Smash down the superpowers

USA and China

- the main enemies of the socialist revolution in Africa!

Defeat the class enemies with their own weapons!

Long live the world revolution in Africa !

Long live the red


in a red world !





    The 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism



    in Swahili language:


    ya chama cha kikomunist


    (Communist Manifesto)

    K . M a r k s ,
    F . E n g e l s


    Tafsiri hii ya "Maelezo ya Chama cha Kikomunist"
    inatokana na maandishi ya mchapo wa Kiingereza
    wa 1888, uliolengenezwa na F. Engels.
    Maandishi hayo yana maelezo ya F. Engels yaliyofanywa
    na yeye kwa mchapo wa Kiingereza wa 1888
    na mchapo wa Kijerumani wa 1890.
    Mchapo huo unakusanya makala zote za ubangulizi
    zilizoandikwa na waandishi wa "Maelezo” kwa
    michapo yake mbalimbali.




    Communist Manifesto

    in ZULU - language




    in AFRIKAANS language

    Die Kommuniste-Manifes


    Karl Marx en Friedrich Engels




    Comintern on Africa






    Comrade Enver Hoxha

    and Socialist Albania

    on Africa






    The Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin on Africa

    J. V. STALIN


    in English language:

    The Allied Campaign in Africa

    Answers to Associated Press Moscow Correspondent

    November 13, 1942






    Statement of the Comintern (SH)

    On the Congo

    September 2012





Theory and tactics of the

socialist world revolution

in Africa


adopted by the Comintern (SH)


October 10, 2012






    May, 25

    Long live

    African Liberation Day !

    May 25, 1963

    African Liberation Day...





    Colombian Maoists (MLM) on Africa


Unsurprisingly, those Maoists try to disguise themselves under “revolutionary” masks by pretending to denounce “class Apartheid in South Africa” and the “interference of foreign imperialism over the country”. They don’t loose their opportunity to make a phoney criticism towards “chinese imperialism” in order to hide the fact that it was Maoism which originated this same imperialism. Once more, the Colombian Maoists are defending the interests of the national bourgeoisie (of the South African national bourgeoisie, in this case). They do this in order to facilitate the ascension of Chinese imperialism – they promote the interests of each country’s national bourgeoisie with the purpose of weakening the influences of the other rival imperialisms. Immediately after those rival imperialisms are expelled, then these “national” bourgeoisies will be automatically transformed into pro-chinese bourgeoisies of the compradore type – this is indeed one of the main objectives of Maoist ideology.

And this because the “orthodox” Maoists - like those from the MLM - don’t have absolutely nothing against Chinese imperialism. They just don’t agree with the openly pro-capitalist and exploitative order which was established by Mao’s successors. They would prefer the preservation of the socialistic disguises that existed during Mao’s epoch because in this manner the world proletariat would be much more easily deceived and kept away from authentic communist ideology. But we, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, will not rest until Maoist fascism is completely unmasked. It is to us and to the world proletariat that belongs the honour of definitively burying Maoism.





- a colonial continent of the Chinese

Social-Imperialists !



In 2009, China became Africa’s single largest "trading partner", surpassing the United States. And China’s foreign direct investment in Africa has skyrocketed from under $100 million in 2003 to more than $12 billion in 2011.

Since China began seriously "investing" in Africa in 2005, it has been routinely cast as a stealthy imperialist with a voracious appetite for commodities and no qualms about exploiting Africans to get them. It is no wonder that the American government is lashing out at its new competitor — while China has made huge investments in Africa, the United States has stood on the sidelines and watched its influence on the continent fade.

China - which maintains an electronic listening post on the Comores - gave Sudan massive military aid between 1996 and 2003, including jet fighter aircraft, shipped tons of arms to Ethiopia and Eritrea prior to the outbreak of their border war in 1998, and has sold jets, military aircraft and radio-jamming equipment (to prevent outside broadcasts being heard inside the country) to the Zimbabwean regime.

China has greased its imperialist wheels in Africa by scrapping over US$1-billion in debt owed by 32 African countries


Once the slaves were exported.

