of the world. For the second time in 14 months, Zaire has had to appeal for foreign military aid to fight off invasion of its territory by Katangan mercenaries trained and outfitted by Soviet imperialists and their Cuban agents in Africa. To counter these attacks, Morocco intervened in March 1977 in support of Zaire by sending an expeditionary force of 3,000 men airlifted into the area on planes provided by France. More recently, France, Belgium, Great Britain and the United States have had to bail out Zaire by providing soldiers, technicians and military equipment to throw back the invaders.

The current leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) consider this an important victory. They commented on events in 1977 by saying:

During the Zaire event last year, Moscow’s plot was smashed, thanks to the persistent struggle of the international united: front against hegemony. (Peking Review, April 21, 1978)

During his recent visit to Zaire, Huang Hua added:

...the Zairian people under the leadership of President Mobutu are capable of defending the independence, national sovereignty and unity of the country and repulsing all aggression from outside. (Peking Review, June 9, 1978, our emphasis).

So the current leaders of the CPC consider that the intervention of the “united front” of French, Belgian and US imperialists was a good thing. Furthermore, Mobutu’s regime should be cause for rejoicing for his leadership has apparently helped safeguard his country’s independence and sovereignty and thwart the hegemonic designs of the superpowers, particularly those of Soviet social imperialism, the “main enemy of and the major threat” facing “African countries and people”, according to Peking Review, June 3, 1977. In short, supporting Mobutu and his allies amounts to working in the interests of the peoples of the world.

But what is really happening?

First, who is Mobutu?

Whose interests does he really represent?

Does Mobutu defend the interests of the Zairian People?


Mobutu, a former parachutist trained in Israel, was an officer in the Belgian colonial army before Zaire’s formal independence. This already suggests that the interests he defends aren’t automatically compatible with the liberation of the people of Zaire. Furthermore, the lot of the labouring masses in Zaire today is enough to make us suspect what kind of “leadership” Mobutu is giving.

Indeed, how can Zairian workers have confidence in a regime that keeps them in misery, a regime that doesn’t even bother covering up its corruption, it regime that has presided over the collapse of their standard of living (taking 100 as an index for 1960, it fell to 26 in 1976 and 15 in 1977)? How can they leave their fate up to a president who undoubtedly learned how to rule by terror while serving in the colonial army? His bloody repression of peasant revolts in the Idiofa region, and the activities of the “national documentation centre”, a kind of secret police charged with detecting and crushing all opposition to the regime, testify to this.

In fact, Mobutu is far form being a great defender of the people’s interests. He is instead a worthy representative of that class of parasites who grow rich on the sweat and misery of the Zairian masses, and who make the Zairians pay for the disastrous state of the economy, the decline in production, the public debt of $4 billion, etc.

Doesn’t advising the Zairian people to submit to such “leadership” amount to advising slaves to grovel at the feet of the overseer?


A puppet of imperialism

When the leaders of the CPC declare that under the leadership of Mobutu the Zairian people are capable of defending the independence and sovereignty of the country, are they really unaware of how closely linked Mobutu is to imperialism, including US imperialism, one of the two superpowers? That France, Belgium and even the United States have intervened militarily twice in Zaire is neither a coincidence nor a demonstration of their desire for “dialogue”. Although Zaire has been formally independent since 1960, the colonialists of yesteryear have not abandoned their interests. They still dominate the Zairian people today, thanks to the agents they have trained. One of these is Mobutu, a leader clearly on the payroll of the Western imperialist bloc. Since 1975, he has offered to reimburse the imperialists 40% and then 60% and even, in certain cases, 100% of the capital confiscated in the 1973 nationalizations. The result is that today, nearly all the key sectors of the Zairian economy are controlled by foreign interests. in 1976, Mobutu went so far as to grant Otrang, a German company, rights to the “complete and integral usage” of more than 100,000 square kilometres of Zairian territory near the Tanzanian border. To top it all off, in June he confided the administration of the country’s economy to the international Monetary Fund, an economic organization controlled by the American superpower.