Today they are also the slaves in their own African countries.

And what is exported ?

- All the riches of the peoples of the African continent !


Expropriate all property of world-imperialism in Africa !

Expropriate Chinese social-imperialist property in Africa!


Expropriate all property of the national bourgeoisies in Africa !


Long live the socialist Africa of the workers and peasants!

Long live the dictatorship of the African proletariat !


Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !


Long live world socialism !



An African comrade wrote:


"The Chinese regime is one of the most brutal regime present in the world. The African world leaders are again fast asleep and thinking of the blooded money that the China man is going to give them.
The ugly truth is the chinese do not like, respect or embrace Africans- they would get rid of an African within a flash in their own country.What the china man is doing is exploiting Africans, and African leaders are again incredibly foolish and allowing themselves to be exploited just like the white man exploited them and almost bought the whole of Africa just 60years ago.
What is happening is a colonisation of Africa by the chinese – coming to Africa to teach Africans how to speak bleeding chinese is a crime against humanity. It should be the other way round – anyone coming to Africa should learn to speak African language just like the British insist people coming to their country should learn to speak English.
The Chinese invasion into Africa must be oppossed at all level -African world leaders who are hell bent on greed and happy to sell their land,themselves and their people need to realise that the little pennies they make wont last – it never does. Blame on African leaders who care only about their poket and not that of the nation."


One male African killed on a Chinese police-station !

China - "socialist" in words - racist in deeds !

Protest of African people in Guangzhou Yuexiu district.


They will tell the truth about the Chinese Social-fascists when coming back home to Africa, and they will start their revolutionary fight against Chinese colonialism on the African continent !


    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Africans assemble on the streets to protest




    Here you can read the truth about the Chinese lip service of so called "Chinese-African Friendship" ?


    Chinese Social-imperialist masque !!!


    And this is what the Chinese social-fascists, indeed, openly talk about black people:


    "Quickly drive out these black devils from China, we don’t welcome black devils here!! Black devils are hidden dangers upon society, rape, robbery, smuggling, AIDS… what use is allowing these black devils to stay in China??"


    height of impudence:

    the Chinese social-fascists spread in their bomb-throwing media countless racist comments of such kind !!!






    Preview of our Portuguese translation of the Platform of the Comintern (SH)

    [adopted 2009]




    In what respects the African Portuguese speaking zone (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, etc…), these countries were Portuguese colonies for half a millennium (!!), during which they were fiercely exploited by Portuguese bourgeoisie. After the independence in 1975 (which these peoples only achieved through a courageous anti-colonial and Liberation struggle), these countries found themselves in the middle of the rivalry between American imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism which imposed violent civil wars that caused millions of victims (Angola’s and Mozambique’s civil wars are considered to be among the bloodiest in African history). Finally, soviet social-imperialism emerged victorious and these countries begun to be oppressed by the soviet imperialist bourgeoisie trough its national lackeys who pretended to be following a “socialist” and even a “Marxist-Leninist” policy! (Comrade Enver implacably unmasks and exposes all these opportunist traitors and masterly explains the Angolan situation in his excellent book “Imperialism and the Revolution”). Nowadays, African Portuguese speaking countries rank among the poorest in the world. The ruling oligarchies in these countries make outrageous profits through corruption and people’s exploitation, while denying these same peoples even the most basic democratic rights. However, we must note that these tyrannical capitalist oligarchies ruling African Portuguese speaking countries have the support of Chinese social-imperialism, which derives directly from Mao’s reactionary and anti-Marxist “Third-World” theories and which is climbing to dominant positions throughout all Africa. Therefore, the African Portuguese speaking peoples must combine their struggle against local bourgeoisie with the struggle against Chinese imperialist bourgeoisie, which still tries to hide its aggressive and predatory character behind the mask of the “socialist (!!) aid to third world countries”.

    In these countries, people have a much accentuated but still non-organized sense of revolt and if they could get acquainted with Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology, it would certainly inflame Portuguese speaking African countries with revolutionary fire!




Washington Under Fire Across the World !

14. September 2012






protestors climb the gate of the U.S. Embassy








Clean Gloves Hide Dirty Hands

AFRICOM is simply to ensure military occupation and military colonization of Africa.

AFRICOM is a smokescreen behind which America wants to hide its means to secure Africa’s oil and other natural resources, nothing more.

African leaders must not forget that military might has been used by America and Europe again and again as the only effective way of accomplishing their agenda in ensuring that governments in each country are run by people who toe their line.

By virtue of its being resident in Africa, AFRICOM will ensure that America has its tentacles easily reaching every African country and influencing every event to the American advantage.

By hosting the army, Africa will have sub-contracted its military independence to America and will have accepted the process that starts its recolonization through an army that can subdue any attempts by Africa to show its own military prowess.


Instead of helping Africa, the United States is currently engaged in secret missions to keep African Nations destabilized. Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mali are primed to be the sites of the next major genocides.

For 400 years, our ancestral homeland has been bled dry, and with the rise of China as a new colonial competitor, things are about to get much worse for our people and our motherland.


The United States and other white powers use good facades to mask their despicable motives. These powers must pretend to support a noble, humane cause or serve a purpose to benefit the people, but behind the facade, white powers (including the United States) prove to be as demonic as ever before. One of these facades is AFRICOM.

AFRICOM, or The United States Africa Command, is responsible for U.S. military operations and military relations with all 54 African nations. After becoming operational in 28 September, 2007, AFRICOM became a tactically organized arm of American colonialism. Ironically, AFRICOMs first commander was a Black man (General William E. Ward.)

According to Theresa Whelan, deputy assistant secretary of defense for African affairs, AFRICOM will work in partnership with African nations and aid organizations to further issues concerning stability and threats from terrorism.

“(AFRICOM) represents an opportunity to strengthen and expand U.S. and African security relationships in such a way that our combined efforts can help generate more indigenous and therefore more sustainable peace and stability on the continent,” Whelan said in a statement.

Another military planner responsible for the creation of AFRICOM is quoted as saying “As a military organization, we do not create policy. Rather, we support those policy decisions and coordinate our actions closely with the State Department, U.S. embassies in the region, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other U.S. government agencies that have been trusted partners in Africa for decades.”

You know what other Aid organization claimed to be a “trusted parter” in Africa? King Leopold’s International African Society – a private holding company disguised as an international scientific and philanthropic association whose actions included the effective enslavement of the native population, savage beatings, widespread killing, and frequent mutilation when the unrealistic quotas were not met.

Obama’s announcement represents a highly unusual intervention for the United States,” reports the Associated Press. “Although some American troops are based in Djibouti [at the $6 billion AFRICOM mega-base] and small groups of soldiers have been deployed to Somalia, the U.S. traditionally has been reluctant to commit forces to help African nations put down insurgencies.









view: 1000 US-Military Bases

Note: There are and were NO foreign military bases in the USA !!






the 5th Pan-African Congress, held in Manchester, United Kingdom in October 1945:

"The delegates of the Fifth Pan-African Congress believe in the right of all peoples to govern themselves. We affirm the right of all Colonial peoples to control their own destiny. All Colonies must be free From foreign imperialist control, whether political or economic. The peoples of the Colonies must have the right to elect their own governments, without restrictions from foreign powers. We say to the peoples of the Colonies that they must fight for these ends by all the means at their disposal.

The object of imperialist powers is to exploit. By granting the right to Colonial peoples to govern themselves that object is defeated. Therefore, the struggle for political power by Colonial and subject peoples is the first step tow towards, and the necessary prerequisite to, complete social, economic and political emancipation.

The Fifth Pan-African Congress therefore calls on the workers and farmers of the Colonies to organise effectively. Colonial workers must be in the front of the battle against Imperialism. Your weapons-the Strike and the Boycott-are invincible.