It is, for the least, a strange way to “defend the independence and national sovereignty” of the country. Similarly, when the CPC leaders applaud the intervention of the united front of imperialist countries like France, Belgium and Great Britain in Zaire, are they not erroneously hushing up the aggressive interventions of these imperialist States against the people of Zaire? Like the superpowers, these States defend the interests of their respective bourgeoisies first and foremost in their dealings with countries like Zaire, and it so happens that these interests are served by the plundering of Zaire’s natural resources and the savage exploitation of its workers. Belgians haven’t invested $800 million in Zaire to guarantee the sovereignty of its people; rather, their investments mean intensified exploitation of this people so as to extract superprofits and ensure the Belgian investors a better position in their rivalry with other imperialist States on international markets.

An application of the three worlds theory


The positions adopted by the CPC leadership in the question of Zaire are not unrelated to its defence of the three worlds theory as the strategic guideline for the struggle of the international proletariat at the present time. This theory divides the world into three groups of countries (the developing countries of the “Third World”; the superpowers, the USA and the USSR; and the developed countries of the “second world”), and declares that the way to respond to the hegemonic designs and threats of aggression of the two superpowers and in particular those of the USSR, the more dangerous – is to work at uniting all the other countries and peoples in a broad anti-hegemonic front. According to the leaders of the CPC, Mobutu and countries like France, Belgium and Great Britain are included in this united front.

But, as the example of Zaire emphasizes, how can one hope to strengthen Mobutu and French or Belgian imperialists, all of them enemies of the Zairian people, and at the same time support the revolutionary struggle of the people, who have the task of weakening and overthrowing these same enemies? How can one hope to fight Soviet social imperialism by relying on other, equally imperialist, States that are also competing for a larger and larger share of international markets?

Calling on the peoples to submit to reactionary leaders like Mobutu and collude with the imperialism that oppresses them – is that not abandoning a truly revolutionary line?” (American group's newspaper: “in Struggle!”, No. 118, July 3, 1978, edition in English)

As can be concluded, Chinese imperialists don’t stop at nothing to grant and expand their social-fascist empire. In the past, they didn’t hesitate in supporting the darkest kinds of neo-colonialism if that helped them becoming a world superpower. And currently, they are doing the same thing but at a much larger scale, because nowadays Chinese social-imperialists are on the brink of absolute world domination. In Mobutu’s time, the Chinese were a minor imperialist force operating in Congo when compared to the other imperialisms; but today this is not the case anymore – Chinese social-imperialism is successfully defying American imperialism in what respects to control over African continent (and over Congo, of course). And it is not an exaggeration to affirm that in the future there will certainly be wars between both these imperialisms. And this because wars are inherent to imperialism’s unstoppable search for maximum earnings. When contradictions between superpowers reach a certain point, war is the only manner to temporarily alleviate them. Therefore, belicist contradictions between Anglo-American imperialism and Chinese imperialism will undoubtedly sharpen and will be responsible for the murder of many more people - this unless the world proletariat smashes world imperialist system and annihilates capitalist exploitation forever.

Needless to say that these are imperialist wars, whose objective is to pave the way to the maximization of capitalist profits. In fact, the Anglo-American imperialists are striving to divide Congo (one of Africa’s largest nations) into many small client states. The imperialists have this as an objective because it is much easier to have power over a completely divided area, and consequently the region’s mineral resources will also be much more under imperialists’ control.

In their war against Congolese proletarians, the Anglo-American imperialists count with two valuable allies: one of them is the corrupt Congolese bourgeoisie compradore while the other is composed by the dominant Tutsi elites of Rwanda.

Rwandan dominant classes are an essential instrument of the war waged by the Anglo-American imperialists against Congolese people; indeed, just like Congo, Rwanda is also a classical example of how far can colonialist-imperialist perversity go. Rwandan population is divided in two main ethnies: the vast majority of Hutus and a minority of Tutsis. Before the epoch of colonialism, both ethnies lived in relative harmony, but when the European imperialists set foot on this territory, they immediately started to apply the tactic “divide to conquer” in order to better exploit Rwandan workers: they qualified the Tutsi minority as being a “superior race” and covered it with privileges, while the Hutu majority was considered as “inferior” and was condemned to live in the most abhorrent destitution.