We also call upon the intellectuals and professional classes of the Colonies to awaken to their responsibilities. By fighting for trade union rights, the right to form cooperatives, freedom of the press, assembly, demonstration and strike, freedom to print and read the literature which is necessary for the education of the masses, you will be using the only means by which your liberties will be won and maintained. Today there is only one road to. effective action-the organisation of the masses. And in that organisation the educated Colonials must join. Colonial and Subject Peoples of the World-Unite!"


Down with the

personality-cult towards the


Kadhafi !



The defenders of Kadhafi call him “African hero”, “excellence guide” and “brother Muammar”. Their “proposals to honour the hero Kadhafi” would be laughable if they were not so intensively social-fascist: to build a statue of Kadhafi in every African capital, to build a “Kadhafi museum”, to create an African currency with his name, to create a “Kadhafi prize”, etc… And the worst of everything is that they are not defending all this garbage for nothing. The leader of the ALAC is also the leader of the infamous Maoist ACTUS, and therefore nothing here is made at ease. The Maoists are very smart and should not be underestimated. They know very well that the myths created around Kadhafi are widely spread among African toiling masses and they are praising Kadhafi in order to conquer African workers to their Maoist side.

In truth, Kadhafi was the representative of the Libyan national bourgeoisie which was fed up on seeing foreign imperialists getting with all the profits, and decided to struggle against them with the sole purpose of getting those profits to itself. Indeed, Kadhafi was a megalomaniac who had the luck of being able to keep away imperialist superpowers during several decades – in favour of his own profit accumulation. This is the reason behind the legend about the so-called “Kadhafi’s anti-imperialist combat”. Kadhafi was hated by the imperialists because he insisted in occupying a somewhat “independent” place within capitalist world market; a place which prevented the imperialists from fulfilling their dreams of totally controlling Libya’s abundant oil sources. That’s why the world imperialists took the first opportunity to get rid of Kadhafi and to transform Libya into a faithful client state at the service of the oil monopolies.

But Kadhafi never defended the only definitive solution to abolish imperialism forever – the implementation of world socialism and world communism. In fact, we cannot even say that he opposed imperialism as a whole, because he advocated the “United States of Africa” with the aim of extending the influence of the Libyan national bourgeoisie over the entire African continent. Therefore, he opposed only foreign imperialism, but not the imperialism coming from his own class.

Of course, Kadhafi had a “patriotic” and “nationalistic” phraseology which attracts many Africans who are tired of seeing their respective countries being ravaged by imperialists’ gluttony for profits. For those African masses, anyone who appears screaming against foreign imperialist domination is automatically regarded as “an anti-imperialist revolutionary”. And we must not forget that Kadhafi used some “socialistic” slogans which contributed to mislead African workers even more about the true nature of Kadhafi’s bourgeois-fascist regime. In face of this, as Stalinist-Hoxhaists, it is our duty to denounce not only the true class character of Kadhafi’s “Arab-socialist” ideas, but also of all those who – like the ALAC - willingly use these ideas as a mean to manipulate African workers’ aspiration to socialism.

Neo-revisionist organizations like the ALAC present bourgeois-nationalists like Kadhafi as “anti-imperialists” in order to prevent African toilers from following the path of the world socialist revolution and from adhering to revolutionary communism.

They pretend to fight against imperialist, but in truth they are doing their utmost to keep world imperialism alive, because they try to keep African proletarian away from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism – the only ideology which is able to definitively destroy all kinds of imperialism. But they will not succeed. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, will be victorious against this kind of neo-revisionist machinations.

With all this, we don’t want to defend the pro-imperialist regime which is presently ruling Libya. We, communists, hate the bourgeoisie compradore as much as we hate the so-called national “patriotic” bourgeoisie, because both exploit and oppress the working classes.

But comrade Enver once rightly said that “it is necessary to destroy the myths”. And this is entirely applicable to Kadhafi’s bourgeois-nationalistic ideology, because there are still many myths around it which must be destroyed so that African workers can acquire a genuine socialist consciousness and the capacity of becoming a reliable detachment of the future world proletarian red army.




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