Of course, this divisive strategy used by the colonialists had the purpose of deviating proletarians’ attention from colonial oppression through launching Rwanda’s ethnies against each other. After the end of traditional imperialism, the liberation movement led by the Hutu national bourgeoisie seized power and established a nationalistic regime against the interests of the Anglo-American neo-imperialists, who didn’t hesitate in organizing and training the Tutsi elites as an instrument to destabilize the power of the Hutu national bourgeoisie. The imperialist-caused tension between these two ethnical groups reached a dramatic peak in 1994, when after a long series of incidents, the Hutu national bourgeoisie put in practice a plan to exterminate the Tutsis – whose close links to foreign imperialism were perceived as a menace to the interests of the Hutu nationalistic ruling groups. This was the sadly famous Rwandan genocide which killed around 800.000 people in less than three months.

Today, it is a recognized fact that Anglo-American imperialist ruling classes knew very well that Hutu national bourgeoisie had genocide plans against the Tutsis and they were kept well informed about the events in Rwanda, but despite this they did nothing. And this inactivity had a very clear objective: just after the end of the killings, the Anglo-American imperialists intervened in Rwanda and put Tutsi compradore elites back in power under the pretext that the Tutsis had been victims and consequently their maintenance in power should be regarded as some kind of “self-defence” against new possibilities of genocide by the Hutus. With this, Anglo-American plutocrats managed to keep the nationalistic ambitions of the Hutu bourgeoisie out of the way.

It is obvious that Tutsi compradore elites greatly favour Anglo-American imperialist interests not only in Rwanda, but also in other regions such as Eastern Congo. Moreover, the Anglo-American capitalists provided the Tutsi rulers with modern and sophisticated weaponry and organized a militar group called M 23 which operates in Kivu – an area in Eastern Congo which is nothing less than one of the regions with highest concentration of mineral resources (including gold, diamonds and oil…) of the entire African continent.

The group M 23 practices terrorism against Congolese proletarians who work as slaves in Kivu’s mines belonging to the multinationals. It also ensures that Congo’s mineral resources go to the hands of imperialist corporations like Tenfields Holdings Limited, Littlerock Mining Ltd, Sapora Mining Ltd, Anglo Anglo-American Corporation (AAC) of South Africa, Barrick Gold Corporation (BGC – the second largest gold producer of the planet), etc.

Indeed, one of the main owners of BGC is George W. Bush, the American ultra-rightist billionaire who massacred Iraqi and Afghan workers only to foster the profits of the oil and construction companies. And several leaders of the Rwandan compradore bourgeoisie also possess shares in many of the mining companies mentioned above. One of them is General Kabaré – Rwanda’s defense minister – who plays a crucial role in the reign of terror that the pro-imperialist tyrannical regime ruling Rwanda established in this country in order to brutally repress both Rwandan and Congolese workers.

But Anglo-American imperialists couldn’t care less about this. They do what they have to do to assure their bloody capitalist interests. Only in 2011, they provided Rwanda’s murderous rulers with more than 350.000.000$ ( a value almost exclusively paid by the taxes of American and English workers, of course…), being the majority of the money destined to buy more weaponry and equipment to foster war in Congo in favor of the mining plutocratic interests.

Even Global Witness, a bourgeois-capitalist “human rights” agency, stated that:

The two main supporters of Rwanda’s regime (USA and Great-Britain) must use their influence to prevent Rwanda from intervening in Congo through military means.” (Global Witness Reports, June, 2012)

Of course, we must never forget that the so-called “human rights agencies” like the Amnesty International, Global Witness and HWR who are supposedly “worried” about the “lack of human rights” in Rwanda and in Congo have the sole purpose of alerting the Anglo-American plutocrats and the Rwandan and Congolese compradore rulers about the fact that the open violence they exercise against workers in favor of the profits of multinational corporations may encourage the acquisition of revolutionary consciousness and adherence to socialist ideology among those workers. Through their disgusting “human right reports and denouncements”, those bourgeois-capitalist “human rights” agencies advise the imperialists and their lackeys to use hidden exploitative violence instead of explicit exploitative violence. In this manner, the pro-capitalist ideologues behind the AI, GW, etc…believe they can help the imperialists avoiding the world socialist revolution not only in Congo and Rwanda, but in the whole planet.

Unluckily for them, the world socialist revolution is inevitable and it is only a matter of time until its subjective factor is successfully fulfilled – no matter the lies and hypocritical tricks used by the bourgeois “humanitarians”, who try to convince the workers that there are no exploiters and exploited but only “human beings with human rights”. We, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, declare: we don’t recognize any “human rights” neither any “human dignity” to those who mislead, oppress, repress, exploit and steal world workers in general, and Congolese workers in particular. Congolese oppressed masses can only liberate themselves through basing their actions on the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and by acting together with the other detachments of the world proletarian red army led by the Comintern (SH). There is no other way. Congolese proletarians can only achieve socialism through violent armed revolution directed against the capitalist-imperialist world rulers with the subsequent establishment of the proletarian dictatorship.

Unfortunately, there are many African and non-African revisionist organizations that spend their time doing their utmost to hide this simple truth. One of these revisionist groups is the Chadian ACTUS (Action Tchadienne pour l’Unité et le Socialisme). Being a Maoist organization, the ACTUS tries to deceive workers by trying to convince them that the oppression and exploitation they suffer can be totally avoided through demanding it to the United Nations (UN) and to the African Union (AU):

(…) our party, the ACTUS (…):

demands to the UN and to the AU the application of adequate sanctions (…) against Rwandan and Congolese leaders. (…) Justice must be made to the Congolese people (…).” (Djimadoum, l’Action Tchadienne pour l’Unité et le Socialisme / Parti Révolutionnaire Populaire et Écologique, Message de Condamnation de la balkanisation de la RD Congo par les impérialistes, 20th August, 2012, translated from French language)

This affirmation is a total absurd. The Maoists are defending that the ultra-exploited Congolese workers should ask the UN and the AU for “imposition of sanctions against Rwandan and Congolese leaders” and for “indemnizations”. In first place, we note that the Maoists shamelessly try to conceal the class character of bourgeois-capitalist international organizations like the UN and the AU with the aim of deceiving the workers. According to the Maoists, for the Congolese proletariat to be liberated it would supposedly suffice that the UN imposed punishments against the compradore elites which plunder Congo. This is false. As we had already said, the UN and the AU are bourgeois institutions whose only objective is to protect the profitable interests of the corporations which rule the main imperialist states. Within UN and AU, each imperialism makes use of its own strength and influence in order to foster its interests against the will of the other rival imperialisms. And it is obvious that UN’s and AU’s leanings are in agreement with who is the most powerful imperialist superpower at a determined moment.

Nowadays, we are in a transitional period. Anglo-American imperialism is being replaced by Chinese imperialism as the world dominant imperialist superpower. But while the USA remains the main superpower, the UN and the AU will never impose sanctions or indemnizations against a compradore regime like the Rwandan – which serves Anglo-American interests. And even if the UN decided to impose those punishments against Rwanda, this would solely mean that Chinese imperialists were achieving good results in their quest to weaken an imperialist rival.

In fact, the UN published some “resolutions” in which the events and wars going on in Congo are criticized. But it is more than obvious that Chinese imperialists are behind those “resolutions”. They perceive the dramatic situation of Congolese people as an opportunity to present Anglo-American imperialism as the only enemy of the world proletariat. They hypocritically denounce the murderous activities of Anglo-American plutocrats and of their Rwandan and Congolese lackeys with the purpose of directing peoples’ anger against Anglo-American imperialism, thus leaving free road to the expansion of their own imperialism. On the other side, Anglo-American imperialists also have a certain interest in those resolutions, because by “approving” them, they try to depict themselves as having nothing to do with the excruciating wars over mineral resources that are taking place in Congo.

It is crystal clear that while the world imperialist-capitalist system based on private property and accumulation is not annihilated, wars, famines, oppression and exploitation will inescapably affect Congolese laboring masses, independently of the phony masks that the imperialist of all kinds may use in order to hide their inherent predatory nature and their insatiable greed for Congo’s resources.

Therefore, the claims of the Maoists and their depicting of the UN and of the AU as being some kind of impartial institutions independent from imperialist influences are just ridiculous. The truth is that while capitalist exploitative system exists, imperialism will also necessarily emerge. In the context of an imperialist dominated world, sanctions and indemnizations are nothing more than instruments used by a determined imperialism in order to weaken its competitors.

Indeed, being the ACTUS a Maoist group, we may consider the possibility of this party be a representative of the interests of Chinese social-imperialists in Africa, whose aim is to defeat the influence of Anglo-American imperialism and to replace it by their own. These suspicions of ours are confirmed when we take notice of the affirmations made by ACTUS’s leaders. In their official documents, those Maoists declare that Congo is a naturally wealthy nation and that its immense mineral richness “encourages the voracious gluttony of the multinational corporations of the western imperialist powers.” (Djimadoum, l’Action Tchadienne pour l’Unité et le Socialisme / Parti Révolutionnaire Populaire et Écologique, Message de Condamnation de la balkanisation de la RD Congo par les impérialistes, 20th August, 2012, translated from French language).

This statement is just astonishing. Accordingly to the ACTUS Maoists, only the western multinationals corporations are interested in Congo’s natural wealth!

If we are going to believe them, the multinationals that do not belong to the imperialist powers included in the so-called “western world” have no predatory intentions towards Congo’s resources. That would mean that the mammoth corporations ruled by the Chinese imperialist bourgeoisie have no “voracious gluttony” in making superprofits through plundering Congolese workers. After all, Chinese imperialism is not a Western imperialism, but an Eastern one, and therefore - if we apply ACTUS’s leaders’ declarations - we can only conclude that new emergent imperialisms of the East like the Russian, Indian or Chinese don’t have any of the rapacious profit-fever that characterizes the “western imperialisms”.

This social-fascist idea is so revoltingly anti-socialist that it doesn’t even need further commentaries. It witnesses the attempts by the Maoists to help Chinese imperialists getting rid of Anglo-American influences in Congo through depicting Chinese imperialism as being a “progressive” force in alleged opposition to the “reactionary western imperialisms”. In this case, the Maoists are directing their social-fascist venom towards Congolese workers, making them believe that only western imperialisms must be combated, while the truth is that all imperialisms are equally exploitative and repressive, no matter if they come from the West or from the East, no matter if the are openly pro-capitalist or if they try to mislead the world proletarians through a somewhat “progressive” mask.

We, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, want the complete and definitive elimination of the entire capitalist-imperialist world system,

we want its foundations destroyed because we know that to abolish private property, private accumulation and wage slavery is the only manner to prevent the inevitability of imperialism forever.

Based on Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism and side by side with all other world workers, Congolese exploited masses will surely tear capitalist-imperialist oppressors into pieces.

The blood spilled by Congolese massacred proletarians will fertilize the soil upon which the world socialist revolution will rise up.

    Congolese workers – unite!

    Down with the Rwandan and Congolese imperialist lackeys!

    Death to world imperialists!

    Long live socialist Congo in a socialist Africa in a socialist world!

    Long live world socialist revolution and world proletarian dictatorship!

    Long live world socialism and world communism!


    statement of the Comintern (SH)

    September 2012


    in addition:

    November 2012:


    The M23 terrorists at the service of Rwanda’s pro-imperialist puppet regime occupied the city of Goma and various villages in Eastern Congo, thus violating the territorial integrity of the DRC and menacing the lives of Congolese people. All this in front of the forces of the pro-capitalist UN, which did absolutely nothing to prevent these occupations. The 1 million inhabitants of Goma feel betrayed and abandoned.


    Blood Coltan









The West's demand for Coltan, used in mobile phones and computers, is funding the killings in Congo. Under the close watch of rebel militias, children as young as ten work the mines hunting for this black gold. 'Blood Coltan' exposes the web of powerful interests protecting this blood trade. Meet the powerful warlords who enslave local population and the European businessmen who continue importing Coltan, in defiance of the UN.



    Long live the liberation

    struggle in the

    Democratic Republic of Congo !



    The Democratic Republic

    of Congo is ripe for a

    Socialist revolution !




    Create a strong Congolese Section

    of the Communist International

    (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) !



    Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !






    Enver Hoxha's

    critiques at the Chinese revisionists:


We are receiving reports from the countries of Africa that
the local people, the communists and progressives of Tanzania,
etc., etc., are greatly astonished by the stand of the Chinese
towards Zaire and Mobutu. They condemn the reactionary
stand of China which goes to the aid of American imperialism
against the people of Zaire, because Mobutu is nothing but a
mercenary, a capitalist reactionary, who oppresses the people of Zaire in close collaboration with the neo-colonialists who have dug their claws into the Congo, first of all. American imperialism has major interests in Katanga and throughout the Congo and French imperialism, also, has interests in the Congo.
Then how is it possible that under the mask of the socalled
third world, cliques such as that of Mobutu, which are fighting to keep their own people in bondage and, together with the imperialists, to exploit them to the bone, can be assisted? China is doing this, allegedly because it is fighting the «main enemy», as it calls Soviet social-imperialism. However, Soviet social-imperialism cannot be combated in this way.
Soviet social-imperialism might interfere, and in fact has
interfered; in the Congo and Katanga, it has possibly trained
the gendarmes of Tchombe or of some other big chief who has influence in Katanga. But what does this show? This shows that these two imperialist powers, which are trying to create their spheres of influence everywhere, to divide the markets to the detriment of the peoples of the world, must both be combated equally. Hence the peoples of the world must be called on to rise in revolution, because while the present Congo under Mobutu, or someone else like Tchombe and Kasavubu, is said to be «free» and «independent», in fact it is neither free nor independent but is a colony of one imperialism; and two or three imperialist powers are seeking to divide the market
of the Congo between them.
China understands this, but thinks it is to its advantage to act in this non-Marxist-Leninist way. How can this wrong line of the Communist Party of China, which is disrupting the revolutionary movement and the world revolution, be left unexposed?
This line damages the Marxist-Leninist parties which are fighting for the revolution and for the complete genuine liberation of the peoples from the yoke of neo-colonialism and
rabid internal reaction which is linked with foreign reaction
and capital.
How can we reconcile ourselves to the stands of China which, on the one hand, goes to the aid of Mobutu, this representative of Congolese capital, with arms and, what is more, is ready to go to a meeting, which the son of Bhutto, this agent of the CIA, who oppresses the people of his own country, wants to organize in Pakistan about the so-called third world, and on the other hand, as cool as you like, expresses its opposition to meetings of several Marxist-Leninist communist parties?
China combats these meetings, splits the Marxist-Leninist communist parties, and maintains contact with a series of groups of dissidents and individuals infiltrated into them by the agencies of capital and the bourgeoisie of different countries. No, there can be no conciliation over this, because the Chinese line is an opportunist line, a non-Marxist-Leninist line in the service of world capital.

    (Enver Hoxha: "Reflections on China", Volume 2, page 482 - 483)



    The voice of proletarian


    which came from

    socialist ALBANIA

in German language


Radio Tirana vom 8. 6. 1978


Schwere Lage in Zaire infolge der Politik der USA-Imperialisten und der sowjetischen Sozialimperialisten

In den letzten Tagen ist die Lage in Zaire infolge der brutalen Intervention des US-Imperialismus, des sowjetischen Sozialimperialismus und der internationalen Reaktion sowie der Politik der machthabenden Bourgeoisie des Landes sehr ernst geworden. Indem sie die wirre Lage, die sie in der Provinz Shaba geschaffen haben, ausnützen, bemühen sich die beiden imperialistischen Supermächte mit aller Kraft und allen Mitteln, ihre räuberischen Klauen auf Afrika zu legen. Im Rahmen dieser imperialistischen Komplotte hat Washington militärische Transportflugzeuge eingesetzt, um Truppen seiner Satelliten
in diese Provinz zu befördern. Wie die Nachrichtenagenturen melden, haben große amerikanische Transportflugzeuge vom Typ C 4 in diesen Tagen ein Kontingent von 500 marokkanischen Soldaten nach Kolwezi, der Hauptstadt in Shaba befördert, ebenso große Mengen von Kriegsmaterial. Ebenso wird gemeldet, daß eine amerikanische Militärdelegation eine Rundreise durch Afrika antreten wird, um zu versuchen, das breite Eingreifen verschiedener afrikanischer Staaten in diesen Konflikt zu erwirken, in der Absicht, die kriegstreiberische Politik des US-Imperialismtis in die Tat umzusetzen, die afrikanischen Länder gegeneinander aufzuhetzen.
Die gleichen Aktivitäten betreibt fieberhaft auch der sowjetische Sozialimperialismus, der in scharfer Rivalität mit dem amerikanischen Imperialismus von der schweren Lage, die in Shaba entstanden ist, zu profitieren sucht.




Die albanische Presse über das Weltgeschehen
" Bashkimi" :

Radio Tirana vom 28. 6. 1978

Die imperialistischen und sozialimperialistischen Komplotte und Intrigen auf dem Rücken des Volkes von Zaire.
So heißt ein am 28.6. in der Zeitung" Bashkimi" veröffentlichter Kommentar.
Im Kommentar werden Angaben über die großen Bodenschätze in Zaire gegeben und das Mobuto-Regime als eine der blutrünstigsten pro-imperialistischen Cliquen auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent entlarvt. Dort heißt es weiter:
Als Folge der neokolonialistischen Präsenz ausländischer imperialistischer Mächte hat Zaire nicht nur seine politische und wirtschaftliche Unabhängigkeit verloren, sondern bekommt auch in jeder Hinsicht die schweren Auswirkungen zu spüren, die daher kommen, daß das Land vor den Karren des Imperialismus gespannt worden ist.
Die großen Reichtümer und die wichtigen strategischen Positionen haben bewirkt, daß die hegemontsttsche Rivalität zwischen den ausländischen imperialistischen Mächten um die Errichtung ihrer Herrschaft in Zaire zunimmt und immer härter wird. Hart ist besonders die hegemonlstische Rivalität zwischen dem amerikanischen Imperialismus und seinen Verbündeten auf der einen und den sowjetischen Sozialimperialisten auf der anderen Seite. In dieser Rivalität
liegt die letzte offene militärische Intervention Frankreichs und Belgiens begründet.
In diesem Land hat die reaktionäre Wirtschaftsorganisation der EWG große Interessen. Auf der anderen Seite versuchen die sowjetischen Sozialimperialisten, den großen Haß des Volkes von Zaire gegen das Mobuto-Regime auszunutzen und ihn auf die Bahnen zu lenken, die ihren hegemonistischen strategischen
Interessen dienen. Die gesamte Propaganda des Imperialismus und der Weltreaktion wurde in Bewegung gesetzt, um die Haltung der einen oder der anderen imperialistischen Gruppierung im Kampf um di e Hegemonie in diesem Land zu verteidigen. Doch das Mobuto-Regime in Schutz zu nehmen, unter welchen Umständen auch immer, schließt der Kommentar, heißt, diese verfaulte Clique im Dienst der imperialistischen Monopole zu verteidigen.




Radio Tirana vom 30. 6. 1978

Die Theorie der "blockfreien Welt" und die "Theorie der drei Welten" verteidigen einhellig den imperialistischen Status quo (Beispiel Zaire)



Radio Tirana vom 18. 8. 1978

Nach Angaben der amerikanischen Presse werden die USA Zaire bald neue Wirtschafts- und Militärhilfen im Umfang von 26 Mio Dollar geben. Das reaktionäre Mobutu-Regime genießt seit langem die starke Unterstützung Washingtons.
Von 1977 bis heute betrug die amerikanische Militär- und Wirtschaftshilfe für die Clique des Henkers des Volkes von Zaire insgesamt 800 Mio. Dollar. Durch die Stärkung des Mobutu-Regimes versuchen die USA, ihre politischen und wirtschaftlichen Interessen in Zaire zu garantieren, ihre neokolonialistischen Pläne zu verwirklichen und dabei die andere Supermacht, die Sowjetunion, hinauszudrängen.



Radio Tirana vom 26. 8. 1978

Die amerikanischen, englischen, westdeutschen usw. Imperialisten geben dem reaktionären Mobutu-Regime eine immer größere politische und militärische Unterstützung. Wie die französische Zeitung "Le Monde'', berichtet, wurde in
letzter Zeit zwischen Zaire und einer westdeutschen Rüstungsfirma ein Vertrag über nie Errichtung einer Fabrik zum Bau von Raketen unterzeichnet. Ebenfalls wird gemeldet, daß die Mitgliedsländer der EWG ein besonderes Interesse an Zaire zeigen. Sie legten für das reaktionäre Mobutu-Regime einen Hilfsfonds von 120 Mio. Dollar fest. Dieses Interesse der westlichen Industriemächte an Zaire hängt mit ihren neokolonialistischen Plänen und mit ihrer Rivalität um Märkte und Einflußzonen auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent zusammen.





A bloody reactionary,

an enemy and traitor of the African peoples

with Nixon


with Kennedy


with Reagan


with Weinberger


with Mao

with Mitterand

with Idi Amin


with the Pope Paul II.